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4 thoughts on “When Pot is Legal, But Not (PODCAST)”

  1. Considering the fact that no Constitutional delegation of authority is available to the federal government to authorize or prohibit Marijuana, it should be obvious that the issue is exclusively a State issue. (I say that as one who does not support the legalization of pot, but I do support the enforcement of the terms of the U.S. Constitution over the federal government.)

  2. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    That Key-Largo-Movie script had inadvertently
    presented evidence opposing the idea :

    “Prohibition doesn’t work.”

    The bar scene, near the end of the movie, was
    so awkwardly done !—as the criminal gangsters
    – actors – talked of losing profits if booze ever
    became legal—a gangster-installed PROPAGANDA
    scene, generated by gangster-controlled MSM,
    and the corrupt ( Tribe-Driven ) Banksters lusting
    after evermore Profit-Taking.

    In fact, at the time Prohibition had ended, 90-plus-%
    of America had been obeying the law !

    After legalization, one finds it difficult/incalculable to
    expose the horrendous suffering because of that
    Devil’s Fire Water—the murders, rapes, lawlessness,
    broken families, and psychologically damaged women
    and children.

    It was the Women’s Movement / Family-Feminists
    fighting drugstores’ and bars’ dispensing of sub-
    harming!/maiming!/killing! their husbands’ health
    and their will to work—HIS will to support family and
    church and community, as wives/mothers/sisters/
    grandmothers and City Fathers grew tired of stepping
    over the bodies left in a doped-up or boozed-up
    STUPOR outside those Drug-Centered businesses.

    So, now, to further destroy this once-White and once-
    Christian America ( the West ! ), PROFOUNDLY stupid
    adults those Soros-Pushed among us want TOTAL
    ( national ) legalization of a very harmful psychotropic
    drug, which causes PSYCHOSIS later in life—for those
    having had begun using it use as teen-agers ( lowers
    IQ, causes impotence in boys/men, and makes of the
    user a D O P E !

    As pharmacological expert and talk-show host Michael
    Savage always replies, whenever anyone suggests legal-
    ization :

    “Why do you think they call it, ‘Dope‘—You DOPE ! ?”

    As I had mentioned somewhere else in Sharyl’s Pages :

    “America has become the
    evil community depicted in
    ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’—after
    George successfully suicides
    off that bridge” :

    Anything-Goes Sexuality,
    and . . . the list goes on
    and on !

    There is an Orchestrating Conductor wrecking America
    ( the West ! ) :

    The American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU)
    —as it, NOW, seeks MASSIVE monetary compensation
    for those Line-Cutter lawbreakers!, who unlawfully
    INVADE through our southern border—being ( irrationally )
    “FAIR” to them while being grossly/immorally UNFAIR to
    those who had spent years and money obtaining LAWFUL
    entry to the U.S. AND while taxpayers take it in theIr GUT
    and POCKETBook, once again (( read/study my essay,
    “Why Bother to Vote,” as America has not been a DEMO-
    CRACY nor a Democratic Republic from the time Marxian
    Abe Lincoln shredded the Founders’/Framers’ Constitution
    —they, those logicians, would have warred against Lincoln
    and his “Forty-Eighter” infected administration )).


    1. P.S.

      Clarification :

      In the paragraph, beginning with,
      “It was the Women’s Movement . . .,”
      at the end of the second sentence
      —“sub-“ ought to read “SUBSTANCE-
      HARMING/. . . “

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