Another temporary halt to Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates for federal contractors

Yet another federal court has placed a temporary hold on President Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates for federal contractors in ten states. This time, the decision came from a federal judge in Missouri.

That means the mandate cannot be enforced, for the time being, in states that are part of a coalition challenging them in court: Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Two Republican Attorneys General are leading the fight in court, calling the mandate unconstitutional.

There was already a nationwide halt in place from a federal court in Georgia. It made the same decision on behalf of seven states suing: Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia.

Read that court decision here

And in late November, another court decision blocked the mandates for federal contractors in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

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3 thoughts on “Another temporary halt to Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates for federal contractors”

  1. Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Democrats and Republicans Future should clear there Minds and understand here in reality. ” Here in the rise of the Corona Virus.. The reason they Both politicaly have done so Bad in ratings is because your dealing with a un-presidented Virus, with 8 Billion people on the planet ( Think of Planet Earth and this virus as a giant cell now as of one evolving genetics ), it’s like something out of a Economic Terminator evolving Virus Bot, ” It has no feelings or sympathy for mankind ? I told you my suggetions before on this site of what’s going to have to happen in Future for all countries = All countries need to have a economic get together and write a New Economic Debt. Relief pkg. for all countries ?

  2. My prediction is “We” will be in a military conflict on 2 fronts in 2022. We are already at war as of 2020, its an information war. It will progress to physical war by Summer. Also, Biden will get sick and Kamala will planted as potus

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