Ex-soldier convicted of murder, then pardoned; the Covid Fraud Capital; Nun on the border

Nick Slatten is a former soldier convicted of murder, then pardoned by President Trump.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll have the first television interview with Slatten as he talks about his controversial case, which involved prosecutorial misconduct and– he says– a great deal of misunderstandings.

Nick Slatten (left)

His story also comes with a surprise ending.

Also Sunday, Scott Thuman will take us to the Covid Fraud Capital: Miami, Florida. Find out what’s happening in the southern city to earn the nickname. Your tax dollars are at stake.

And I’m back on the border to talk to a Catholic nun about her work with illegal border crossers after they’re released into the U.S. The record number of illegal immigrants are posing new difficulties because so many have Covid but are not tested by the feds, and are not required to be vaccinated or have proof of prior infection immunity.

Many illegal border crossers and their children are released into the U.S. and cared for by Catholic Charities

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