(FORUM) Court challenges to Covid-19 vaccine mandates

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It’s difficult to keep up with the status of all the court challenges to various Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

So far, courts have put various mandates on hold, including those for health care workers, those for federal contractors, and those for private employers with 100 or more workers.

Some challenges are on the grounds that religious exemptions aren’t allowed.

There are questions about privacy.

Many are asking why natural immunity, which dozens of studies have found is far more effective than vaccine immunity, isn’t even being acknowledged in the mandate equation. That’s despite the fact that at least half of Americans (some scientists estimate significantly more) are believed to have natural immunity after fighting off Covid with or without symptoms.

There are also questions about the medical and ethical justification for mandates since CDC says Covid-19 is not a serious disease for the vast majority who get it, and the death rate is very small. Additionally, scientists say there are serious risks posed by Covid-19 vaccines. (CDC and other public health officials say the benefits outweigh the risks.)

Nonetheless, many employer– both federal and private– have moved forward with steps encouraging or forcing the vaccine upon employees, anyway.

Where do you stand?

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11 thoughts on “(FORUM) Court challenges to Covid-19 vaccine mandates”

  1. What’s been done lacks fundamental logic and wisdom it is near impossible to dismiss conspiracy:
    • The government gives Big Pharma legal immunity for their unapproved experimental drug.
    • The government then mandates and coerces everyone to take it.
    • More people die from the drug then have ever died from all previously approved vaccines combined.
    • Natural Immunity and alternative treatments are ignored or suppressed.
    • And now the government wants 50+ years to share the safety studies from their very brief preliminary clinical trials.

    1. Dr. Martin says because they do not fall under vaccines, liability is gone for them. So if you could lawyers together, putting evidence force of a change of definition of vaccine after it was approved could pretty much throw anything out in the garbage, and put liability back on a table for all the injured and a dead of the Covid XI FLUE vaccine

  2. Answer: Don’t give in or comply. We are being treated like herd animals. It makes no logical sense that illegals are allowed into our country without being vaccinated, and the fact that drug companies have been given legal immunity, yet the rest of us must be vaccinated. It’s a power and control scheme

  3. Thank you for your excellent research & reporting! I love, love, love your professionalism!

    This ‘plague of the century’ narrative and greed-driven psyop (IMHO) has to ignore real science and real medicine that countless doctors and medical scientists have been prohibited & prevented from practicing. But these experts are speaking out in growing numbers: https://doctorsandscientistsdeclaration.org.

  4. I am neither a scientist nor a constitutional expert, but I do believe that natural immunity has been the accepted scientific norm for 100 years and I would argue that the 4th amendment, and perhaps the 16th (I think that is the one that addresses privacy) should protect me from a mandate which isn’t a law.

    Like Mike, I have serious concerns about having a government, who is clearly in league with the pharmaceutical industry, in charge of decisions regarding my health. I don’t like taking any drugs or ingesting anything into my body. I do not trust the ‘vaccine studies’ which undoubtedly were both limited and rushed and though I doubt I would get a vaccine any more than I would get a flu shot, I would feel differently if the pharmacy company stood behind their product and hadn’t rushed to get it out. But I have to say that they are a contemptible industry, entirely driven by profits–which is why it is nearly impossible to get an antibiotic these days–there simply isn’t enough profit in developing those. Nor do I trust the government–and their actions following Sept 11 and very much like their actions now. Rush to judgment–that’s a pattern. We saw it after JFK’s assassination, we saw it after Sept. 11th, and now we see it again after Covid. Something is fishy when a virus becomes political.

  5. Thank you so much for your integrity. You are one of a very few journalists that I trust to give unbiased information!

  6. I doubt that anyone likes mandates (I certainly don’t). But I do like the idea that those that I might come in contact with have been vaccinated (I understand that that doesn’t eliminate the risk, but the numbers say that it does reduce it significantly). And businesses certainly have a vested interest in the health of their employees so they should be free to mandate vaccines if they so choose. I got vaccinated to help protect me and those around me. Why shouldn’t everyone do their part? Especially since the federal mandate does allow for people to be tested in lieu of actually getting the shot. That seems more than reasonable to me (or perhaps I should ask what’s wrong with that?).
    I don’t know the rules for all of the mandates in the various states so it’s possible that the testing option is not available across the board, but I think that it should be.
    This article asks why natural immunity is not even mentioned in the “mandate equation” (whatever that is). To me, the obvious answer is that it would serve no purpose. The medical consensus is that getting vaccinated is the best approach. And that’s what Biden went with. If anyone feels that natural immunity is being shortchanged, take that up with the medical community, not Biden. And the claim that “dozens” of studies have found that natural immunity is “far more effective” than the vaccine seems overly simplistic to me based on what I read. It’s certainly true that some studies have shown improved protection from natural immunity. But other studies haven’t. The CDC just released a study that summarizes what is known about natural immunity vs. the vaccine. They said that both provide about 6 months of protection but that “vaccines are more consistent in their protection and offer a huge boost in antibodies for people previously infected”. There’s also the question that I have not ever seen answered. If someone chooses the natural immunity route, what mechanism is there to recharge their immune system besides getting sick (again). That seems like a never-ending cycle.
    Now, the CDC could be wrong, of course. I don’t have the data nor do I have the ability to analyze it even if I did. But I highly doubt that many other people do either.
    The other argument against the vaccine is that most people recover from COVID. Although that is certainly true (thankfully), I believe that you also have to consider how highly transmissible it is. The death rate may be low, but if the infected population is large, a lot of people are going to die (indeed the number is now about 805,000). So I think that it’s disingenuous to simply point to the low death rate as if that’s the whole story.
    And, of course, we have had vaccine mandates as long as I can remember. So this argument must not be about mandates per se but about a mandate for this particular disease (unless someone wants to argue against having any mandates). Some have argued that the low death rate (but, again, it seems to me that it’s not just the death rate but the total death count that is meaningful) means that a mandate is not necessary. But consider the case of polio. According to the CDC, the number of polio deaths in 1954 (the year before the introduction of the polio vaccine) was 1,380 (there were about 38,000 cases that year). And no one, to my knowledge, is complaining about the polio vaccine mandate. Yet here is a disease (COVID) that has killed more than 500 times as many people, and suddenly mandates are a bad idea! I understand that you’d have to adjust the numbers to account for demographic changes since 1954 to allow for a direct comparison, but it’s clear that COVID has killed way more people than polio did in a comparable time period.
    So, to me, the idea that you either get vaccinated or tested regularly seems right.

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