(FORUM) Help Wanted: New scientific advice needed on Covid

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Now with the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to see that none of the well-intended strategies have had the desired outcome when it comes to mitigating Covid-19.

One course of action that would seem to make sense under any scenario would be to ask the current public health strategists to step aside, and use the track record of nearly two years to elevate other public health officials and scientists to a position of prominence in America’s Covid approach.

While some top public health advisers have acted as though various developments were a total surprise, and lurched from one ill-advised solution to another, the record shows many thousands of other scientists accurately predicted these outcomes.

For example, many scientists said from the start there would be the persistent emergence of variants. Many said isolation indoors was a mistake and would result in greater spread, which CDC acknowledged after it was far too late. Many saw in real time that closing parks and beaches, and even arresting the lone surfer in the ocean, was the opposite of a rational approach. Many advocated isolating the vulnerable but letting the majority live their lives, gain natural immunity, and keep the economy going. A year and a half after destroying our economy, we have seen the shutdown did nothing to remove Covid from the American landscape. Many scientists have advocated for good and proven treatments rather than a near total reliance on experimental vaccines that “don’t work very well or last very long.”

Those who have been in top positions in creating policies we are required to follow may have meant well. But that’s not the point. There is no denying that they have proven so terribly wrong time and again on important points, a large segment of the public has lost confidence in them. At this point, continuing to take their advice, or allowing them to make important policy decisions about the medicine we must take, or the measures we must follow when we fly or travel, seems to make no logical sense.

Let’s find some of the scientists who have proven with their record that they know what they’re talking about. Let’s give them a shot.


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37 thoughts on “(FORUM) Help Wanted: New scientific advice needed on Covid”

  1. Knock on wood! Since March 2020 I’ve been taking Vit C, D, Zinc and Quercetin with NAC when I can get it and have not had COVID. Hygiene didn’t change in 2020, I always washed my hands when I got home from work or the store.

    1. Ditto for most of the supplements. A few observations: first, I recall an early anecdote out of China (PRC) hospitals that despite the high percentage of citizens who wear prescription glasses a very disproportionate number of infected DID NOT wear glasses for eye sight correction. An eyeglass wearer myself I speculated that such outsized, counterintuitive numbers suggested that virus introduction via the eyes was likely. I can only guess that it’s because eyeglass wearers touch their eyes less frequently and therefore are less prone to depositing surface borne viruses to an introduction site area.

      Second, on hand washing: despite COVID it pains me to testify that less than 10% of men (I’m male and have no personal knowledge of hygiene in women’s rooms) that I see wash their hands; whether before or after using the facilities (or both). SMH…. And those that do often do so apparently because I’m dutifully doing what should be done… except they merely partially rinse and leave before I’ve really even started. It should be mandatory.

      Finally, I carry a bottle of 91% alcohol and rinse my hands after touching anything outside my
      home and especially after handling money.

  2. It’s not a function of knowing what they’re talking about. It’s a function of scientific integrity vs. political agendas and profiteering – by scientists.

    We had 30 years of horrible self-esteem science and self-esteem driven policy because Rosenberg, the researcher who came up with the self-esteem survey, discovered he could sell it politically, gaining special research funds to do that “work”. It was his cash cow. He knew the self-esteem survey had severe limitations. He said so in his dissertation where he introduced it, but he, himself, decided to ignore those limitations because the correlations were more valuable politically, and therefor financially for him personally, than they were scientifically. He had to retire before researchers could even question whether the new definition of high/low self-esteem meaning good/bad self-esteem was really better than the old definition of healthy vs unhealthy self-esteem. It has irrevocably damaged a generation of minds.

    We have had 30 years now of horrible climate change research and policy for exactly the same reasons, using much larger scale tactics. It has wasted billions, destroyed businesses, and been the source of incredible political corruption. Carbon credits. Seriously?

    We have now had 2 years of horrible, medical research and policy for exactly the same reasons, using now tried and true tactics, and half a million Americans are needlessly dead because of it. There are still plenty of doctors complaining about it, but we’re still only 2 years in. In 30 years, those questioning doctors will no longer be around, and certainly will no longer be produced.

    My question for those doctors complaining about the destruction of their field is, where were you when psychology was being destroyed? Where were you when natural sciences, including my field, were being destroyed? Do you still believe all the climate change hype, even though it has exactly the same level of integrity as the COVID hype? If it weren’t for the mass murder and tyranny, I’d be thumbing my nose at your “scientists who have proven with their record that they know what they’re talking about”, because even scientists reap what they sow.

  3. The irreconcilable part for me, and the clear tip-off that it’s never been about public health, is the illogical monolithic approach that public health agencies around the globe continue to espouse.
    Vaccines are ONE tool in the toolbox to fight this virus. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    Despite the confounding insistence by most governmental authorities around the world, there are PROVEN early treatment protocols that have been employed successfully around the world by doctors who, together, have treated hundreds of thousands of patients, many of them without losing a single one.
    But we continue to ignore the contribution of these dedicated people, preferring to vilify and demean their experience and expertise. Why?
    Clearly, public health is not the goal. Control is the goal. Public health is the vehicle.
    To know the answer one must look ahead to the global initiatives slated for 2030.

  4. One of the big problems has been the fact that health officials have repeatedly discouraged people from using any OTC products as prophylactics or early treatments. The attitude is, “Get the vaccine and shut up.” Research into anything other than vaccines does not seem to have been a priority

    From the day that Donald Trump uttered some hopeful comments about Hydroxychloroquine, the medical establishment – and the media – have mocked and discouraged any alternate preventatives or treatments. Doctors and researchers who advocate such treatments have been aggressively censored. Research supporting those treatments has been suppressed and lied about.

    In the US, treatment protocols for the infected seem to have been heavily influenced both by politics in general and the influence of the drug companies in particular. If you look at deaths per million, the US record is pathetic, far worse than many countries with health systems supposedly far inferior to ours.

    When I last checked a few weeks ago, the US ranked 20th WORST in the world, with 2,442 deaths per million. In Panama – PANAMA! – the rate was 1,673; in Serbia it was 1,390; in Germany, it was 1,248; in Ireland, it was 1,154; in Turkey, it was 918; in Guatemala, 871; in Indonesia, 518; in the Philippines, 447; and in India, 339. Why is the US so pathetic compared to these other countries?

    People will say, “Because we are fat and in poor health, with far more of the comorbidities that lead to poor outcomes.” There is some truth to that, but shouldn’t that have been somewhat offset by our supposedly superior health care system and the enormous amount of money that is poured into it?

    With these vast resources, we should have been a world leader in exploring new treatments and preventatives. Going to the hospital ICU should have been a source of hope rather than a virtual death sentence. But, no, we created an environment in which asking questions and suggesting alternate approaches was actively discouraged, to say the least. Censorship was rampant, and we paid a deadly price for it.

    1. RFKJr’s in depth dive into “covid” politics found in “The Real Dr Fauci” ties up many of the early loose ends when “covid” was unleashed by by Democrat cabal in election year 2020.

      Critical is accepting, yes your government has and will lie to you about health issues. Just look into the decades long HRT drug scam for menopause a a medical industry group think starter.

      1. When healthcare systems deny treatment that is proven for a vaccine that has no track record and not enough testing it makes you skeptical of that system. In the past I trusted my doctor. What these past two years have taught me is to trust your own instincts. I am glad that I didn’t fall for the vaccine and did my own critical thinking about how to take care of myself. I had a mild case and now enjoy lifelong immunity.

  5. I agree that public health officials who developed the failed policies, and those who followed unquestioningly, should be fired. However that would be all too reasonable. You could assume that the underlying goal is NOT good public health outcomes. Why? Because we keep returning to the same failed policies! So what is the underlying goal, if it’s not good public health outcomes? Folks: it’s the creation of a system of laws, regulations, and practices that disallow vaccine “non-compliance.” If you test that hypothesis by looking at the policy outcomes, then the truth of this statement becomes unavoidably evident.

    1. It is not just to prohibit vaccine non-compliance, but any questioning at all of any of the left’s orthodoxies. Thus, you cannot question the origin of Covid, or the best methods of preventing or treating it; you cannot question aspects of the 2020 election; you cannot question the left’s narrative about January 6th; you cannot question the Biden family’s finances; you cannot question Critical Race Theory; you cannot pass election laws intended to prevent fraud; and you cannot question any aspect of the LGBTQ agenda even when it is internally self-contradictory or when it goes against accepted science.

      Thos who question any of these leftist positions do so at risk of being censored, demonized, labeled “white supremacists” or “domestic terrorists,” or even losing their job.

      1. Absolutely spot on…

        This was never about a virus.
        There is no virus.
        Only Antibody dependent enhancement… for the rest of their short lives.
        No vaccinated will live beyond 5 years.

  6. We should all read Dr Atlas book , A Plague Upon Our House. Everything he advised during Trumps term has turned out true. We can make decisions now with over 2 years of data. Protect the vulnerable and let the rest of American live their lives. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  7. The refusal to allow or consider early at home treatments is befuddling. This is not how medical science normally operates when saving lives. Somewhere at the nexus of this decision or refusal to consider this option lies gross incompetence and or a crime of murder.

  8. It’s a great idea to give voice to more reasonable policies, and even promote an open and healthy debate as to strategies.

    It will never happen.

    The pro-vaccine people have been winning this war for decades, with the array of childhood vaccines. Adverse events don’t matter. Shoddy science doesn’t matter. Poor general health doesn’t matter. Deaths don’t matter. Get your kid jabbed, or get shunned.

    Recently, I listened to several NBA sports analysis go on and on about how important it was to get vaccinated, and boosted, to ‘stop the spread.’ This with a ‘vaccine’ that from the start was never designed to stop anyone from getting or spreading Covid. And with hundreds of NBA players, fully vaccinated, getting sick.

    None of that mattered. The general public, otherwise normal individuals, have been mesmerized by the vaccine mythology, you might as well be asking people to give up their religious beliefs. It’s not going to happen.

    As long as the media is restricted from any reasonable reporting on the various complex issues regarding vaccines, nothing will change.

  9. Hi Sharyl,

    I think your naivety is showing, and given your experiences with the FBI, it’s a shame you seem to think that “with the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to see that none of the well-intended strategies have had the desired outcome when it comes to mitigating Covid-19.”.

    It was easy to see with foresight. I wrote proposals back in Feb 2020 that included explicitly avoiding vaccines given the mutagenic traits of SARS-CoV-2, adopting therapeutics (I had even explicitly mentioned Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine and Quinine; variants of the same class of drug), adopting Right to Try (in countries that didn’t have it), and specifically – mirroring strategies of other countries that provably worked. Closure of the border, and encouragement to work from home and homeschool to help reduce contact were among those, with restrictions only adopted whilst a therapeutic (not a vaccine!) was found (IE a clear terminus point of where restrictions would end with measureable goals). This will the goal of cooperating with the public giving them full information to make informed decisions. If masks were to be worn, they had to be N95 or greater, or FFP2 and greater; and they would require eye protection if used.

    The goal was simple: inform the public transparently, open the floor to new ideas and suggestions, slow down the spread to buy time to make working therapeutics using pre-existing drugs, avoid vaccines, and copy any strategies that worked.

    Instead, it is painfully evident to anybody with half a brain the government acted in malice: they threw billions at so-called “vaccines” they knew weren’t going to work. They forced it on the class of people (children) with a death rate so low (2 in a million) that the vaccine kills more at 117x the rate. They banned therapeutics – to the point they would fine and jail people for prescribing it. They kept borders open. In countries that didn’t already have Right to Try – Right to Try was blocked and denied.

    In countries that had Right to Try, doctors wouldn’t invoke it because of ‘muh FDA’ (with it’s revolving door jobs with industry – see Scott Gottlieb on the Board of Directors of Pfizer) and ‘muh CDC’ (also revolving doors; see Coke Cola CEO also on the Board of Directors of Pfizer). New Zealand would permit orgies but deny unvaccinated people access to shops. Philliphines threatened to jail unvaccinated people EVEN THOUGH THEY KNEW WELL IN ADVANCE THE SO-CALLED VACCINES WOULD NOT WORK!

    Lockdowns without terminus points. Secrecy instead of transparency (the Pfizer secret contracts giving up sovereign assets as reported by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism). Surveillance state ID papers instead of tests for immunity.

    I don’t know why people think it’s incompetence, or why people think that the malicious scumbags would opt to ‘step aside’ when it’s evident they are trying to kill people. They literally did the total opposite of recommended advice based on *previous* pandemics and known historical precedents (the vaccine idea was known to fail because the common cold – another type of coronavirus – has evaded pharmaceutical companies’ grasp for decades).

    People are being proactively murdered like the Germans murdered people with Action T4 and everyone is still trying to act civil like this is a totally normal thing. The only way their minds would get changed is if a physical swap was to occur.

  10. My friend’s Mother just died and here is her scenario: got the vaccine, got Covid (not a mild case but full blown, bad), was admitted to the hospital, was given remdesivir and subsequently has died. Weeks ago my friend tried to get her Mom monoclonal antibody treatment only to be told NO. She suggested hydroxychloroquin and/or ivermectin and was told NO. This is but one example; I could site more of the same. Hospitals are not saving many lives these days. Why are doctors not seeing this and changing the treatment protocol? Dare I say genocide.?

    1. Read the RFKJr book “The Real Dr Fauci” and see what his cited research learned about remdesivir.

      It is tragically too late to apply what he learned about this drug for this woman, but good for the rest of us to know should we ever have it forced on us.

      What state/city did this happen in?

    2. You raise a fundamental point about treatment protocols. We need more comparative research on the protocols most prevalent in various countries, or various health care systems, and in their success rates. In the US, there almost seems to be an organized resistance to exploring new treatment options. The media seem to delight in casting doubt on any report of success with anything other than the vaccines or Remdesivir.

  11. Once again Sharyl, you are well reasoned and thought out, possibly a bit too kind when it comes to ‘well intentioned’ but that’s my opinion.
    As you said, get people in there who are not compromised with ‘staggering conflicts of interest’. Doctor Vladimir Zelenko, is a GREAT place to start. He is a doctor who was among the first to recommend Hydroxychloroquine and other effective treatments for Covid-19 will receive the Nobel Prize for his work.
    From there, just look up all the ‘canceled’ ‘de-platformed’ and you will have an unbeatable team in terms of both expertise AND Enthusiasm!
    Happy New Year!! :)

  12. When anyone demands “universal health care” I always ask – please define “health care”..

    Don’t buy a pig in a poke, until you define what “health care” actually means. Chapter and verse.

    Health care is a commodity – it never a right.

    Time to change our dialogue- health care depends upon the services of others. Therefore it can never be a right. It is bought and sold and must be understood only in that context – who pays and pays for what?

    1. “When anyone demands “universal health care” I always ask – please define “health care”..”
      SPOT ON! Having lived and worked in Europe for the last 30 years, I have seen up close and personal what “access to healthcare” in a government-controlled healthcare system means. For example, why do Swiss corporations supply private health insurance to their employees and individuals who can afford it buy it if their government-controlled (and “free”) healthcare system is so good? Because to get in to see specialists, have tests, or surgeries takes months, sometimes years if you don’t have private insurance in those countries. Access does not equal quality nor does it mean “access before you die from a disease.”

  13. Once politics is infused into a situation such as we have had here with the plague, citizens become pawns in a very dangerous–deadly–game. The Dems and China may not have seen this coming (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt), but once the situation presented itself as a means to further divide the country, they gave it all they had to bring down Donald Trump.

    1. If China didn’t deliberately unleash Covid to get rid of Trump, the Dems and the media certainly used it for that purpose. And then there was the strange reaction to the death of George Floyd. Why “strange”? Because a few of those incidents happen every year, yet this particular one – in the run-up to a presidential election – was again exploited by the Dems and the media to create an impression of a society on chaos. Rioting went on week after week in major cities, and the media and Democrats seemed to be encouraging and justifying it.

      In the kind of upside-down thinking characteristic of the left, left-wing rioting was seen as being Trump’s fault, and by the time of the election the narrative of violent “white supremacists” had been forged. Yes, after a summer of left-wing violence we were told that – contrary to our lying eyes – the real source of violence, the real threat, was actually “white supremacists.’ The media did not ask Biden to denounce the BLM rioters, but for Trump to denounce “white supremacists”!

      The suspicious events of January 6th were used to bolster this narrative. A rally intended to protest alleged election irregularities was re-cast as a manifestation of “white rage” and “white supremacy.” The actions of a small splinter group of oddballs – one or two hundred out of a crowd of 200,000 – was used to characterize the entire Trump movement as a dangerous menace to “democracy.” Yet – months later – questions remain as to whether even that small group was sparked into action by federal provocateurs. I wouldn’t put it past them: Merrick Garland is a fraud and a disgrace, and the FBI is utterly untrustworthy – just look at their role in Whitmer kidnap plot.

      1. Don’t overlook the Great Toilet Paper Hoax that spread extreme panic long before “covid” hit our shores.

        In fact, go all the way back to Matt Damon’s 2011 film Contagion to prime the ready hysteria. When has Damon ever been a friend of reason or science?

  14. I’d love to follow the money and see who is paying Fauci and the others. We all know there has to be underlying reasons for the idiocy of their decisions. We know the media is corrupt and supports anything the left says and then half the country follows blindly. I am with you Sharyl; let’s try something new! How about a leader with a positive message who eliminates fear as a good start?

  15. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    ” Reggie ” – last name unknown, is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. On one recent trip I encountered “Reggie” in the First Class area as he began his “Safety Speech” via the loud speaker. First of all the loud speakers on Delta flights are practically worthless. Some of the words are inaudible, while others are unintelligible. The instructions given by “Reggie” were not read from a script, in fact “Reggie’s” personal (obnoxious) touch was force upon our ears in an unpleasant vernacular. When “Reggie” completed his verbal safety assault via the loud speaker, he immediately began walking down the aisle pointing his finger at any violators who had yet to fasten their seatbelts. “Reggie” used specific language to instruct the mask violators in his effort to embarrass those who had not complied. “Reggie” was saving lives, so he said. I hope to avoid any further “Reggie” experiences, but in the event he appears again, I will make sure he is aware of my discontent with his use of threatening tone, and his unfriendly self aggrandizing use of Federal Police Power. I suggest Delta provide the “Reggies” of the world a simple scripted page, and spare our ears from more airline employee aggression. You are not the only game in town Delta !

  16. What is the origin?
    Drs. Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, and Stefan Lanka have real insights. They present their points of view to the layman clearly, in plain English. For example, Cowan asks, “how do you know that there is a virus?” and “how do you know that it causes a disease?”.
    They all point out very clearly that no pathogen has even been isolated physically, using filters and a centrifuge, from samples of people with a disease. Without an isolated pathogen, there is no proof that a pathogen caused a disease.
    Taking a photograph of something under a microscope that is mixed in with the sample of blood or saliva does not constitute isolation, also known as purification. Nor does an artist’s drawing on television or a model on a computer screen that assembles fragments in a computer model have anything to do with physical isolation.
    They have isolated us, but they have never isolated a virus.
    You can check this by verifying various demands by researchers on government labs for standards or isolated pathogens that they can test themselves. None are available.
    This is the core of the nonsense. If no pathogen has been isolated, then what are we really talking about with “variants”?
    I urge you to do your own research and to interview Cowan, Kaufman, Lanka, or all three of them.
    Thanks for your reports and search for the truth.

  17. How do you control a virus that mutates and can’t be seen with the naked eye? You can’t. You control the masses. Once you give someone power, especially someone in the government or an unelected bureaucrat, good luck getting it back. The Constitution does not get suspended because of a pandemic.

    The government (federal, state and local), the CDC, FDA, Big Pharma and Big Tech all have an agenda and have politicized everything about the virus, using it and the vaccine to further to divide the nation.

    I don’t follow the science. I follow the data, and based on the CDC numbers, a person who gets COVID has a better than a 98% chance of not dying. Does someone die from COVID or with COVID? The CDC numbers don’t differentiate.

    Meanwhile, the country from where this insidious virus goes about its merry way, free to release another, more virulent, virus on the world.

    1. American funding and researchers greatly helped getting the virus first into and then out of the Wuhan lab. ‘China, China, China did it’ sounds an awful lot like ‘Russia, Russia, Russia did it’ and doesn’t quite seem to help the forum’s discussion here.

      trying to formulate meaningful alternatives in our quest for a humane health care system the time has come to seriously sit down with the activist-doctors of The Great Barrington Declaration, Robert F.Kennedy, Jr., heck even Sen. Johnson and others, worldwide,

  18. Did you see the 9 part series : covid revealed ?
    You may know of these scientists/ MDs to get more info :
    DR HARVEY RISCH ( Yale )
    Steven Kirsch & his team of scientists
    Dr Robert Malone
    Dr Nagase
    Dr Byram Bridle
    The Great Barrington Declaration
    The Rome Declaration
    The San Juan Declaration
    Dr Tess Lawrie

  19. I am in the process of reading The Real Anthony Fauci and am astonished at what he has been able to get away with and the deaths he single handedly has caused. I am also taken back by the lack of attention the book itself is receiving in the press/media. Is it because Robert F. Kennedy is a Democrat or is there something I am missing?

    1. No, it is not because he is a Democrat. It’s because Robert F. Kennedy is fighting for medical freedom. Mainstream media (it doesn’t matter the apparent political leaning of each outlet) are one head among many of the same Hydra of tyranny. Other heads of the Hydra are Big Tech, Big Pharma, the cult of the white coats, Deep State bureaucrats like Fauci, Big Government and all the politicians (except one or two perhaps… ), etc.

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