Orewellian Facebook censorship strikes again

The following is a news analysis.

Facebook’s fake fact checkers, working on behalf of various money interests, have long been known to ignore blatant false information when it’s put out by favored government, public health officials or other special interests as long as it’s on-the-narrative.

And they censor factual information.

It’s a dynamic that might even make George Orwell shake his head and say, “Even I never predicted it would be this blatant, and allowed to continue.”

Now, a new tale under the category of “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Facebook banned a post I made that was nothing more than a factual citation of a historical quote from Hitler’s propagandist, Goebbels.

It was posted entirely without comment. But a fair read of it would be to infer how dangerous and powerful false propaganda can be.

How that becomes worthy of censorship can only be explained in today’s highly-managed information landscape where facts are not to be heard and read if the chosen minders don’t want people to know them and share them.

The first ban of the information came with me getting knocked off of Facebook for three days.

When I posted a followup, factually explaining what happened, that got a seven day ban.

I may not be long for Facebook at all.

Not that it’s necessarily a great loss. For some years, the platform has down throttled my reach. Why do I stay? Maintly because there are still some people who see my posts and like getting updated on my news program and article.

But if I keep posting factual information, I may not be there much longer.

Here’s a screenshot of what I had posted. Please share widely. The best way to defeat this propaganda is to make it have the opposite impact. That which they want to censor should be read and shared.

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28 thoughts on “Orewellian Facebook censorship strikes again”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    There is just one collectivity-type
    CONDUCTOR of Western Civ.’s
    destruction—to destroy Chris-
    tianity for applying/imposing
    Global Atheistic Communism,
    regarding “Facebook’s censors” :

    Just like an adulterous husband’s
    infidelity being denied by a good
    wife—unable to cope with the
    R E A L I T Y of such a betrayal
    (( women being so ignorant about
    healthy males’ sex-drive notwith-
    standing )), at-large Christian
    society in the West can’t cope/
    expose/believe this R E A L I T Y
    told by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

    Forwarded Message :


    Consider this :

    Jeff Rense (( at Rense Dot Com )), re Rabbi
    Daniel Lapin’s Unprecedented Truth-Telling
    —about his Libertine Brethren’s Immoral
    Destruction of America, via Hollywood :




    Only one other truth-telling piece, penned
    and published in early 19th-century Germany,
    comes that close to revealing a HIDDEN
    Power effecting destruction of an established

  2. The best way to defeat FB is to stop using it. Deleted (not suspended) my account in April 2020 and it feels great! Still in touch with the people I’m meant to be.

    1. why is what you post so difficult for many to understand. I did same, deleted the account, the week Twitter banned my President. I’ve never been on the biggest time waster on the planet, FB.

      1. FB has banned me also for several days in the past, I ended up deleting their app and going to Rumble and Parler, no censorship on these!

  3. I experienced exactly the same thing. I posted a joke about Hitler, and was banned for 30 days. I kept screen shots of it all, but I don’t see how to post that here.

  4. I was given a three day restriction for just sharing the article. Then I said to myself, you’re restricting me?! I’m suspending YOU! And I proceeded to suspend my account. Close to two weeks now. Haven’t decided if or when to go back.

  5. I tried to order Trump’s new book through PayPal and they rejected my order and refunded me the cost of the book. It seems that the owner of PayPal hates Trump so will not allow anyone to order this book using PayPal. The government needs to stop this Nazi-like censorship from these large corporations.

    1. @john larandeau now I’m confused: if a square can be a circle and a circle can be squared, then what happens to π (pi)?

      1. You eat it at Christmas.
        Sorry, I just couldn’t resist some terrible humor.
        Surprised that they haven’t already declared pi racist.

  6. Sometimes some things just pop into my head. While watching a show about Cuba in the 1960s, the thought about what communist regimes around the world and the far left in the U.S. have in common. It strikes me that there is one adjective and one noun that fully embraces their realities: (adj.) grim; (noun) authoritarians.

    Whatever the cause, whatever the issue, their approach has always been and still is one of grim authoritarianism. There, literally, is no joy, no exhilaration, no spirituality; only grim, unrelenting determination even after they have achieved their power and control.

    They represent the worst of human existence where people are simply “units” of the larger “whole” and those units must strictly adhere to the ideology of the larger whole regardless of the lack of meaning or fulfillment in their lives. It is the definition of Hell.

    1. Absolutely nailed it Dan. Their lack of “Heart”…true Joy…real Love…real Compassion….
      Their souls are dead to Life. It is the Way of the Ideologue.

      To truly Live…or to merely exist….

      The True Transcendent Sacred did not intend this temporary space
      for us to embrace Spiritual Death. But…far far too many choose it.
      That, to me, is horrifying.

  7. Even the comments sections on conservative websites have weird algorithms that censor comments that contain certain words, regardless of context, and even if the same word appears in the story you are commenting on. I once had a comment rejected because it contained the name of Herman Melville’s famous novel about a whaling-ship captain obsessed with finding the white whale that had torn-off his leg. (The second word of the book’s title corresponds to a common male name and a common vulgar term for part of the male anatomy.)

    Speaking of comments sections, many conservative sites have been forced to shut them down in recent years because leftist groups pressure the third-party providers of these apps by saying the comments include offensive, racist, and dangerous content. Some of these sites don’t have the resources to monitor every comment, so they just shut down comments entirely. No doubt this has a negative impact on their revenue stream.

  8. I suspended my Facebook account years ago, I really need to go and delete it entirely. I don’t miss it at all.

    As far as I’m concerned, Facebook and Twitter (at the very least) need to be declared an enemy of America. Zuckerburg, and Dorsey and every one who works for either need to be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity.

  9. I was locked out of my FB account simply for posting factual information in March of 2020. Before that FB regularly censored posts and began locking me out almost weekly demanding I provide ID to prove who I am. Twitter locked me out during the final presidential debate as I was providing commentary of the Trump-Biden statements.

    For every high-profile like Sharyl who can use his or her platform to bring attention to the Big Brother tactics of the social media giants there are millions of us who are simply “disappeared” with no recourse – and no one in power is doing anything to help.

  10. I find all that is happening in our country quite troubling. We are told that because Facebook, Twitter, etc. can censor because they are private businesses and therefore should be allowed to do whatever they please (so they say). Yet, a man who runs his private bakery and censors what he will place on a cake he makes is brought to trial on discriminatory charges. What is the difference? Is there a difference?

    In Facebook, to type a personal post on your page, you are given a small area which asks the question, “What is on your mind?” Why does Facebook place that question if the entire exercise is to then censor a person who actually speaks what is on their mind? Given their actions, should not their question be – “What is on your mind that is permissible by us?” And if they do, are they asking us to be mind readers?

  11. I got a F*Book warning for something very similar. I shared a meme that had a picture of Goebbels, and a quote that said, “accuse the other side of that of which you are guilty”, and cited his name and title as head of Hitler’s propaganda. I contested it, pointing out that by limiting my freedom of speech they were acting in concert with the quote that they were trying to keep me from sharing. Didn’t work. Their “review” said that they determined the warning stood.

    And it happened on the Fourth of July, of all days!

    I have greatly reduced my F*Book time since then, and have found MeWe to be a good alternative. The problem is that what makes social media work is having lots of friends joining you, and very few of my friends are on MeWe and most rarely post (I think they’ve mostly forgotten about it, tbh), because they’ve stayed on F*Book.

  12. I just ate a month long ban for simply telling a family member my husband won’t let me light the fireplace because I’ll burn my house down. I was accused of violence and incitement. I fought it but they won’t lift the ban. I was still on restrictions for going after somebody stalking and shaming a friend. I guess the guy reported me for bullying even though he was the bully. The funny part if what they hit me on, I see get said constantly with no issues. He remains but I’m now on month two of Facebook jail. And this time for literally a non issue. I don’t know if I even want to come back to Fb but all of my family is there.

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