POLL: Most Americans won’t change holiday plans for Covid Omicron

As reports of the Omicron variant have circulated around the globe, most Americans say it will not impact their holiday plans.

At the same time, most report they are concerned about the possibility of another pandemic surge.

That’s according to a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports. It found 61% of American adults said they are concerned about another surge in Covid-19 infections this winter, including 29% who are very concerned.

Meanwhile 36% of those surveyed said they are not concerned about another surge, including 15% who aren’t concerned at all.

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2 thoughts on “POLL: Most Americans won’t change holiday plans for Covid Omicron”

  1. Just ordered Robert F. Kennedy Jr. New Book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”.
    Excellent Interview presented on Dr. Mercola’s Site.
    Robert said the CIA killed his father, not SerHan.
    Just like his brother.
    America does not need a 3rd party, America needs a 2nd Party.
    Watch out for the Black Rocks…..

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