POLL: Most view climate change as a ‘made up problem’

Most people view climate change as a “made up” problem.

That’s according to the results of the latest unscientific poll of 1,252 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

About 67% said climate change as a problem is made up. A total of 4% view it as a “somewhat” or “very” urgent problem.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

“Climate change” is ____________ problem

1% A very urgent

3% A somewhat urgent

67% A made up

29% None of the above

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10 thoughts on “POLL: Most view climate change as a ‘made up problem’”

  1. I wouldn’t say that climate-change is a “made-up” problem, but rather that the science has been politicized to support a certain narrative and political agenda. Consequently, completely opposite outcomes – extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme rainfall, or extreme drought, hurricanes or their absence – are all explained by “climate-change,” casting doubt on the predictive value of the so-called science. If a fortune teller predicts that in the next year you will have good days and bad days, her value as a fortune teller doesn’t amount to much. The same goes for much of today’s “climate science.”

    I recommend that everyone read a book on natural history, and – if possible – one that focuses on their own region. This is a way to inoculate yourself from the alarmism that we encounter after every extreme weather event. Natural history teaches us that the world has undergone profound cycles of change, affecting both climate and geology. In my corner of the world (the Puget Sound area of Washington State), the coastline of the Pacific Ocean has shifted by a couple of hundred miles over millions of years, shifting from what is now the Washington-Idaho border to where it is now, many miles west of Seattle.,

    Ten or twelve thousand years ago, there were several hundred feet of ice where I am sitting right now, and the north-south valleys in the area were carved-out during that last ice age. The bluffs along much of Puget Sound were created all at once by a massive earthquake a few hundred years ago. In 1980, the upper half of Mt. St. Helens blew away in a matter of minutes. Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker are active volcanos, capable of doing the same.

    So, yes, there is climate change; the question is how much of it is caused by human enterprise. Probably a very small part, despite the headlines, and the idea that we can prevent extreme weather events by adjusting our lifestyles is ludicrous. It is also ludicrous to claim that all climate change must be disastrous for human society – some effects may actually be beneficial. Climate-change – like the pandemic and “white supremacy” – is another scare tactic being used to limit our freedoms and force us into an anti-democratic, globalist scheme that would not otherwise gain popular support.

    1. Excellent comment. Just thought I would add my 2 cents.

      Earth “climate” swings between very cold and very warm. The very cold periods are called Ice Ages, or Glacial Periods, and very warm periods are called Interglacial Periods. The cycle is about 100,000 years long, give or take. Each cycle involves a rapid rise in temperature, for about 20,000 years, followed by a gradual decline back to Ice Age before the temperature rises again in the next cycle.

      The last Ice Age ended about 15,000 years ago, so if past patterns are repeated, we are in a warming trend and will be for another 5,000 years or so.

      A very important point to note… there were no human activities involved in the previous warming and cooling cycles. In fact, there were no humans, period. Human civilization only started after the end of the last Ice Age. It is not too farfetched to suggest that human civilization thrives in warmer climate than colder one. Our reliance on agriculture as food source means unless there are breakthroughs technologically, human civilization as we know it may not survive an Ice Age when the soil is frozen.

      The fact that scientists found heightened levels of carbon dioxide during warming periods means very little. It does not prove carbon dioxide causes warming; it is equally possible that warming causes an increased level of carbon dioxide. Also, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, not when green plants rely on it.

      That’s the climate science I know.

      Also, science is always about disproving what we know; that’s how we make scientific breakthroughs. There is no such thing as settled science. Geocentrism at one point was “settled science”, so was Newtonian mechanics. Of course, geocentrism has proven completely wrong (or have we) and Newtonian mechanics is somewhat correct until we get near the realm of Special Relativity.

      “Settled science” was used throughout human history by ruling authorities to persecute those who dared to question. Galileo was the classic example. It is funny and ironic the left uses “flat earthers” as a synonym to attack someone as “anti-science”, as “flat earthers” were the ones who believed in “settled science” and persecute others for questioning their beliefs. When science is “settled”, it is no longer science; it is religion.

    2. It was birthed by Europe’s Marxist Degrowth movement: “Degrowthers”. If Climate Change were the issue, it wouldn’t be an issue. The Marxist created ISSUE IS MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE which is both indefensible and insulting to anyone who objectively examines the issue.

  2. We have had warm WEATHER recently, but strangely no one seems overly concerned. In fact, with the inflation of energy prices and dubious government energy policies for the future, warmer winter weather is definitely welcomed.

  3. Thanks for a thought-provoking and common sense comment, Mr. Triesch. This is so welcome.

    There is one additional factor that may be a foundation of the climate-change hysteria.

    You alluded to environmental and geological changes that have taken place over thousands and millions of years. Based on the level of hysteria from some, especially younger people, I’m now convinced that those screaming the loudest have literally no sense of historical perspective, preferring to believe that the world began on or shortly prior to the day they were born.

    Again, thanks.

    1. Thanks. Many people seem to think that coastlines never eroded, or reefs broke down, until the last forty years. Do they think that all of the sand at the beach comes from Home Depot?

  4. Climate change is meaningless political speak. Yes we are in a warming period but our overreactiion is the main problem. It is being used by America’s adversaries to diminish America. Yes there are gradual effects that we should respond to but trying to control the environment is laughably dumb.

  5. In the (mostly fictional) film Rapa Nui an iceberg drifts by the island. Rapa Nui leaders never having seen such a thing before thought this was sent by the Gods to receive them. In the film, leadership called this the great white canoe, hopped on and drifted away, not to be received by the Gods, but drowned at sea. Global warming is made up by leadership much like the Rapa Nui leaders in the film made up, or concocted, the great white canoe story. However, there was a positive side effect of the iceberg passing by Rapa Nui, it provided the people with a change of leadership. Our version of the great white canoe today is global warming only it is not leadership that will drift away and be replaced, but the wealth of citizens will drift away not to be replaced.

  6. Great discussions.
    For my two cents I’d like to add that I do think our species has added to warming of our atmosphere and I believe increased carbon dioxide is a result of the warming not the cause. For decades we have taken energy stored in coal, oil, peat and wood and turned it into heat.
    I live in the middle of nowhere and it’s always cooler here than even in small towns a few miles away. The difference is the small human footprint here in my rural area.
    Drive a car ten miles then put your hand on the engine. That heat doesn’t just disappear, it dissipates into the atmosphere just like the heat from those air-conditioning units on the roof tops of buildings and all the other mechanical and electrical devices we all depend on..
    I don’t know if all the thermal energy we create amounts to any significant warming, but thermodynamics tells us that the thermal energy we create doesn’t just go away.

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