(READ) CDC: Most “fully vaccinated” are declining Covid booster, so far

CDC has ranked states based on Covid-19 booster rate. This is the number of “fully vaccinated” residents who have also gotten a booster.

No state has reached close to half of its vaccinated residents getting the extra recommended shot.

Vermont tops them all with 44.9% of “fully vaccinated” also getting a booster.

Next are Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

At the bottom are West Virginia, Hawaii and New Hampshire. New Hampshire has just 9.8% of fully vaccinated residents choosing to get a booster, so far.

Read more here at Becker’s Hospital Review.

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9 thoughts on “(READ) CDC: Most “fully vaccinated” are declining Covid booster, so far”

  1. It seems that news of the vaccines’ limited effectiveness and adverse side effects is beginning to become common knowledge. By now, millions of people have either personally experienced – or know some who has – either a breakthrough infection or a serious or disturbing side-effect. (I personally know at least four people with breakthrough infections and have heard (from acquaintances) second-hand accounts of two serious adverse reactions to the vaccines.)

  2. I am waiting to see. The facts do not support you the panic we are seeing. The government is making such an important effort to silence dissent, that I simply don’t trust officials anymore. “Shut up and obey” doesn’t work for me.

  3. The Military is 100% not reporting adverse reactions. My sister was in the Emergency Room 3 times after hers. After walking in with the FDA information sheet, the Guidelines for Thrombocytopenia / Thrombosis from the American Society of Hematology regarding COVID-19 Vaccination, both informing the recipient to “seek immediate medical attention”. Specifically,

    “Urgent medical evaluation for TTS is indicated if any of the following develop 4 to 42 days after vaccination:
    – Severe headache
    – Visual changes
    – Abdominal pain
    – Nausea and vomiting
    – Back pain
    – Shortness of breath
    – Leg pain or swelling
    – Petechiae, easy bruising, or bleeding”

    She had ALL of these symptoms. One Navy Doc just asked if she wanted to see a mental health professional. The second said “As long as you’re not paralyzed, you’re fine.” I told her to file a VAERS report and then file a formal complaint with the State Board of Health regarding 2 of the doctors.

  4. Had an “entertaining” visit with my “primary” physician. The effectiveness of the seasonal Flu shot is always a crapshoot, but it has a decent reputation and I’ve never had a reaction to that mix. When we got to talking about COVID-19, I was able to match him story for story and statistic for statistic. Eventually he left me with a technician who took me to the lab for blood work including a Vitamin-D(3) level determination. All my comorbidities have been addressed but there is no concensus on whether there might be some unresolved core issues that might still produce a vulnerability even after the symptoms were treated. [If you are playing that game, talk to your physician.] My age is still a concern but I was told that a cute “therapeutic” redhead with a good sense of humor and a good … .er …. .constitution isn’t covered by my insurance, even one that has been well tested. If you are “in”, talk to your doc and don’t be bullied by techno-babble. The disease and the vaccinations both have risks.

    As for untreated medical “comorbidities” [issues], “Treat’em if you got’em.” Addressing medical issues is to your benefit, whether you are looking at vaccination or not, or the COVID-19 itself. And verify your Vitamin-D(3) levels. That vitamin is involved in the control of inflammatrion from a variety of causes. Inflammation is associated with tissue destruction and blood clotting. Both of those processes are side-effects triggered by both COVID-19 and by some vaccinations.

    There is no data on the long term effects of either the vaccines or the COVID-19 infection, so that is a “crap shoot”, but the immediate effects of both the vaccine and COVID-19 can be addressed by treating comorbidities including low Vitamin-D(3) levels. I, and most people, have no idea if Ivermectin or HCQ [Hydroxychloroquine] are helpful against the side effects of COVID-19 and or a vaccination.

    “Mutations” seem to be a “scare” word. As a rule, diseases ALL mutate and usually to a more contageous and less lethal form. When measles was first documented, it was absolutely deadly. I am old enough to remember some friends going to a “measles party” to get infected inorder to develope immunity to the disease which was still something of a problem for adults. The “Omicron” Corona seems to be a minor problem for most people, although untreated comorbidities may still be in play. One male in Texas may have died from Omicron COVID-19 but since he also had advanced Stage Four cancer, weighed ~400 pounds, had high blood pressure, and probably high blood sugar, and was a lifetime heavy smoker, he might have died “with” Omicron COVID-19 instead of “from” Omicron COVID-19. Check out your comorbidities with your physician.

    Oh, if you run across a program that has “therapeutic” redheads, let me know. I am old but I ain’t dead yet.

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