(READ) New York assembly member withdraws proposal that critics called ‘health prison camp’ bill

New York Assembly Member Nick Perry (D-Flatbush 58) says he’s formally withdraw Assembly Bill A416, which would have allowed New York’s Governor to arrest and indefinitely imprison anyone suspected of being a public health risk.

That’s according to the Autism Action Network, which has been fighting the bill since its inception six years ago.

The bill had not received much attention until the coronavirus pandemic heated up in March of 2020. In the pandemic world of lockdowns, public health mandates, and the quarantining of the unvaccinated in certain parts of the world, critics said the serious threat posed by A416 was chilling.

In the beginning of November, the Biden Administration nominated Nick Perry to be the US ambassador to Jamaica. Critics say Perry’s bill would have proven to be a liability at Perry’s impending Senate confirmation hearing.

Perry colleague Patrick Burke (D Orchard Park) also received significant backlash a few weeks ago for his announcement of a bill that would have canceled health insurance coverage for Covid infections of unvaccinated people.

Burke was immediately flooded with calls and emails rebuking the bill and he quickly dropped the bill.

Read Nick Perry’s statement here: https://www.facebook.com/nnickperry

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5 thoughts on “(READ) New York assembly member withdraws proposal that critics called ‘health prison camp’ bill”

  1. Given the opportunity, I’m certain that most Democrats would like to incarcerate all Republicans, and especially, those horrible “deplorables” who voted for Trump! The Democrat Party has become the new Nazi party.

  2. As emitters of vast amounts of CO2, blowhards Perry and Burke are major threats to public heath. Cancel their health insurance and put them in FEMA camps.

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