(READ) Republicans demand Speaker Pelosi reopen US Capitol to Americans

Top Republicans are calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to immediately reopen the U.S. Capitol complex to the American people.

The US Capitol and congressional office buildings have been closed to the general public for over a year and a half. 

“The U.S. Capitol is a shrine to the greatest republic in the history of the world, yet you continue to prevent easy access to the American people. Ordinary Americans who wish to visit the People’s House – which their tax dollars maintain – are entirely shut out and may only view the buildings from afar. This is the People’s House, but the American people are not allowed to enter,” 

Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky) and 22 ranking Republican lawmakers

Currently, even the US Capitol Visitor’s Center is closed to the public and tours are suspended. Only members of Congress, Congressional staff, and invited, official business visitors are allowed in the Capitol and House office buildings.

The Republican lawmakers also note:

Covid-19 has become the pretext by which Democrats attempt to assert control over every aspect of American life. It is well past time to reopen the House of Representatives, and we urge you to open it immediately so all Americans may once again fully participate in our great democracy.

Republican letter to Pelosi

Read entire letter here

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