REPORT: 800 health care workers to lose jobs in Penn. hospital closures

A major job loss is coming to Pennsylvania after two Pennsylvania hospitals announced they will be shutting down.

That’s according to a report in the Times-Herald.

More than 800 people will reportedly lose their jobs when Jennersville Hospital and Brandywine Hospital, currently operated by Tower Health, close up at the end of January. That after a deal to sell them fell through.

The hospitals were originally to be sold to Canyon Atlantic Partners of Texas.

According to the Times-Herald:

In a memo to health system staff, Tower Health CEO Sue Perrotty expressed disappointment and said the deal was called off because Canyon Atlantic Partners was unable to demonstrate that it can effectively take over ownership and operation of the two hospitals.


Read more here in the Times-Herald.

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4 thoughts on “REPORT: 800 health care workers to lose jobs in Penn. hospital closures”

  1. Anothrt proff thsy USA today is EXACTLY like Nazi Germany or Stalin’s USSR. The same people that are firing vital hospital workers and MDs naturally will pretend they are protectin people and have at heart health while destroying the health care system. Those doing the firing will have very soon be HUNTED DOWN, ARRESTED and TRIED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. They should be advised that their crimes are covered by the NUREMBURG CODE. You cannot coerce people to take any medical treatment. The DEATH PENALTY is what the Nuremburg Code prescribe. These people should hanged. Politicians included and CEOs of hospitals destroying the health care system.

  2. Must be a Socialist method to reduce healthcare costs by removing the possibility of medical service.

    Is there an estimated number of people the two hospitals would treat throughout the year?

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