Superpowers’ Cold War; Covid Court Hangovers; A Very Bad Year

There’s a different kind of “Cold War” brewing in the Arctic that you probably haven’t heard much about.

The U.S. is in a heated competition with Russia and China for fishing and oil resources.

Scott Thuman is off to Alaska for this week’s Full Measure covers story. He’s on patrol with the U.S. Coast Guard as tensions and the stakes are high. He’ll tell why all of this matters to the rest of us.

Also Sunday, I dig into the huge backlog in court cases across America left in the wake of the Covid shutdowns. There are system wide delays and constitutional issues.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser talks about court case backlogs

And I’ll check back in with one of my favorite couples. They’re business owners from Nashville who had a very bad year in 2020. I know– a lot of people suffered in 2020– but their year was remarkably unlucky.

Find out how they’e doing today.

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3 thoughts on “Superpowers’ Cold War; Covid Court Hangovers; A Very Bad Year”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Courts, judges, jails and restraining orders don’t work very well. If they did, the country wouldn’t have burned as the Minneapolis Police chief advised victims of crime to give up their property without resistance to street thugs. There is one possible solution to a part of the many problems. It is to write policies and educate the police and the courts about the difference between a so called “PC” arrest, and an arrest warrant process. A Probable Cause arrest to a police officer is similar to the ability of a Grand Jury Prosecutor as she indicts a “ham sandwich.” Arrests must not be cookie cutter styled. Jails must change from a one size fits all, to a much less violent experience, where innocent people are actually treated like innocent people, until they are “proven” guilty. The other problem is that innocent people are being found guilty of crimes alleged by the actual criminals. Some prosecutors are so narrow minded and narcissistic that “winning” means everything. The Legal Prosecution System does not work, and it must be rethought and changed, drastically, or another city and maybe an entire country will burn.

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