Trump accuses New York Attorney General of ‘prosecutorial misconduct’

December 15, 2021
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Letitia James wants to politically weaponize her position as Attorney General instead of exemplifying impartiality and protecting the interests of all New Yorkers. While she pretends that she suspended her short-lived campaign for New York Governor to go after me, she conveniently fails to mention that she couldn’t garner any support and her poll numbers were abysmal—she had no chance of even coming close to winning. Despite weeks of campaigning, she was losing to Governor Hochul by what would have been a massive landslide. She didn’t drop out of the race for a higher purpose, or to “finish existing business” (I wonder what that would be?). She dropped out because her campaign was a complete failure, possibly because the citizens of New York saw how unfairly and viciously she and other highly partisan New York Democrat prosecutors were treating President Donald J. Trump. It’s called Prosecutorial Misconduct. Rather than continue to waste her time and taxpayer resources on a long continuing Witch Hunt against the Republican Party and me, she should focus her attention on helping to resurrect the once Great State of New York where crime and poverty continue to wreak havoc, with murder, rape, drug sales, and just about every other form of crime at record levels, and now with a just-announced highest unemployment rate in the Nation. New York is dying before our very eyes, and all the Democrat Prosecutors are focused on is how we can get and punish Donald Trump, who many would say has done, over the years, a spectacular job for New York!

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3 thoughts on “Trump accuses New York Attorney General of ‘prosecutorial misconduct’”

  1. I wasn’t going to ever reply again on Sharyl’s this website more so about politics but something occured to me in LAW here in this ? and this article, and in me being a free thinker outside the Box who owns several copyrights in this Country in doing my own thinking, in New Relativity and New energy discoveries in America. ” DID it ever occure to You people in Law in this country that more so in the past 20 or so years, that there has been many people inside Government and outside of government that cannot seem to deterime what standardized past and current law’s are, and what a Supreme courts are for ??? Examples; Nobody in past 20 years in Government politics can decide what crimes have been commited ? If you and your neighbor do some of these things they get charged with a crime, but in the past 20 years if the lines get crossed by some others then nobody gets arrested and than the Law’s in question ??? “Boy try to tell it to the people 20 years ago that got charged arrested for same kinds of things ? Speed Bump ! In my opinion You people are doing this all wrong in past 20 years. Don’t let your idea’s of the law’s be played with or debated. MAKE THE SUPREME courts take up and vote on these action law’s ?. If you let corporation or insider laywers play with these issues it will never get settled, causing trouble for the next 30 years ? P.S. there are hundreds of people in the past 100 years, that had to be committed to a Sanitarium for debating and arguing with thoughts from Right side of brain > arguing with inside Left side of Brain ??? ” Better thoughts from the wise ?

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Mistakes are much more common than the commoners realize during the administration of justice in the USA today. Human nature leads many in a desperate attempt to “prove” that which they thought they saw, or wanted or needed to believe. The problems multiply when the actors go about trying to “prove” something at all costs, that appeared to be so, when in fact, was never there to begin with. Spilled blood, and bloody hands are too frequently the results of actions and failures by those who operate the Criminal Prosecution System in the USA today.

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