(VIDEO) Project Exodus Relief still helping in Afghanistan where U.S. govt. left off

Mike Evans of Project Exodus Relief has surprising inside information on what’s happening in Afghanistan today after the botched U.S. withdrawal. To learn more about Project Exodus Relief or to help, visit: https://blog.proexodusrelief.com.

Watch the video on Rumble at the link below.


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5 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Project Exodus Relief still helping in Afghanistan where U.S. govt. left off”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    [[ copy to paper, for future/predictive reference, then nix it ]]

    How about a strong,
    unfettered, Truth-Telling
    DOSE of Reality, Sharyl ? :

    He is clueless!, along with Beck & Boys – as are most White
    Americans ! – about the ROOT Covert Operation, which he
    serves—via an EMOTIONALISM of a FEEL-Good-Rescue
    plan, to ship Anti-White/Anti-Christian, “kill-unbelievers-
    wherever-you-may-find-them” K O R A N I S T S to America
    ( study the Koran, and learn of how perfectly NON-Peaceful
    that irreligionist thought-system is—and find the above “kill”
    quote in there – among other head-chopping references – to
    subdue (enslave ) the Western world for K O R A N I S M ).

    The Root Covert Operation
    ( been explaining this to so-
    called “conservatives” from
    the 1980s forward—to no
    avail, because . . . ? ) :

    In O R D E R To Make Once-
    White and Once-Safe America
    Look More and More Racially/
    Ethnically Like the U.N.’s
    Governing Body ( btw, see the
    inordinate number White females
    on the arms of men-of-color sit-
    ting in those U.N. chairs ! ).

    “Kabuki Theatre” best describes this APPARENCY fooling
    him – and WHITE Christian Americans – while Underlying
    FACTUALISM exposes Marxists Build-a-Babylon-America
    scheme, using ”asylum-seekers”; i.e., those EVERYONE-
    wants-to-get-into-America war “refugees”, imported by
    way of State Department’s Deep-State-CONTRIVED
    “enemies”—and subsequent False-Flagged, Save-the-
    Homeland, Security-is-Better-than-Freedom-and-Liberty,
    Lock-Down-Christian-Whites, Socialist/Communist, Send-
    White-Christian-Men-into-Battle, Never-Ending Wars
    ( study my report, “Anatomy of a Revolution,” and find all
    of Marxists’ G L O B A L I S T plans explained/proved in
    there ).

    BINGO, Folks !

    That’s the SECRET/Covert Operation !—to destroy WHITEY’s
    Race and Western/Christian Culture; for a borderless, One-
    World, Hellhole ( see ever-growing crime statistics, due
    to importation of people of color—African/Somali/Arab/Latino
    Terrorists-in-the-Making, as that Whitey Trump – et al. – dared
    to stand in the way of White America’s D E S T R U C T I O N,
    by those TREASONOUS/Marxian Criminals in Washington, D.C. ) !

    Notice :

    White faces are rapidly disappearing from
    commercial TV—as if to WARN Mr. Trump
    & Company :

    “Take T H A T, You Bigoted Racists !”

    That is a very strong CLUE for all EMOTERS
    working at shipping the entirety of the Third
    World to here—to make America look just like
    the Third World ( thank atheists in the
    American Communist Lawyers Union; and
    thank those ProgComs / Libertines / Liberals
    driving the White West’s Once-Moral/Once-
    Virtuous “entertainment” industries ).

    Oh!—and NOW, too, let’s get all TEARY-Eyed EMOTIONAL
    about the Millions of war-steeped Ethiopian/Sudanese
    “refugees”—ship them into your Once-White/Once-Safe
    neighborhoods !

    “Stupid” best describes Non-Thinking,
    Emotion-Driven, Save-the-World Whites
    (( ”Borderline Personality Disorder”
    describes those Save-the-Refugee Whites,
    as well; and Cry-on-Air Glenn Beck is the
    MOST dangerous, to Divide-and-Conquer
    White America, for his FEEL-Good Rescue
    Operation—his “Nazarene Fund,” securing
    $30-million-!!! to save just 5,000 Afghani
    “Christians” ???—all hoping for our cradle-
    to-grave welfare goodies, our flushing
    toilets, our sanitation rules, our best-in-
    the-world medicine, our education system,
    and “our” ever-growing number of Ready-
    to-Fill MOSQUES, to accommodate them
    after their certain/inevitable I’m-Really-Only-
    Muslim change of heart / of mind )) !

    Finis ! ?


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