(WATCH) The Story Behind ‘Plandemic’

Mikki Willis, “Plandemic”

How a radical Bernie Sanders supporter came to create one of the most thought-provoking and controversial films of our time.

Mikki Willis tells what motivated him to direct Plandemic, what happened to him after it was released, and what to expect in his upcoming Plandemic 3. More at PlandemicSeries.com

Click the link below to play the video interview.



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3 thoughts on “(WATCH) The Story Behind ‘Plandemic’”

  1. If you haven’t watched these videos you should.
    If you have or had any faith in Fauci you won’t after watching these videos.

  2. This interview with Mikki Willis should be viewed by all Great interview as always from a 5 star journalist Ms Sharyl Attkinson with important information. Thank you

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