(CENSORED) Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Robert Malone: The Video

Remember, when the vaccine industry interests who pull strings with government and Big Tech censor information, you should make it your business to find out about that information. Ask yourself: Who doesn’t want me to learn the information and make up my own mind– and why?

Interviewer Joe Rogan sits down with Dr. Robert Malone and discusses the deadly dangers of the MRNA Vaccines and the censorship of him trying to warn the world about it.

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5 thoughts on “(CENSORED) Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Robert Malone: The Video”

  1. In an article on another site, I read that the CEO of OneAmerica life insurance says in recent months they’ve been seeing a 40% increase in deaths over previous years. If true, that is huge. I looked it up a couple of months ago, and the average annual death rate in the US is about .7-.8% – about 2.5-2.8 million people a year, pre-Covid. An increase of 40% over an entire year would mean more than a million extra deaths!

    The question is, what is causing this increase? Increased murder rates, drug use, auto accidents, and suicide would account for some of it, but probably nowhere near all of it. Is it true that the vaccines are somehow contributing to excess deaths via subtle changes in our body chemistry, as some have claimed? If the CEO’s numbers are correct, that possibility cannot be dismissed out of hand.

      1. This morning a saw a CDC chart comparing overall deaths from (pre-Covid) 2019 to 2020. The overall increase appeared to be in the range of 15-17%. (The chart was broken down by age group and did not include a summary total.)

        In 2021, despite the roll-out of the vaccines, Covid deaths were actually a little higher than they were pre-vaccine. Additionally, deaths from all other causes seem to have jumped at least 20% from pre-Covid levels. This shouldn’t be happening.

        So, WHY is it happening? It seems that our policies aimed at managing the Covid crisis have not only failed to stop the spread of the virus but have contributed to an overall decline in both mental and physical health. It remains to be seen whether subtle morbidities in the vaccines themselves have contributed to this ominous increase in the death rate.

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