Corruption Puerto Rico Style; Covid in States That Didn’t Shut Down; and Exodus From Silicon Valley

It’s been a point of controversy and contention for years: the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico has gotten some of the most U.S. taxpayer money in history for causes like hurricane relief and rebuilding its electric grid.

But it’s also known as one of the most corrupt when it comes to how all that cash is spent.

This week on Full Measure, I’m reporting from Puerto Rico on the special FBI task forces that operate on the island specifically to target all the public corruption.

In fact, to this day the biggest police corruption cases in FBI history— happened in Puerto Rico.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Rafael Riviere with the FBI SWAT Team in Puerto Rico

I’ll explain what makes the U.S. territory so rife with this type of crime, and what’s being done about it. 

Also Sunday, with so much going wrong in our Covid response, we now have the benefit of some hindsight to see what has and hasn’t worked well.

A key question is whether places that have shut down tightly, made all kinds of mandates restrictions when it comes to schools, courts, government, businesses, fared any better health-casualty-wise than places that didn’t do all of that.

Lisa Fletcher will look at the fascinating Oklahoma example.

And Scott Thuman takes us down south to Miami where they seem to be attracting a lot of Silicon Valley types who are tired of high taxes, heavy regulation, and an outrageous cost of living.

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3 thoughts on “Corruption Puerto Rico Style; Covid in States That Didn’t Shut Down; and Exodus From Silicon Valley”

  1. The problem with silicon valley people moving to florida is that they will vote liberal and ruin the state just like the californians did to oregon. The moved here to escape the high cost of living and voted for the same kind of politicians that ruined cali and chased them out.

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