‘Defeat the Mandates’ March in Washington DC tomorrow

Vaccine choice advocates are gathering in Washington D.C. for a march tomorrow entitled, “Defeat the Mandates.”

Although many of those leading the event have been misportrayed in the media and by other vaccine industry advocates as “anti-vaccine,” they generally say they are pro-vaccine choice, and many are vaccinated themselves. They say they believe Covid-19 vaccines and their risks have been widely misrepresented and misreported, and are working to get out scientific views and information that have been censored and suppressed.

Among the speakers:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Children’s Health Defense, noted pro-informed-consent vaccine activist and environmentalist who helped draw early attention to scientific study links between childhood vaccinations and autism, particularly focused on the mercury preservative “thimerosal.” Kennedy has pressed for open scientific information on Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness and risks.

Dr. Robert Malone, vaccine scientist and industry insider, “inventor” of mRNA and DNA vaccines, who is critical of the government, vaccine industry, and medical establishment’s approach and disinformation when it comes to Covid-19 vaccination. Like other scientists and advocates who speak to the issue, he is under attack by media and vaccine industry interests. His interview with podcaster Joe Rogan after he was banned from social media garnered tens of millions of audience listeners and views.

Bret Weinstein, podcaster, theoretical evolutionary biologist, and former professor at Evergreen State College, who has likewise been critical of the establishment’s approach and misinformation about Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccines.

Organizers have also released the following information:

Operation Freedom of Choice, which originated from the fire service throughout Florida and has since expanded nationally and internationally, has joined forces with hundreds of firefighters fighting the mandates in the Washington, DC Area.  OFC has created a PSAhighlighting firefighters from many different Fire Departments and their organization’s unified commitment to freedom of choice.

Organizers have named the effort “An American Homecoming” and stress that those marching are not against the vaccinated.  Many of them are vaccinated, and they are against forced vaccination on Americans. 

One of the doctors’ speaking, Dr. Pierre Kory, shared a promo video for the DC march featuring Dr. Peter McCullough and musicians Hi-Res and Jimmy Levy who are performing at the rally: https://twitter.com/PierreKory/status/1474231579878866950.  Additional performers include Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Joseph Arthur, and Five Times August.

Frustration continues to build as more Americans face growing censorship and risk losing their jobs and being deplatformed on social media for voicing their personal opinions that run counter to the ever-changing “Washington narrative.”  Many feel that the discrimination, from restaurants to hotels to local businesses, is un-American.

 Objective: To End the Covid Mandates

·     No to Vaccine Mandates 

·     No to Vaccine Passports 

·     No to Forcing Covid-19 Vaccination on Children 

·     No to Censorship 

·     Yes, to Informed Consent 

·     Yes, to Natural Immunity 

·     Yes, to doctors and patients making decisions without interference

Vaccine Safety, especially amongst children, has been a serious cause for concern for doctors worldwide and is another driving force behind the march.  In fact, more than 16,000 physicians and medical scientists worldwide signed a declaration publicly declaring that healthy children should not be vaccinated for Covid-19. 

Europe and Australia, and countries worldwide have already participated in a series of large-scale protests drawing hundreds of thousands as part of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom.  January 23 will be the next Worldwide Rally and US organizers believe it is time for America to step up and join them.

The march will begin at the Washington Monument and end at the Lincoln Memorial, where there will be a program of featured speakers, artists, and musicians.  Organizers believe that ultimately, “Defeat the Mandates – an American Homecoming” will help bring about new federal, state, and local policies to eliminate the blatant discrimination and censorship currently taking place. 

The goal is to encourage the public to “do not comply.”  Further details will be released as the date gets closer.


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