(POLL) Biden’s approval rating on economy, national security worse than Trump, Obama

President Joe Biden earned a poor rating on his job with both national security and economic issues.

That’s according to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey

The survey finds that 34% of likely US voters rated Biden “excellent” or “good” for his handling of national security issues. That number is down from 38% in August 2021, when the US was in the midst of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Fifty percent (50%) give Biden a poor rating for his handling of national security, that’s two percentage points worse from the 48% level reported in August.

When it comes to the economy, Biden scores even worse, with 55% of voters giving him a “poor” rating and just 32% of voters giving him an “excellent” or “good” rating for his handling of economic issues.

Biden’s approval rating on economic issues continues to slide based on October 2021 polling when 51% of voters gave him a poor rating on economic issues.

According to Rasmussen Reports, Biden’s overall job approval ratings are now hovering in the low 40s. There is a similar decline in his approval ratings on other issues, like crime and immigration.  

In fact, when Biden’s numbers are compared to the lowest ratings of either of his two immediate predecessors, President Trump and President Obama, Biden’s ratings on the economy and national security are worse. (See Rasmussen data below)

  • Former President Barack Obama’s worst rating on the economy was 51% poor in August 2011 while Obama’s lowest rating on national security was 47% poor in January 2016.

Read full survey results here.

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4 thoughts on “(POLL) Biden’s approval rating on economy, national security worse than Trump, Obama”

  1. Crime and Immigration ARE National Security issues so I would love to have anyone giving Biden a rating of good to explain how so. Anyone giving him an excellent is just an ideologue and should be ignored.
    I could say pretty much the same for the Economy as inflation is soaring and with the Fed ready to boost interest rates, it will be even worse for those seeking to purchase new vehicles or homes. People should be paying off all debt that is not on a fixed interest rate, your credit card debt is about to get more costly..

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