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27 thoughts on “(POLL) Most passed up shopping at places due to retailers’ social activism”

  1. I will not enter a Starbucks, or even buy their Keurig cups in the store. I will not buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I will not buy a T-Mobile smart phone (although it’s hard to think of ANY I would buy). I detest the big communications companies. I’ve stopped giving to the Salvation Army; there are hundreds of alternatives.

    1. Had you lived in the South around 1850, if you could afford them, you would have owned slaves. In that day, most southerners viewed slaves as property. So, now, if you own a car, you would have owned slaves.
      Free blacks owned them, too. Why? It was legal and they could afford them.
      Was is right? Fair? Of course not, but what if someone came from the future to tell you how immoral you are for owning a car? You’d think they were nuts.

      1. Try Patriot Mobile. Solid conservative company. Moved my cell phone service to them last summer and love them!

    2. I cancelled my American Express Platinum Card that I had since 1973 (yeah, the date is right). How can you do business with someone who hates you because of the color of your skin. We stopped buying Coke, Nike and numerous other products. If they don’t want my money, I’m surely not going to force it on them.

      1. I quit my American Express card that I’ve had since 1974 because they promoted relocating of the All Star Game for WOKE reasons.

      2. I quit my American Express card that I’ve had since 1974 because they promoted relocating of the All Star Game for WOKE reasons.

  2. I cancelled my fb page because of what they did to President Trump. I quit shopping at the stores that banned my pillow from their stores.

  3. Definitely chose Tommy John and NO Victoria’s Secret this year.

    Bought Bar Stool golf gear, no Nike.

    Changed my dogs food to Team Dog, veteran owned business.

    I make conscious decisions daily to support or NOT support these companies.

    I’m done with giving my money to companies for them to support the destruction of our country. ??

  4. I preach the idea conservatives shouldn’t be directly funding their own demise, the destruction of their values and ideals. Stay away from Starbucks, Google store and checkout, Nike, all pro sports and the paraphernalia stores/licensees, any bank, vet your credit union, big tech social media (NO Christian organization should be using FB, period), Salvation Army, television viewing/networks/services (Netflix is a pedophilic haven), Coke Cola, Ben & Jerry’s, Proctor and Gamble and their subsidiaries like Gillette, Walmart and Sam’s Club. Unfortunately the list is too lengthy to go on. The bottom line is make the effort to use the short amount of time it takes to save your values and way of life by vetting where you shop and what you buy (who makes it, etc.).

    This said, yes, there are definitely situations where one can’t cut off their nose to spite their face. These situations should be carefully considered and weighted.

  5. Because they decided to play politics I stopped shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond since they won’t carry My Pillow products, closed my Amazon account, and won’t buy anything from them. Never buy Nike products. Stopped shopping at Nordstrom, since they decided to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. There us nothing these stores sell that I can’t buy elsewhere. As a result I found some great companies that I will support as long as they stay neutral.

  6. The new economy from those that build instead of year down.. good job my fellow country men. All glory to God. From Texas with love.

  7. I too have stopped shopping, visiting, patronizing, establishments because of their “wokeness” but, sometimes, it’s just not worth the effort to combat their activism.
    I think, if society became less ‘woke’, then these opportunistic companies would follow suite since, after all, what they’re really concerned with is $$$$$.

  8. As a Republican and conservative I consider the “Wokism” of these national corporations to be hypocritical and “Johnny-come-lately”. . And as someone who opposed the removal of Confederate statues, I’m surprised to find my perspective changing- not as to the corporations who do this primarily for the money, but as to the issue of race. I still believe that rioters and looters need to go to jail. But, I would encourage anyone who considers the issue to be “awake” in this sense. Read “Table 4 Mortality Aboard Slave Ships Landing between 1726 and 1731” in “ Africans in Colonial Louisiana” by Gwendolyn Midlo Hall. Consider what it would be like to be a slave aboard one of those ships and watch fellow slaves die along the way to America. And for those who consider slavery a southern problem, I would suggest reading “Complicity- How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery” written by the staff of the Hartford Courant newspaper. In my view, “being awake“ means getting true information and thinking about it. To learn and think about slavery, what it really was and what it really means for the history of this country is to be “woke”. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater simply because the corporations are hypocrites.

    1. If you feel “you” are responsible for what happened 200 years ago, fine. Especially, if your family tree identifies your genetics involved slavery and you still profit by it.

      Today, our constitution is based on individuals and their actions. One should not get a “pass” based on genetics (race, sex). Promotion to positions should be based on merit.
      I do not want my banker to be unable to understand math.
      I do not want my surgeon to be unable to understand medicine.

      1. I think in those days trans-oceanic travel was very risky, as was life in general, even if you weren’t a slave. On my father’s side, my ancestors emigrated from Germany in the 1870s, after slavery was abolished. I know less about my mother’s side, but her father was a small farmer, part-time Methodist minister in Eastern Washington, of Scotch-Irish stock. I doubt their family had anything to do with slavery.

    2. Yes all should be known, but I think it is well-known and that racial injustice has been drilled into our heads constantly. The result, as you point out, is the gross distortion of “racism” everywhere, as perpetrated by the “woke.” It is the prime moral value of the left along with climate change, at the expense of everything else. There are many other important moral values we need to restore.

  9. Traitor Joe’s. Over the top aggression in the enforcement of……no laws at all.

    Never did and never will use anything of Amazon, FB, Twitter, IG, jootoob, Mossadpedia, Starbucks, Goolag,…..

  10. You now need to start to understand that all big corporations are all owned by Blackrock/Vanguard…If you decide to boycott Coca Cola and buy Pepsi instead it doesn’t matter because they are owned by the same company….McDonalds/KFC/Dominos, Amazon/Google/Apple/Microsoft etc etc….It’s all one company….Until you get that then you are whistling dixie

    1. You have a point. If you want to be 100% consistent about this, you’d probably have to go off-grid and grow your own food, hide your money in the mattress., and communicate with the outer world via smoke signals.

      But I don’t think that’s reason NEVER to apply pressure on these companies. They need to know we exist and are willing to boycott their business. The fact that we might be forced to patronize some other company that’s just as bad doesn’t mean that they themselves won’t suffer.

  11. I no longer shop at Dicks Sporting Goods after they went “woke” after Sandy Hook. I shop at Bass Pro or Cabella’s or local mom and pop stores and gladly pay a few buck more.

    They lost a true loyal customer in me forever. I hope they read this post too!

  12. I do what I can, when I can. I don’t normally make purchases at “big box” stores, and shop local “Mom & Pop’s” when practical. I live in a smaller town where some products that I use I am forced to mail order. It’s not practical to drive over 200 miles round trip to “pick up a few things”. In many cases I’ve learned to conserve, or do without. I try to do my research on just about everything that I consume.

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