(READ) Danish study: Omicron spreads faster than Delta among fully-vaccinated and boosted

The Omicron variant of Covid is able to evade the immunity of vaccinated individuals at a much faster pace than compared to the Delta variant.

That’s according to a Danish study of nearly 12,000 households conducted by researchers from The University of Copenhagen, Statistics Denmark, and Statens Serum Institut.

Not only does Omicron spread faster among those fully vaccinated, but the study also indicates it spreads even faster among those who have received booster shots. Omicron appears to have a strong ability to escape previous immunity; regardless of a natural infection or vaccine-induced protection.

Key findings from Danish researchers:

Comparing households infected with the Omicron to Delta VOC (variant of concern), we found an 1.17 times higher SAR (secondary attack rate) for unvaccinated, 2.61 times higher for fully vaccinated and 3.66 times higher for booster-vaccinated individuals, demonstrating strong evidence of immune evasiveness of the Omicron VOC…

The Omicron VOC has been reported to be three to six times as infectious as previous variants, with a short doubling time, including early estimates from countries with a high vaccination coverage indicating doubling times of 1.8 days (UK), 1.6 days (Denmark), 2.4 days (Scotland) and 2.0 days (United States).

Researchers from University of Copenhagen, Statistics Denmark, and Statens Serum Institut

Omicron is now said to be circulating in almost 90 countries and has reportedly become the dominant variant in the United States. However, scientists say the strain is causing much milder disease and symptoms, and fewer hospitalizations among those infected.

Read full pre-print study here.

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8 thoughts on “(READ) Danish study: Omicron spreads faster than Delta among fully-vaccinated and boosted”

  1. Thanks for this Sharyl. It proves exactly what dissenting virologists like Montagnier and Malone have been saying for many long months–the shots do not end infection, they contribute to infection.

    Fauci, Gates and many others should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  2. If this data is correct and is found to be repeated in other countries, my question is, what does it signify? Is it just dumb luck that the unvaccinated are faring better than the vaccinated in terms of infection rates? Do the unvaccinated have stronger immune systems? If so, why? Do some people resist the vaccines because their life experience has been that they have strong immune systems, and they don’t want to jeopardize their natural immunity by taking vaccines they deem unnecessary? Do the vaccines themselves contribute to transmission or susceptibility? If so, why?

    1. Those are great questions. Just don’t ask to loudly lest you risk being labeled “anti-science” and “conspiracy theorist”. (Sarcasm) I believe in this Socratic method of teaching. By asking these questions, hopefully, inspires thinking outside of the box

  3. I would like a vax vs unvax comparison of actual numbers (infection/total), not how the rates have changed. The rate change is very interesting, don’t get me wrong, but it means little in overall vax effectiveness vs unvaxxed.

  4. OMG, am I the only one here who actually *read* this paper? It states quite clearly that transmission is slowest in boosted people, fastest in unvaccinated. The numbers are comparisons between delta and omicron within the vaccination status. Seriously, read the paper before commenting. You people have misinterpreted its conclusions by 180 degrees, and I’m guessing you did so by just reading this poorly written article instead of actually looking at the source. It is so ironic that this website says ‘Do your own research- think for yourself!’

  5. It appears to me that it says Omicron spreads much faster than the Delta did among the vaccinated (and boosted) than the unvaccinated … that it spreads about the same as Delta did among the unvaccinated.

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