(READ) Republican senators demand answers from top Biden officials on vetting Afghans

Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), Rick Scott (R-Florida), and Josh Hawley (R-Missouri), all members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, have sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Department of State Secretary Antony Blinken demanding information on how the agencies are vetting Afghans and other foreign nationals brought to the U.S. since the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in August.

The letter comes after Secretary Blinken admitted in a Senate committee hearing that “most of [the evacuees] were not” vetted prior to leaving Karzai airport in Aghanistan’s capital of Kabul.

The letter from the Republican senators states,

“We understand that more than 120,000 individuals were airlifted out of Afghanistan. Of that number, the U.S. reportedly evacuated around 80,000 people and of those, 5,500 were Americans and over 73,000 were Afghans or other foreign nationals. Some of those Afghan nationals are currently housed in military installations in the U.S. We write today to request information about how your agencies are vetting/screening these individuals.”

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson,Rick Scott, and Josh Hawley

Full text of letter can be read here

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2 thoughts on “(READ) Republican senators demand answers from top Biden officials on vetting Afghans”

  1. Is there a point to this investigation which I consider to be an exercise in futility?
    If something can be done, do the powers that be have the guts to take action?

    As I understand the law, the lot of them can be members of any Islamic terr groups, but unless they actually committed terrorist acts, they are welcome to stay. Someone can snap their fingers and turn them into Dreamers. They could teach them to sing the Mexican National Anthem and turn them into Hispanics and and then they can claim to be the diversity we need to maintain America’s strength. Remember, ” Our Strength Is Our Diversity”? Or is it the other way around?
    When they are settled in, how many ‘close relatives’ will they bring in under the chain migration travesty?

    Since the anti-American Leftists are still using the default number of Illegal Aliens as being 11 million, the same number has been used since the mid 1990s; how many Afghans were actually brought into the US. I believe we about 40 million Illegal Aliens in this US today. The numbers used in my final paragraph are a bit vague, jumbled or whatever. But then I am not sure if there is even a name for the type of math used by the US Government for determining the number of Illegal Aliens in the US or our total budget.

    In the poll I voted in, I may need to down grade my estimate of “somewhat pessimistic”.

  2. Demand? Hasn’t that word become obsolete in D.C.? – unless it’s applied to We the People, that is.

    They won’t get any answers and there won’t be any consequences.

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