(READ) Republicans seek info on Biden administration anti-terrorism effort aimed at parents of school kids

The following is from the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Republicans on Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), have expanded their ongoing probe into the federal government’s policing of school board meetings to include the Department of Education. 

The broadening inquiry follows revelations of emails between National School Board Association (NSBA) officials that suggest a controversial association letter to President Biden was initiated by Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. 

The NSBA’s September 29, 2021, letter to Biden called on the government to consider using the PATRIOT Act and other anti-terrorism authorities against concerned parents at school board meetings.

Days later, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo mobilizing federal law enforcement to track parents who express opposition at school board meetings. Though the NSBA has since disavowed the letter, the Department’s guidance remains unchanged. 

The recently released emails suggest the NSBA’s letter was prompted by a request from Secretary Cardona.

In separate letters to the respective agencies, the committee lawmakers are seeking details on any coordination between and within the Education Department and Justice Department regarding the NSBA letter and other efforts to crack down on dissent among parents at school board meetings. 

Read letters to the Justice Department and Education Department

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2 thoughts on “(READ) Republicans seek info on Biden administration anti-terrorism effort aimed at parents of school kids”

  1. Yesterday, another site (PJ Media) had a couple of clips from Searcy’s January 6th documentary. The clips were of two people who had attended the rally and who described early-morning FBI raids on their homes weeks after January 6th.

    The nature of their alleged crimes was not made clear, but I doubt either of these people (one is a woman) were fighting with police, breaking windows, or sitting in Pelosi’s chair. More likely, they were among the several hundred people who walked into the Capitol when DC police opened the doors and waved them in. But maybe not even that; maybe they were just among the crowd in the general vicinity of the Capitol who had unwittingly entered a restricted area after Ray Epps (not as yet charged) and his buddies had removed the fencing and the warning signs. Whatever they did, it never entered their imagination that they would be subjected to a pre-dawn raid by a federal SWAT team.

    But the raids began with loud banging on doors, shouts, and up to a dozen heavily armed agents bursting in the door and pointing military-style weapons in their faces. The man in the video was home with his young daughter, who was sleeping at the time (his wife was at work). His security camera captured video of an armored military-style vehicle that was used during the raid. Both individuals said that the FBI had made no attempt to contact them through normal channels such as a telephone call, a summons, or a polite knock on the door during daytime hours. They were treated like heavily armed terrorists or drug lords. You almost had the impression that the FBI intended to frighten them into some panicked reaction that might have been met with lethal force.

    The FBI has become – or at least behaves like – a domestic terrorist organization in its own right. Its behavior sickens all patriotic Americans who remain loyal to the Constitution and rule of law. If the Republicans take control of Congress in November,, they should pursue criminal charges against Merrick Garland and his gang of thugs.

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