(READ) Thousands of votes cast by foreigners in Texas 2020 presidential election, audit finds

The following is a news analysis

Despite large numbers of voting irregularities and potential illegalities, such as more than 11,000 non-citizens as being registered to vote in several Texas counties, the mantra seems to be the same. Rather than outrage at the unacceptable level of voting problems, the common response seems to be “it wasn’t enough to make a difference.”

The notion that voting irregularities matter little unless somebody deems them to “be enough to make a difference” is a narrative born out of the massive irregularities reported during the 2020 presidential election.

Initially, Trump opponents denied there was anything at all amiss. Trump led election day by a large margin only to have big leads slip into losses in key areas that reported abnormalities such as: observers kept away from making legal observations of the process; false claims of a flood at a precinct in Georgia that sent Republican observers home while Democrats continued to count in their absence; delivery of massive numbers of ballots outside the legal chain-of-custody requirement; questioned signatures and counts; reports of illegal cross-state ballot transport; incorrect results, such as Biden falsely reported as the winner in a strong Republican county. (The count was only fixed after two recounts; Trump votes had been credited to Biden.)

But as more evidence of voting issues turned up, Trump opponents changed their argument to say that irregularities and fraud may have occurred, but were not widespread. This, despite the fact that there had not been any through, independent investigations at the time. It was akin to declaring the Covid-19 “lab theory” to be “debunked” well before any investigation was even done on the matter. Likewise it was unexplained as to why numerous federal officials declared, prior to any investigation, that there had been no fraud.

As more investigations were done and did turn up large numbers of voting irregularities and illegalities, the mantra became “it wasn’t enough to have a made a difference in the outcome of the election.”

Again, there has been no broad, independent investigation to determine that to date.

The following is an excerpt from The Epoch Times.

Voting irregularities—including potentially thousands of votes cast by non-citizens and the dead—were reported during the first phase of the Texas Secretary of State’s forensic audit of the 2020 general election, but critics deemed it more of a risk-limiting audit at this point.

The Texas Secretary of State’s office released its findings on Dec. 31, but the issues found are not enough to significantly impact 2020 election results of the four counties involved in the audit—Collin, Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant counties—which account for about 10 million people, or a third of the Texas population.

“Generally speaking, nothing was found on such a large scale that could have altered any election,” said Sam Taylor, assistant secretary of state for communications, in an interview with The Epoch Times.

Findings include:

  • Statewide, a total of 11,737 potential non-U.S. citizens were identified as being registered to vote. Of these, 327 records were identified in Collin County, 1,385 in Dallas County, 3,063 in Harris County, and 708 in Tarrant County. So far, Dallas County has canceled 1,193 of these records, with Tarrant County canceling one. Neither Collin nor Harris have canceled any potential non-voting records.
  • Since November 2020, 224,585 deceased voters have been removed from the voter rolls in Texas. Collin County removed 4,889 deceased voters, Dallas County removed 14,926 deceased voters, Harris County removed 23,914 deceased voters, and Tarrant County removed 13,955 deceased voters.

Read more at The Epoch Times. Subscription may be required.

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13 thoughts on “(READ) Thousands of votes cast by foreigners in Texas 2020 presidential election, audit finds”

  1. Federalizing voting means nothing will ever be fair again. The side that cheats the best will win. We will be the laughing stock of the world. Again, Democrat leaders are 100% wrong and useful idiots of the CCP.

    1. so true, the illegals are only being let in to turn them into DEMS. Cheating is now a way of election life, hopefully the GOP can figure this out, if not, goodbye GOP!!!

  2. Those votes may not have changed the presidential elector, but they most definitely could have changed the outcome of city and county elections. As a Texan, this most certainly makes a difference to me, especially since Texas was targeted to turn blue by Democrats.

  3. I am researching the $500,000 CTCL Grant money given to my home town. Their normal annual budget for the Clerk’s Office is $1.5 million. Our elected officials seem very proud of their accomplishments during the 2020 Presidential Election. I trust they will be willing to share all their activities with us.

  4. In Iowa, we had one congressional seat decided by a margin of six votes. The tiniest level of fraud could have swung that one way or the other. There is no acceptable level of voter fraud or election fraud. None. Zero tolerance. We must find ALL the holes and plug them.

  5. I will frame my answer around the events of January 6, 2020.
    For some reason, the people who benefited from the results of Jan 6, are the same ones who did not want the voter rolls purged of the dead, or those who have not voted in the last half dozen elections, or those are not US citizens and the list goes on.

    Only the Democrats, Biden, benefited from the events of Jan 6. There was a problem, a problem that no one has wanted to address. What would have happened if the Republicans who claimed they would vote not to certify the results?
    I do not recall the last time a Republican protest turned violent. Violence emanates from the Left and only the Left.
    I do not believe the Democrats would leave to chance the remote possibility that the Republicans would riot for the first time in anyone’s living memory. There was violence, the vote was delayed, about 100 Republicans changed their minds and voted to certify.
    President Biden was Invented.

  6. We need to ensure that our next Presidential election is properly done, and without fraud, or we may see riots, and for good reason.

    1. election integrity is a big issue and you might consider volunteering as a precinct member. if our goal is to have our state legislators pass election reform laws requiring all counties to stop using any kind of imaging machines for counting votes and, instead, return us to the “gold standard” of counting votes: hand-counting at the polling locations before the paper ballots are allowed to leave the premises and making voting by mail the exception and not the rule this is what every conservative needs to do: the first step in taking back our government and electing better people is by taking back the Republican Party from those running it now. And that means that anyone could become a member of the precinct committee for your voting precinct. The bottom line is that you want to become a voting member of your local or county committee, and it is not difficult to do so. Find more here
      pls share.

  7. There is so much terribly misleading information in this article that it’s hard to know where to begin my comments. But let’s start with this: this article claims that “there has been no broad, independent investigation to determine that” (“that” referring to the claim that there were insufficient irregularities found to have affected the election outcome). While it’s not possible to “prove” this not to be true, this statement comes awfully close to being simply wrong. There have been multiple deep dives and audits and hand recounts in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, all of which concluded that the election was free and fair. How these facts could be ignored by such a statement as “no broad, independent investigation” seems like willful disregard of the basic facts. Perhaps it’s the word “independent” that sticks in SA’s craw. After all, they weren’t really independent. They were led by Republicans.
    But maybe I should have started with this: the article claims that “voting irregularities – including potentially thousands of votes cast by non-citizens and the dead” were reported. But that’s not what the headline says. There’s no “potentially” there.
    There is a claim that “Trump opponents” (would that also include those Republicans who conducted the above-mentioned audits and who also publicly stated that they had voted for Trump?) changed their tune from “no fraud” to “no fraud sufficient to change the election outcome”. There is a grain of truth to this. And it’s because Trump supporters latched on to the fact that there were a small number of fraudulent votes (there have been a few documented cases of voters voting for dead relatives, for example – although at least half of them voted for Trump) in an attempt to discredit the “no fraud” story. I originally thought that no one would really believe that “no fraud” literally meant zero fraud. But I was wrong. Trump supporters insisted on a literal rendering of that statement so the narrative had to be changed to be more literally correct. It wasn’t caused by shifting beliefs; it was caused by a ridiculous interpretation. I highly doubt anyone (and NO ONE should have) claimed that there was NO fraud in the election. In an election involving fifty states and hundreds of millions of votes, there is always going to be some fraud.
    And when we speak of shifting beliefs, why isn’t there some story regarding the fact that Trump supporters have changed their tune(s) many times? First it was Dominion, then it was dead people voting, then it was ballots flown in from Korea, then it was fake ballots being delivered in the dead of night, then it was votes being counted overseas, then it was more absentee ballots returned in Pennsylvania than were mailed out, then it was more people voting in Detroit than were registered, then it was lax signature matching in Georgia, then it was some nonsensical mathematical claim that Biden couldn’t have won – literally every time someone dreamt something up, Trump supporters flocked to it like to water in the desert. But instead of this, we must read about the change from “no fraud” to “no significant fraud” because that’s what’s really important.
    And consider this: the main complaint in this article is that claims of voter fraud are not being taken seriously because they haven’t been of sufficient magnitude to affect the outcome. But that would mean that given that the voter fraud claims are insufficient to change the outcome, Biden must have legitimately won. So if that’s the case, why haven’t we ever seen a straightforward statement to that effect in this newsletter?
    This article contains a litany of irregularities without the obvious explanation that some strange things are going to occur in every election. I would bet that if previous Presidential elections were subjected to the same level of scrutiny as the 2020 one was, we would find lots of anomalous events. But the reason that we didn’t hear about them in past elections is because members of the losing party didn’t act like children and simply accepted the results (even if, for example, Trump got many, many more votes than he was expected to get in both 2016 and 2020).
    And some of the charges, such as the Republican observers being sent home, have already been investigated and debunked. But you wouldn’t know that from this article. And the observer issue seems like a dead letter anyway given that the observation was regarding counting votes and Georgia did a complete hand recount that verified the results.
    I originally assumed that the “Trump votes incorrectly credited to Biden” claim was from Antrim County, Michigan. But that wasn’t corrected “after two recounts” – it was corrected the next day. And it was investigated and found to be the result of human error and not the result of some nefarious plot (here is a direct quote from the official report investigating the incident: “There is also no credible evidence that it was caused deliberately.”). So if it wasn’t Antrim County, where was it? And if it was Antrim County, this is way beyond misleading.
    What is the purpose of reciting the list of deceased people removed from the voter rolls in various Texas counties? This seems like one of those “I’m just sayin” statements designed to make us think that there must have been something nefarious going on without actually saying it. Well, I’d like to know specifically what is being claimed. And, by the way, Trump won Texas (or did he REALLY win?) by 631,000 votes. If you add up all of the numbers in this article, it doesn’t approach 631,000.
    And, of course, we have been treated to a periodic, but long-lasting, litany of allegations of voter fraud in this newsletter. Yet we have never seen one article detailing how these allegations have panned out. So we have never read about the results of the Michigan deep dive, the Georgia recounts, the Arizona audits, and the Wisconsin recount all of which concluded that Biden was the legitimate winner. How that could be considered in the interest of a nonpartisan treatment of this issue puzzles me. But then the question answers itself.
    Now the argument that we should investigate credible charges of voter fraud sounds reasonable. I doubt anyone would disagree. But there’s three other aspects to be considered. The first is that many of these charges have been investigated and found to be baseless. The second is that it’s clear that these are bad-faith arguments. No one approached this issue with an open mind. The mindset of Trump supporters was/is that “we KNOW there was fraud and we’re going to keep digging until we find it”. That makes these claims highly suspect. The last aspect is that this is a never-ending story. As illustrated above, we have been subjected to tons of fraud claims. And if the ones mentioned in this newsletter are investigated and found to be baseless, we will be subjected to tons more.
    And they will all find a comfortable home in this newsletter.
    I can’t explain the reasons behind the one-sidedness of this article. All I know is that it is.
    And another thing that I know is that Republicans in several states have used these unsubstantiated, bad-faith claims to enact many bad-faith voting laws. Many of these are clearly targeted at suppressing voting by low-income individuals (which are frequently minorities). But the worst ones are those that allow some state legislatures to simply declare the election null and void and to have the final say in appointing the electors. And all in service of a story for which zero supporting evidence has been produced.
    But Trump supporters don’t care about this assault on our democracy. And Trump certainly doesn’t care. All that matters to him is that his precious ego is protected by pretending that the repudiation of him by the voting public couldn’t have been real.
    If this sounds harsh, then so be it. I’m tired of hearing unsubstantiated stories of voter fraud. I’m tired of asking for evidence or even a plausible story and receiving nothing. I’m tired of hearing how the claims of voter fraud aren’t being given their due when there have been dozens of investigations. I’m tired of seeing polls showing that 70% of Republicans believe that the election was stolen. I’m tired of seeing Trump issue statements full of bombast about the “crime of the century” with nothing to back it up. And I’m tired of thinking about the damage being done to this country by these unfounded beliefs.

      1. I would really like to respond, but, honestly, I can’t tell what your point is. I am not the one “telling unsubstantiated stories of voter fraud”. I am merely pointing out how unsubstantiated those stories that others are telling are (and pointing out how these speculative stories are given so much more prominence in this newsletter than the fact-based explanations debunking them).
        But I can tell you when I will tire of HEARING unsubstantiated stories of voter fraud. But my answer involves a change of tense as I passed that point long ago.

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