Slavery Reparations; Getting Old in Congress; Illegal Immigrant Stash Houses

There is a significant movement pressing for payments to descendants of American slaves.

But it’s a movement that’s dividing civil rights activists.

On one side, advocates say whites today must pay for the sins of their ancestors.

Slave Descendent Mélisande Short-Colomb, who is pro-Reparations

On the other, advocates say that’s a distraction from problems in the black community that only black Americans can fix.

Civil Rights Activist Robert Woodson, who is anti-Reparations

Sunday on Full Measure, we investigate the movement for reparations for slavery, and hear from both sides of the contentious issue.

Jesuit Priest Timothy Kesicki, whose organization is paying Reparations

We’ll also have an eye-opening look at the increasing age of some of our top American politicians, who are in key positions decades after what is considered a normal retirement age.

And we’re off to the southern border to speak with Sheriff Martin Cuellar of Webb County, Texas about the increasing raids of illegal immigrant stash houses along the Southern border.

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8 thoughts on “Slavery Reparations; Getting Old in Congress; Illegal Immigrant Stash Houses”

  1. Raymond Frances Cardinal

    My grandmother and farther did not arrive in the USA until 1893 and many other Americans grandmothers and fathers were fom other countries and came even latter.
    So why would we pay for the Blacks.

    1. The corporations that are still around today that profited from slavery, like the tobacco industry, banks and certain families in the UK including the royal family should all be sued in international courts. American tax payers should never ever have to pay for this disgusting sin that happened all over the world. But instead of going after the billionaires they want us little guys to pay and suffer. If blacks take it to the big guys I will support them 100% if they plan on taxing us through congress I will fight it. Especailly since they already take jobs from qualified people just based on race alone.

      1. Just out of curiosity, where do you think the money the tobacco and banking industries will get the money to pay the “reparations” to people who were never slaves?

        Yeah, the customers

    2. …because there wouldn’t have been any country for you to arrive in. The people who stole the land from the Natives of Turtle Island didn’t work! That may be a good place to start.

    3. AMEN! Most Americans living today are descendants of people who were living in foreign counties at the time of the Civil War. Why should they have to pay reparations. They were not even here during slavery

      I have an older retired friend who had three great uncles killed in the Civil War (as soldiers for the North) to free the slaves. Raise your hand if you think he should have to pay reparations.

    4. I agree. But I also think that instead of people always looking for a handout, trying to get some one to give them something because they are too lazy to work, get a life. Don’t try and correct something that happened 100’s of years ago. Go to school, get a job, make the best of what God gave you. Quit whining and crying. The US government bout Liberia in Africa and when slavery ended they were allowed to go back, they were given a place with transportation to go back to Africa. Some did. Most did not want to go back to live in poverty and snakes, spiders, lions, tigers, starvation and disease. They chose to stay here. Now, over 100 years later the ggggrand children of these people want to get something for nothing. It has gotten old. People get tired of fighting about something they had nothing to do with. My family was brought here and I am glad we were. Be thankful for what you have and quit trying to COVET your neighbors constantly.

  2. Hasn’t the taxpayers of the U.S. already paid enough in “reparations” through decades of welfare and the Great Society scheme?

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