(WATCH, READ) Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dr. Robert Malone

The following is a news analysis.

As the propagandists seek to narrow the universe of information, facts, studies and opinions available to the public, their censorship efforts touch more and more people.

An organized effort to controversialize and discredit Dr. Robert Malone, who speaks against various government policies on Covid-19 and vaccines, has extended to popular podcaster Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan’s podcast with Malone has been pulled off of YouTube, fake “fact-checked” by the usual suspects, and targeted by some of the same establishment scientists who falsely claimed the lab-origin-theory of Covid had been “debunked.”

Part of the reason they are so concerned about Rogan’s podcast with Malone is because so many millions of people listened to it and watched it. In essence, it was a very distinct backfiring of the strategy used against Malone, who was banned from Twitter shortly before.

That’s typically a signal that you should listen, pay attention, and make up your own mind.

So here’s the full Rogan interview with Malone:


Here’s a written transcript of the interview:


Here is one video clip of the interview:


More on Joe Rogan here.

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