(WATCH) Senate panel features ‘second opinions’ on Covid 19 treatment

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) held a scientific panel discussion of medical experts to bring to light facts, views and studies that are often suppressed by public health officials and media advancing only particular narratives.

Some excerpts follow:

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4 thoughts on “(WATCH) Senate panel features ‘second opinions’ on Covid 19 treatment”

  1. Thank you for your reporting on hot topics. You are one of the only reporters to take them on. People deserve to know both sides of the story, so they can decide for themselves, and not have to swallow whatever they are told.

  2. Vaccine no. Shots to kill,shots to injure and shots to control. Shots that monitor you 24/7. Lipid nano particulates? Since when can we play God? Rothschild applied for a patent in 2016 for a chip that read bio metrics so it can be inserted in vaccinated humans. This was planned. This is depopulation rolled out on a grand scale. With enough boosters the control will reach emotions with the aide of 5 G. You will own nothing and you will be happy. Because we can make you feel happy. Nerds suddenly become the new bullies.. When society designs your life to eliminate free will like it was a choice to go paperless lines are crossed. The natural is supposed to be and remain natural.

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