Russia; 5G Safety Concerns; First Fired by Biden

The Russia-Ukraine conflict stands to have a major impact here in the United States.

Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll explain what’s really going on, and why the crisis may end up hurting your bottom line in a big way.

Also, 5G technology promises us use of our mobile phones and other electronic devices in a way that’s faster and better than ever.

But there are persistent health and safety concerns surrounding the new technology.

Scott Thuman looks at a close call when it comes to the airlines on the eve of deployment of key 5G towers near airports.

Scott will explain why, to this day, those 5G towers haven’t yet been activated.

Also, I’ll interview the first Trump appointee fired under the Biden administration: Michael Pack.

Pack headed the little-known U.S. Agency for Global Media– and got the call that said he was out of a job just minutes after Biden was inaugurated.

Documentarian Michael Pack

What made Pack such a priority– and target?

His critics blame him for tearing apart the media agency that includes Voice of America. But we’ll have the largely untold other side of the story.

See you Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “Russia; 5G Safety Concerns; First Fired by Biden”

  1. I performed work in EMI/RFI for instrumentation used in nuclear power plants. I understand , well, the concerns with 5G and air traffic. It should be noted that 5G is a technology and incorporate several frequency bands. There is a remote chance that some of the 5G frequencies used in the US could potentially interfere with the altitude instruments on aircraft. We were in a similar situation in that we had to make certain the navigational radar of US submarines did not interfere with the instruments at Millstone nuclear plant. fortunately our instruments were robust enough that no modifications were needed. The Airlines have to do the same thing. They need more time. In the end it comes down to which is more important: airline safety or downloading movies while at the airport.

  2. Look forward to the interview!
    I have read a lot about 5g and our health over the past few years. Most suggest it is not good. The question we should all be asking is “How fast is fast enough”?:).

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