After Hours: Paging Dr. Dye on Covid (PODCAST)

Dr. John Dye provides clarity amidst the Covid confusion and misinformation. He’s a top virologist for the military at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) where important biodefense work is performed. 

Here’s what we discuss:

Misinformation and where public health officials have been wrong.

Covid vaccines wearing off.

Why some were surprised by variants.

How the viruses work.

Natural immunity.

Herd immunity.

New vaccines and therapeutics.

Monoclonal antibodies.

Covid spread and kids.

Covid spread and pets.

Covid and flu at the same time.

Skipping vaccination.

Why did we wipe our groceries?

What’s next?

Listen to podcast here

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6 thoughts on “After Hours: Paging Dr. Dye on Covid (PODCAST)”

  1. Why did you all not discuss health as in eating healthy, exercise, fresh air? Was it because you didn’t ask or were those questions not allowed? His therapeutics only included things that were being made now, not medications or vitamins already available. I get frustrated with the disconnect. Why one and not the other? Why can’t it be both? It makes people think they have no control over what happens to them without a vaccine. There are things you can do to help yourself.

  2. The elephant in the conversation/room, of course, is that the vaccines are causing injuries and death in many people, and that we have other therapeutics, and have had them since the beginning.

  3. Some questions I would have asked him if I had the chance:

    1. Should doctors be able to prescribe medications off label to treat COVID?
    2. If inexpensive drugs with a long record of safety are shown to mitigate symptoms and keep people out of the hospital, why do we need a vaccine?
    3. Are vaccines advised for children who are at statistically at zero risk from COVID?
    4. What safety studies have been done assessing the risk of repeated boosters of mRNA vaccines? Could there be a cumulative harmful effect?

    Dr. Dye, though knowledgeable about the vaccines, seems to be a proponent of expensive pharmaceutical products with no long term safety data. . He is not someone I would listen to. I have no desire to get on a merry-go-round of constant boosters.

  4. I believe that Dr. Dye implied that at least one vaccine was approved by FDA. Unless I am mistaken, I thought that NO vaccine used in the United States was FDA approved. There is one that is approved for use OUTSIDE of USA.

  5. Whenever I hear someone speak on the subject of Covid I try to decide if the person is trustworthy. The fact that he’s on with Sharyl is a positive. But I found Dr. Dye in some cases to be careful not to tread on the wrong toes. His defense of lockdowns I thought was indefensible. The fact that adverse events post vaccine wasn’t mentioned made me wonder why. I have to admit, I’m very distrustful of anyone I don’t know speaking on this subject, especially from within government and especially in our military.

  6. I agree that Dr. Dye tiptoeing around lockdowns was weak. Pre-covid the only lockdowns were in prisons. Ask him about the 900,000+ infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists that have signed the Barrington Declaration who disagree with him.

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