(FORUM) It’s not just Afghanistan; US also showed weakness with China’s Covid stonewalling

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As our adversaries watch the US and– analysts say– sense weakness in the aftermath of the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan, one elephant in the room is little discussed: China and Covid.

China refused to cooperate with the US and the world when it came to the most damaging pandemic in most of our lifetimes.

Even though we had partnered with and funded Communist Chinese research, scientists, and the Wuhan lab in question, China refused to allow the rest of the world to conduct even a remedial investigation of the Covid outbreak origins by inspecting the lab or turning over key information. This meant any early hope we had of understanding what had happened, for possible treatment purposes, evaporated.

As the injury and death toll mounted, the US took no public steps to hold China accountable or ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

I can’t find a mention in a news search that we even took the basic step of suspending all US taxpayer-funded research partnerships with the Communist Chinese.

Nobody in the US was held accountable for forging the questionable and questioned scientific partnerships to begin with. There was no comprehensive investigation into Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health serving as a key adviser on Covid matters without publicly disclosing that he had played an integral role in the controversial Chinese scientific partnerships, particularly when it came to the very sensitive and risky research in question, and scientists from the Wuhan lab.

And when the Olympics came this year, it was almost as if Covid had never happened as far as Chinese culpability was concerned. The US and other countries wrung their hands over China’s unrelated human rights abuses but never even scolded them for failure to cooperate on, or possibly causing, the pandemic.

The weakness sensed after Afghanistan was only compounding the weakness and lack of resolve the US and world have displayed when it comes to the most significant, costly, and impactful health event of our time.

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4 thoughts on “(FORUM) It’s not just Afghanistan; US also showed weakness with China’s Covid stonewalling”

  1. Weakness in Afghanistan, China Covid, Russia. He is succeeding in his SOUTHERN BORDER OPEN
    POLICY. Over 2 milloin illegals and 1 million “gotaways” came in his first year in office. Came from over 140 countries, criminals, terrorists, drugs like never before. Who cares about America!

    How many 9/11 terrorists acts will be coming our ways?
    How much more crime will be coming our ways?
    How much more drugs to kill our kids?

    Clearly Biden, Obama, Democrats, MSM, Social Media companies all love America.

  2. Biden seems to be afraid of China, Putin, and AOC, but not of destroying his own party or the country’s economy and freedom. The French say “cherchez la femme” (look for the woman), meaning that a mystery can be resolved by identifying a female love interest. In the U.S., it’s “follow the money.”

  3. This government is so corrupt they are all getting paid by big Pharma china etc. its disgusting!!! While the american taxpayer is getting screw they are all getting more and more wealthy…..hurry up amd pay your taxes slaves!!

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