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3 thoughts on “Full Measure After Hours: 5G Whiz and Safety Concerns (PODCAST)”

  1. After watching the 5G story we were very disappointed in the second-rate story you aired. To start, we were told nothing we didn’t already know. Pro airlines say 5G bad, pro 5G people say 5G good.
    Why wasn’t the reason for the extreme cost, for incorporating 5G, discussed. Several times the viewers were shown the old 3 & 4G towers; not once did we see a 5G “tower”. 5G “towers” are much more local, they have to be placed much closer to each other, and the users of 5G.

    We are aware cell phones, 3 & 4G, need to be kept away from the user’s head, and even though the 5G spokesguy claimed it safe; many reports say it is not so safe. That’s the 5G story and you missed it completely.

    Many people consider you to be a voice of fresh air as opposed to the MSM, yet it’s stories like this that are a disservice to your viewer, whether they realize it or not.

    1. Robert, do you have a conflict of interest that you have not disclosed such as working in the Telecommunications industry?

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