(POLL) Majority agree Clinton campaign ‘spying’ is a scandal larger than Watergate

A majority of voters say:

Special Counsel John Durham’s accusations against Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign are very important

They agree with former President Donald Trump that it’s a scandal worse than Watergate

Those involved should be prosecuted.

  • Sixty-five percent (65%) of voters “agree” with the statement from Trump about the scandal being bigger than Watergate, including 48% who “strongly agree.”
  • Twenty-eight percent (28%) “disagree” with the Trump statement, including 21% who “strongly disagree.”

That’s according to latest national Rasmussen Reports poll.

In a recent court filing, Durham alleged that Clinton’s campaign paid an Internet company to “infiltrate” computer servers at Trump Tower and the White House in order to link Trump to Russia.

  • Sixty-eight percent(68%) of voters believe this accusation “is important,” including 50% who think it’s “very important.”
  • Twenty-seven percent (27%) “don’t think Durham’s allegation is important,” including 16% who say it’s “not at all important.”

The Internet company that Durham alleges was paid by Clinton’s campaign to “infiltrate” Trump’s servers was reportedly later hired by Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign.

  • Sixty-eight percent (68%) of voters think this accusation “is important,” including 52% who believe the alleged connection to Biden’s campaign is “very important.”
  • Twenty-six percent (26%) “don’t think it is important,” including 16% who say the alleged connection to Biden’s campaign is “not at all important.”

The survey also found that 53% say the media isn’t doing enough to cover the accusations against the Clinton campaign; while 30% of voters believe the news media is doing enough to cover the accusations.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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5 thoughts on “(POLL) Majority agree Clinton campaign ‘spying’ is a scandal larger than Watergate”

  1. I would also say that hillary using the DNC, Perkins Coie and the DOJ to “validate” the Steele Dossier was just as big if not a bigger move that deserves complete exposure to the world and prosecution of those involved. That it isn’t being exposed and that hillary and those involved have not been prosecuted tells me that this country is being run by a group of people not subject to the legal voters of this country or our Constitution.

  2. Agreed! This IS a BIG DEAL and further signifies the presence of a deep state that buries facts and events that are detrimental to those of the liberal, democrat socialist beliefs.

  3. Despite the provocative depiction of Americans as divided by Left/Right, Red/Blue, Liberal/Conservative points of view–the one detail the mainstream media seems to deliberately avoid is the nagging fact that the DC Government has the alliance of a media filtering network. An un-free press and corrupted representatives continue to sweep corruption and lies under the rug as if this is normal. The usual gaslighting-switch&bait ruse is more transparent today than ever before, and therefore the Durham allegations are indeed a bigger story than Watergate burglars during a more naive time. To ignore the many-layered tainted legacy of the Clintons and their foundation and the affiliations with the CFR/Bilderberg alliance is to ignore the truth and negate common sense. The idea of ‘Strange bedfellows’ isn’t even noteworthy considering the scale of money laundering and crimes that many journalist detectives have unearthed. Gary Webb comes to mind. Bless his righteous soul!

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