(POLL) Nearly 6 in 10 Americans are not happy with US immigration levels

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Americans are dissatisfied with the level of immigration into the U.S. today, while 34% are satisfied. That marks an eight-percentage-point increase in dissatisfaction since last year.

This data was collected in from Gallup’s Jan. 3-16 “Mood of the Nation” poll, which has tracked this immigration measure since 2001, excluding 2009-2011.

Among the 58% dissatisfied:

  • 35% of all Americans who prefer that immigration be decreased
  • 9% prefer an increase in immigration
  • 14% prefer levels to be kept the same

Last year, the dissatisfied were almost equally likely to favor an increase, as a decrease in immigration levels.

Now the predominant view among the dissatisfied is for less immigration.

The proportion who want less immigration has nearly doubled from 19% in 2021 and is above where it was in 2019 (23%) and 2020 (25%).

Gallup Mood of the Nation – Jan. 3-16

President Joe Biden, who reversed some of former President Donald Trump’s measures limiting immigration into the U.S. has failed to get any significant immigration reform legislation passed through Congress.

Biden has also drawn criticism from both political parties for his border policy. His approval ratings for handling immigration have been more negative than positive, with declining approval from Democrats.

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6 thoughts on “(POLL) Nearly 6 in 10 Americans are not happy with US immigration levels”

  1. Hopefully those are not accurate poll numbers. There must be no less than 95% of citizens that are not satisfied with the open borders policy of Biden. Last year over 2 million Illegals were apprehended and maybe as much as 1 million got a ways came in! They came from over 140 countries, terrorists, criminals, records of drugs etc. It is a national security crisis.

    > When will the next 9/11 happen? Unfortunately it will happen!
    > How many other terrorists acts will occur?
    >How much more crime will increase?
    > How many kids have to die from fentanyl and other drugs pouring through our southern border??
    > How many women and kids have to die or be abused trying to cross?

    1. Polls of this type do not account for the fact that the border crisis is probably both under-reported and glossed-over in much of the mainstream media. Many people are shielded from the images of our out-of-control border situation that viewers of Fox will see on a regular basis.

  2. Immigration was Weaponized by Reform with the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. By weaponized, I mean Immigration became a weapon to destroy America and it is working. Since then Reform became the code word in allow more people into the US in order to hasten our demise. Also in 1965, but not part of the weatherization but a parallel & concurrent danger was created with the hairball idea of Anchor Babies or Birthright Citizenship by the perversion of the 14th Amendment.

    Chain migration, grants every Amnestied Illegal Alien of any legal immigrant the right to bring an unlimited number of close relatives into the United States which is about 8 individuals per grantee. We had about 40 million Illegal Aliens in the US at the time Biden became president. Do the math.

  3. Assuming that the numbers provided by Gallup are accurate, the US is in far more danger than this article appears to indicate.
    34% of the people approve of current numbers. I say too many are being allowed into the US.
    9% of the people want more immigrants admitted
    That totals 43% that I say would not object to larger numbers entering the US.
    14% of the people want the numbers kept the same. This is a rather confusing category. But since the 34% and the 14% are similar, satisfied and the same. Neither are really dissatisfied.

    35% of the people are dissatisfied as in they want fewer admissions.
    To me, 57 % of the people want more admissions or at least would not object to them.

    Skillfully conducted by Gallup to camouflage what is happening which is what they prefer.

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