(READ) GiveSendGo rebounds after cyberattack connected to Canada truckers’ Freedom Convoy

GiveSendGo, the crowdfunding platform being used by the Canadian Freedom Convoy, is back online after being hacked over the weekend.

GiveSendGo quickly collected more than $9 million for the protesters after GoFundMe tried to confiscate and then returned to donors more than $10 million that had been raised.

The Freedom Convoy is a large network of truckers and Canadian citizens protesting Canadian vaccine mandates and the loss of individual freedoms during the coronavirus pandemic. The protest began on Jan. 22.

GiveSendGo addressed the recent cyberattack in an email update on Feb. 16 stating the following:

Sunday evening, February 13th, GiveSendGo was attacked by malicious actors attempting to eliminate the ability of its users to raise funds. There was a broadcasted breach showing one such actor illegally hacking into GiveSendGo and distributing the names and emails of the donors of the Freedom Convoy Campaign. However, no credit card information was leaked. No money was stolen.

GiveSendGo has a dedicated team aggressively focused on identifying these malicious actors and pursuing actions against their cybercrime. At the time of the intrusion, GiveSendGo’s security team immediately shut down the site to prevent further illegal actions against our site. We have also performed many security audits to ensure the security of the site before bringing the site back online.

We are in a battle. We didn’t expect it to be easy. This has not caused us to be afraid. Instead, it’s made it even more evident that we can not back down. Thank you for your continued support, prayers and the countless emails letting us know you are standing with us.

GiveSendGo statement

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4 thoughts on “(READ) GiveSendGo rebounds after cyberattack connected to Canada truckers’ Freedom Convoy”

  1. By invoking the Emergency Powers Act, Trudeau is taking a page from the left’s January 6th narrative and trying to portray conservative political protest as a treasonous “insurrection” undertaken by white supremacists, racists, and Nazi sympathizers.

    As Jonathan Turley pointed out on Fox last night, ordinary laws prohibiting blocking traffic could have been invoked to remove any trucks that were parked in the middle of the road, but it seems that Trudeau wanted to heighten the sense of crisis and threat.

    The use of illegally hacked information by both news outlets and the government to identify and punish contributors to the convoy is yet another example of the severe and growing threat to our basic liberties posed by the left.

    Definitions of “fascism” vary, but one feature often cited is an alliance of corporate power with the interests of the government. For decades, the left has demonized corporations, and the right has defended them, but that is shifting. When convenient, the left still uses the old anti-corporate rhetoric, but in real life the left often works hand-in-glove with corporations, many of which have been thoroughly imbued with a leftist viewpoint.

  2. This is slightly off-topic, but the hacking of GiveSendGo and the outing of donors to the trucker’s convoy is one more example of how nothing and no one on the Internet is immune from exposure.

    EXCEPT, that is, QAnon, For several years now, the anonymous authors (or author) of the Q material have been repeatedly cited by government intelligence officials, Democrat politicians, and the mainstream media as being purveyors of dangerous conspiracy theories and misinformation which is allegedly fomenting terrorist plots and terrorist violence. But after all of this time, Q has never been shut down, hacked, de-platformed, or identified. How is that possible?

    If Q is really such a danger to the Republic, why haven’t any of our intelligence agencies used their vast powers of surveillance to disrupt Q, shut it down, and identify the culprits behind it? Is it possible that Q is itself a government false flag operation that is being used to mislead, distract, and discredit the right? The existence of Q is a central part of the left’s view of an America teeming with crazed, white supremacist conspiracy theorists, yet it goes on and on like Energizer Bunny, seemingly immune from real investigation and exposure.

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