(READ) Sen. Johnson requests govt. account for teleworking practices

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), the lead Republican on the Investigations Subcommittee, wants to know how many federal government agencies are still using telework, and to what degree.

“Over a year and a half after federal agencies were advised to maximize telework due to Covid-19, it is unclear the extent to which government employees are still teleworking,” writes Johnson in letters to various agencies.

Johnson wrote 17 agencies requesting they disclose the number of employees currently teleworking, and explain how it tracks the productivity of those employees.

The letters and specific requests are linked below: 

1.     Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

2.    Federal Communications Commission

3.    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

4.    Federal Trade Commission

5.    U.S. General Publishing Office

6.    National Archives and Records Administration

7.     National Aeronautics and Space Administration

8.    National Credit Union Administration

9.    National Labor Relations Board

10.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission

11.   National Science Foundation

12.   Office of Personnel Management

13.   Securities and Exchange Commission

14.   Smithsonian Institution

15.   Social Security Administration

16.   U.S. Agency for Global Media

17.   United States Postal Service 

The full text of the letters is below: 

February 18, 2022 

On March 17, 2020, following the declaration of a national emergency related to COVID-19, the Office of Management and Budget called for executive branch agencies and departments to “maximize telework across the national for the Federal workforce[.]”1 Over a year and a half later, it is unclear the extent to which government employees are still teleworking.

In order to better understand the working location of your agency’s employees, I respectfully request the following information, broken down by subcomponent, as of December 1, 2021:

  1. The number of individuals currently employed by your agency.
  2. The number of individuals who are:
    1. Working full time in person at one of your agencies physical locations;
    2. Teleworking2 full time;
    3. Working a hybrid schedule that combines both telework and in officeschedule.
  3. The total number of agency employees who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

a. The total number of agency employees who have received a booster.

4. For the employees that are teleworking, how are you tracking employee productivity?

a. Please provide a breakdown of your agency’s workforce productivity for Fiscal Years 2019, 2020, and 2021.

5. Has your agency closed physical office space locations since March 2020 in light of increased telework among your agency’s workforce? If so, please provide the estimated cost savings associated with office closures.

Please provide this information as soon as possible but no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 4, 2022.


Ron Johnson
Ranking Member
Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Sen. Johnson requests govt. account for teleworking practices”

  1. Kudos to Senator Johnson but fat chance anyone will uncover the DC scam. It is no secret that these agencies are bloated and staffed to the hilt with over paid leftists. However, they will get off their expansive derrières to shut down any one seeking to uncover their corruption. Unless a convention of states is ratified with the intent of slashing and balancing the budget, nothing will change. Case in point would how those hard working FBI agents stood against the corruption of their bosses spying on Trump. Nope, the pension threats were enough to silence them and the same goes for every other needless screw turner we pay with our tax dollars. They circle the wagons and protect their turf.

  2. ⬆️”Starkest” said it all.

    but I would love to see how many hours of “work” the taxpayers paid to “justice warriors” & twitter trolls while they were on the clock.

  3. I was happy to see this article as I have been currently trying to resolve an issue with OPM since January. I find myself in an endless loop between OPM and the NFC. It sometimes takes days to even get someone to pick up the phone. You will call and the recording states “ due to high volume please call back another time”. If you do make a connection your call is put on hold and you are “ in the Q”. OPM will call you back , but it will be hours later. The representatives are polite and pleasant, however they tell you to contact another branch of the agency. They tell you there is no supervisor to contact or any specific person to contact. When you do as instructed and call the other branch no one picks up the phone, no operator answers, a recording tells you to put in “ your extension of the person you want” , but since OPM gives you no point of contact that is useless. If you try another branch office they suggest you get referred back to OPM. I have had to ask my attorney for help. She had called and gotten the same response. She mailed overnight as well as faxed a letter to them regarding the matter ( as it is important and time sensitive). This was done recently- Feb 9. No response. I contacted OPM again last week. After 2 days got through to someone and was told “ Oh you won’t get anyone to respond to the fax or overnight mail for a good 5 weeks”. I have reached out to both my senators for assistance by phone and e mail. Neither has responded nor are you able to reach a person at their offices. How is this acceptable? !

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