(READ) Study: Omicron subvariant is ‘more transmissible…more able to infect vaccinated’ than original Omicron

A recent Danish study has found that the BA.2 subvariant of the Omicron coronavirus is more transmissible than BA.1 and more able to infect vaccinated people. The study, analyzed Covid infections in more than 8,500 Danish households between December and January.

The findings showed that people infected with the BA.2 subvariant were approximately 33% more likely to infect others, compared to those infected with BA.1.

The BA.2 variant has become the dominant strain in Denmark where it accounts for roughly 82% of cases, but worldwide the “original” BA.1 accounts for more than 98% of Omicron cases.

Lead study author Frederik Pleaser told Reuters, “If you have been exposed to Omicron BA.2 in your household, you have 39% probability of being infected within seven days. If you instead had been exposed to BA.1, the probability is 29%. That suggests BA.2 is around 33% more infectious than BA.1.”

The study also showed that BA.2 was relatively better than BA.1 at infecting vaccinated and booster-vaccinated people, indicating greater “immune evasive properties” of the subvariant.

Researchers did not discount the vaccines, stating they still play an important role, claiming both booster-vaccinated and fully vaccinated individuals are overall less likely to get infected and transmit either of the subvariants, than the unvaccinated.

The study’s researchers summarize, “We conclude that Omicron BA.2 is inherently substantially more transmissible than BA.1, and that it also possesses immune-evasive properties that further reduce the protective effect of vaccination against infection.”

The study, was conducted by researchers at Statens Serum Institut (SSI), Copenhagen University, Statistics Denmark and Technical University of Denmark and has not been peer-reviewed yet.

The World Health Organization stated on February 1 that the emerging BA.2 form of the Omicron coronavirus variant does not seem to be any more severe than the original BA.1 form based on Danish data.

Reuters article here

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6 thoughts on “(READ) Study: Omicron subvariant is ‘more transmissible…more able to infect vaccinated’ than original Omicron”

    1. For me it was worse than a bad cold. I have Omicron and am on day 9. It started off like the flu, which is worse than a bad cold. High fever for 2-3 days along with awful head ache, body pains, chills/shivers, and fever-induced dreams/nightmares. Fever broke on day three, and by day five, I was feeling a lot better, but then the cold symptoms began: congestion, runny nose, persistent cough.

      I choose not to get the jab due to risks of side effects, and I stand by that decision. Now I have superior natural immunity, but I would have preferred to avoid being sick at all. I haven’t been sick in three years, and before that, it was four years.

  1. Dan Bongino said the same thing. This is the second time he got covid since getting the first round of shots. He’s not taking the booster shot. “Cumulus can fire me today.” From his 3 Feb. show.

  2. This is obviously anecdotal, but on another site a woman claimed that at her workplace of about 180 the split of vaccinated vs unvaccinated is roughly 50/50, and that in the last month almost all of the VACCINATED have caught Covid and NONE of the unvaccinated have. That seems hard to believe, yet in country after highly vaccinated country, new Covid cases have increased from 200% to 3000% over the time when the vaccines were not available at all.

    If you don’t believe it, just look at the Worldometer numbers for Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK, Norway, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Iceland, and just about any country in Europe.

  3. Interesting Danish study – Denmark ends Pandemic February 2, 2022 as cases skyrocket with variant “similar to common cold”. See Dr. John Campbell you tube 2/3/22.

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