(READ)Trump on the ‘now-uncovered espionage campaign’ of the Democrats and ‘mainstream media’ cover-up of ‘Hillarygate’ is a ‘crime’

Donald Trump is one of the most important political figures of the day and, arguably, the most important Republican in national politics. But many in the media have taken the historic step of censoring him. For that reason, one of our goals is to publish information about Trump that is otherwise difficult-to-find.

February 16, 2022
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Much of the now-uncovered espionage campaign of the Democrats breaking into the White House and my New York City apartment, took place after the 2016 Election as yet another way to undermine the upcoming 2020 Election. This spying into the Oval Office continued for a long period of time and further served to undermine and discredit the 2020 Election, along with massive ballot harvesting, phantom voters, and so many other things that made the Election a sham. The voting numbers were big and determinative!
February 16, 2022  
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Why isn’t the media asking who gave Crooked Hillary Clinton’s “plumbers” their orders? With Watergate it was the coverup that turned out to be the far bigger crime. With Hillarygate it is the Mainstream Media Coverup that is almost as big of a crime as the act of treasonous espionage itself. It is showing the world why our media is truly the enemy of the people! 

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6 thoughts on “(READ)Trump on the ‘now-uncovered espionage campaign’ of the Democrats and ‘mainstream media’ cover-up of ‘Hillarygate’ is a ‘crime’”

  1. I’ve known that the legacy media is biased for a long time, but it was during President Trump’s administration that my beliefs were affirmed. I thought Bush was treated unfairly, but even that didn’t compare to the treatment that Donald Trump received. Bush, after all, is a member of the DC establishment party.

    Now, I get to watch as the government co opted legacy media tosses softballs at, and covers for a man who is obviously suffering from dementia and no one dares ask who is really in charge.

    Hillary Clinton should have been wearing an orange jumpsuit when her secret servers were revealed, or at the very least gone to trial for it. I’ve watched the Clintons, America’s most successful crime family, skate away from every accusation with the assistance of the legacy media. Fortunately, after decades of lies, omissions and deceptions, very few people trust or believe the alphabet networks. It’s independent journalists like you and a handful of others that speaking truth to power. So, thanks for that.

  2. Anyone familiar with Sharyl Attkisson’s court case should have a good glimm into the future of prosecuting Hillary Clinton or any of her many minions involved in the Great American Coup. I’ll be dead and gone before it even gets to court. America’s judicial system is a joke, a lie, just more of the same. You and I must live by the laws or lose everything including our freedom. Hillary and folks like her, they can do whatever they want…period. (My opinion) As one gets older, that person faces the true reality of our “great” nation. It’s one big lie. There is no equality under the law. PLEASE make me wrong. Shock me and the world. Hold those accountable for the coup. I’d be the first in line to say I was wrong about our country, the very first to happily say I was wrong.

  3. The irony of a country founded on principles that were meant to protect citizens from corrupt governments simply allowing it to be stuffed into a drop box at 3:00 am and carted off, would have Thomas Jefferson laughing his backside off. He knew we would not be able to vote our way out of these messes. Yet, Article 5 never considered big media companies with a business model grounded in concealing criminality and how they conspire with the government to do whatever it takes to never relinquish control. We need a convention of the states or, when the bread and circuses run out, there will be no one left to speak for those who did nothing because they won’t understand Mandarin.

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