Straight Talk on Covid, Natural Immunity, and Scientific Smears with Dr. Martin Makary (PODCAST)

Dr. Martin Makary of Johns Hopkins has straight talk on why so many public health officials avoided talking about natural immunity, and what’s happened to science in this conflicted and managed information environment. His bestselling book is: “The Price We Pay.” 

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4 thoughts on “Straight Talk on Covid, Natural Immunity, and Scientific Smears with Dr. Martin Makary (PODCAST)”

  1. Excellent podcast. I like doctors that are brutally honest. I value their opinions way more than ones that don’t recommend I exercise

  2. Natural immunity the Facts = It all depends on each person’s Genetics and your specific Genetic Markers on the outcome for many diseases in life I’m a firm believer in , and How your Body will react to Medicines and or diseases you come in contact with ?. Some other things in Metabolic Formula’s I discovered in past is a New Metabolic Chemical Formula to treat Cancer and New Anti-biotics Formula’s, I spent past years on these writing these idea formula’s, as well as other new physics idea’s .in past…With Medicines this is why you need Clinical Trial’s to determine the reaction Variances in real life. If anyone is interested in my past Idea formula’s, Don’t Hack my devices. Simply knock on my door and we can have a Attorney Draw up deal and after deal I would Notify the right people afterword’s.. Including any drug companies or cancer institutions interested in my past Formula’s.. _ Wm. Andrews Rochester, IN I like to Call ” Area’ 15 Indiana” where New physics idea’s Happened.. since 1980 Happy Valentines day Sharyl from “Area 15 Indiana” ?

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