(WATCH) Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’ explained (UPDATED)

The following is a news analysis.

The massive Freedom Convoy in Canada is still going strong after a full week. The movement’s momentum does not seem to show any signs of slowing down, and the crowds seem more determined with each passing day, to stand their ground until their demands are met.

The trucking convoy began after the Canadian government imposed a vaccine mandate Jan. 15 requiring Canadian truckers returning from the US to either have a vaccine passport, or quarantine and take a Covid-19 test.

The US imposed a similar mandate January 22 that requires all those who cross the American-Canadian border by land to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

Truckers from Canada and the US traveled for one week to reach Ottawa, the Canadian capital, on Jan. 29. They held a rally at Parliament Hill demanding the Canadian vaccine mandates be dropped.

Today, the truckers and many citizen supporters remain, despite extremely cold temperatures. They have stated they will not leave until their freedoms are fully restored.

Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian media have falsely categorized the movement as a “fringe group” with ties to the conspiracy online phenomenon “QAnon,” and white supremacists. Critics have said the truckers and their supporters could be “dangerous” and volatile.” Major news outlets in both Canada and the U.S. have given the giant protest little coverage.

The Freedom Convoy had received more than $10 million Canadian dollars in donations, having received only $1 million of it, before the fundraising platform GoFundMe took the controversial step on Feb. 4 of confiscating the funds and announcing they would be donating the money instead to charities of GoFundMe’s choosing.

GoFundMe gave this explanation on its website:

  • GoFundMe supports peaceful protests and we believe that was the intention of the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser when it was first created.
  • We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.

The legality of GoFundMe diverting the funds is in question, and GoFundMe has since reportedly announced it will refund the money to donors.

Former President Trump announced his soon-to-be-launched social media platform, TruthSocial, will gladly welcome and support the fundraiser for the truckers.

Freedom Convoy 2022 is now accepting donations at GiveSendGo.

As for the pictures and videos found online, they show peaceful, enthusiastic protesters.

For more information, visit the website Freedom Convoy.

Protestor video above claims the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC-) filming the crowd from a perspective that shows less people, than are actually there.

The convoy arrives in Toronto – there are multiple convoys throughout Canada, including the provinces of Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan and others.

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6 thoughts on “(WATCH) Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’ explained (UPDATED)”

  1. The truckers peacefully drove all the way across Canada, cheered-on along the way by supporters waving Canadian flags. The supporters seemed to have the festive spirit of football fans at a tailgate party. There were no instances of violence perpetrated by the truckers or their supporters, yet – with no evidence whatsoever – Trudeau and the CBC portrayed the truckers as dangerous extremists, white supremacists, fascists, Nazis, homophobes, and transphobes – the usual litany of smears directed by the left against mainstream conservatives.

    Acting on these cues, an opponent of the caravan dutifully drove his vehicle into a group of the caravan’s supporters, injuring several. Of course, no one in the media made the connection between this incident and the rhetoric that preceded it, just as they failed to connect the actions of the Waukesha assailant to the media buzz after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

    Our media seem to be caught in some sort of collective madness, some shared psychosis, in which reality only serves as something to be challenged, to be turned upside down, in any way so as to further their political agenda. This is what happens when Marxism – whatever name it is given, seeps into the souls of people. Imperceptibly, over time, they become exactly what they thought they were against – intolerant, censorious, manipulative, elitist, arrogant, mendacious, cruel, and totalitarian. That is, they become fascists.

    1. Stephen T. No truer words than yours can be said. My wife and I have always voted Left for the NDP and voted for Trudeau strategically to get rid of Harper. Now I abdicate the Left entirely. When I read articles in the Canadian Main Stream Media they simply ooze with a repulsively sneering tone of Juvenile Elitist Classicism I’ve never before encountered. One article made fun of spelling mistakes in Protest Signs…. Repulsive. Trudeau is the epitome of arrogance. Stating that the unvaccinated who make up 10% + of the Canadian Population “take up space “

  2. I hope they sue GoFundMe for punitive damages, as what they are attempting to do is conversion of another’s property, and totally illegal. Put the woke B’s out of business. Looking forward to American truckers joining the game, as the politicians will go into complete panicked breakdown. The problem is the use of force through the RMP and American law enforcement like the corrupt Injustice Department, who stand against everything American.

  3. This convoy is world wide now. Check the European Freedom Convoy, Australian Freedom Convoy, New Zealand Freedom Convoy and maybe more.

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