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8 thoughts on “Can One Man Save the World? Five for Fighting’s Song About Ukraine (Podcast)”

  1. Jeffrey L. Olson

    A modern-day Churchill? Someone’s been swilling at the Official Narrative propaganda trough, apparently. Zelenksy’s a complete authoritarian thug. I’m not an admirer of Winston Churchill, but I’d say he is surely cut from a much finer cloth than the Ukrainian autocrat.

  2. Why was the Ukraine not already allowed into the International Community? Finland has had an open invitation for quite some time now. But they know Russia would invade if they accepted the invitation. The Ukraine has never even been offered a seat. Why is that?

  3. What I want the State Department and United Nations to know about Ukraine Russia goings on as me, a Former 30 years past Ballistic man myself for some of that Proof Whistle Blower money ? Vladimir Putin saying in past few days that Russian soldiers are not the ones Killing innocent Ukraine people ? Proof ! Take dead Russian soldiers guns and Bullits and mate Ballistics to Dead Ukraine people in same towns and city there ! I seen in video’s in past 5 days War videos that there are Tell tale Ballistics signs that Some or many Russian soldiers have been doing that ..! _ This whistle blower report by Bill Rochester, IN.

  4. How do we believe this is a real situation when someone is performing for the world, one man can save the world but not this man and not this song this is sick. Corruption is real singing a song in a war zone is a joke. Maybe if they are serious they should pay more attention to fighting Putin not entertaining celebrities. Sorry very disappointing.

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