Censored: The Babylon Bee Over Transgender Controversies

The Twitter account of the Babylon Bee satirical website was reportedly suspended over a post that named Health and Human Services Secretary Rachel Levine, “Man of the Year.”

That after controversy was stoked by USA Today naming Levine, a man who is living as a woman– also known as a transgender woman– “Woman of the Year.”

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According to Babylon Bee’s editor in chief, Twitter said it would reinstate the site’s Twitter account after 12 hours if it deleted the tweet at issue. But, said the parody site, it had no intention of deleting what it called a factually correct tweet.

Watch more from The Babylon Bee below.

Babylon Bee Editor in Chief Kyle Mann

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4 thoughts on “Censored: The Babylon Bee Over Transgender Controversies”

  1. As I am not stranger to such actions, I decided to post the link to the Babylon Bee article. So far nothing has happened.

  2. On a related topic, when I went to the doctor (Kaiser Permanente system) for a checkup last November, I had to fill out a questionnaire, and the nurse checked off the questions that I was supposed to answer, questions that presumably applied to me. I am a 71-year-old man, and one of the questions she checked off asked whether I was currently nursing a baby. This gender madness is now permeating ALL of our institutions. The American Medical Association has signed on to this, denying the most fundamental aspects of biology. In many places, not agreeing to these lies can cost you your job.

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