Covid-19 natural immunity compared to vaccine-induced immunity: The definitive summary

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Update March 11, 2022 with longest observational study yet showing long lasting natural immune response

Update Jan. 14, 2022 with fully vaccinated surpassing vaccinated in Australian hospitals

Update Dec. 16 with most Omicron Covid US cases reported among vaccinated

Update Dec. 12 with Israel study and study on higher vaccine side effects when given to those who already recovered

Update Dec. 5 with Danish data on natural immunity more effective than vaccine immunity

Update Dec. 1 with Qatar study on rarity of serious reinfection

Update Nov. 7 with US study finding dramatically waning vaccine effectiveness

Updated Oct. 30 with UK data showing no difference between viral load/spread in vaccinated and unvaccinated

Updated Oct. 29 with Israel data showing vaccine immunity wore off in just a few months in all age groups

Updated Oct. 13 with UK info showing waning vaccine effectiveness after 3-4 months

Updated Oct. 3 with Finnish study showing antibodies after Covid-19 infection persist for a long time

Updated Sept. 12 with CDC-funded study finding U.S. population reached what some experts said is “herd immunity” levels last May. Also, updated CDC number of fully-vaccinated hospitalizations and deaths with Covid.

Updated Sept. 8 with new study in Science Transitional Medicine and recommended spacing of Covid-19 RNA shots due to declining effectiveness and lack of effectiveness of vaccine mandates

Updated Aug. 27 with large Israel study that finds dramatically better protection from natural immunity than vaccination

Updated Aug. 24 with Israel changing policies with recognition that the Pfizer vaccine allegedly wears off after several months.

Updated Aug. 6 with CDC analysis of Kentucky (unvaccinated Kentuckians had “2.34 times the odds of reinfection” compared with fully vaccinated) and national analysis in Israel (vaccinated Israelis were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection). More below.

Important note: Scientists say antibody tests are not the only way to measure a person’s immunity; some people who have fought off Covid-19, either with or without symptoms, and have immunity will not have measurable antibodies in their systems. Therefore, a negative antibody test should not be considered proof of lack of immunity.

The Natural Immunity Factor

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) became one of the latest high-profile figures to get sick with Covid-19, even though he’s fully vaccinated. In a statement Monday, Graham said it feels like he has “the flu,” but is “certain” he would be worse if he hadn’t been vaccinated.

While it’s impossible to know whether that’s the case, public health officials are grappling with the reality of an increasing number of fully-vaccinated Americans coming down with Covid-19 infections, getting hospitalized, and even dying of Covid. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) insists vaccination is still the best course for every eligible American. But many are asking if they have better immunity after they’re infected with the virus and recover, than if they’re vaccinated.

Increasingly, the answer within the data appears to be ”yes.”

141 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted

Update: March 11, 2022: The longest observational study yet finds persistent immunity 18 months after natural infection, which beats out two-dose vaccine immunity.

Why does CDC seem to be “ignoring” natural immunity?

In fact, some medical experts have said they’re confounded by public health officials’ failure to factor natural and virus-acquired immunity into the Covid equation. Public and media narratives often press the necessity of “vaccination for all,” chiding states where vaccination rates are lowest. And they use vaccination rates and Covid case counts as inverse indicators of how safe it is in a particular state: high vaccination rate = high safety; high case counts = low safety (they claim).

However, vaccination rates alone tell little about a population’s true immune-status. And where high Covid case counts occur, it ultimately means a larger segment of that community ends up better-protected, vaccines aside. That’s according to virologists who point out that fighting off Covid, even without developing any symptoms, leaves people with what’s thought to be more robust and longer-lasting immunity than the vaccines confer.

The vaccine immunity problem

Hard data counters widespread public misinformation that claimed “virtually all” patients hospitalized and dying of Covid-19 are unvaccinated. Pfizer and Moderna had claimed their vaccines were “100% effective” at preventing serious illness. Many in the media even popularized a propaganda phrase designed to push more people to get vaccinated: “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” 

Not so, say CDC and other data.

Listen to podcast with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, who addresses the strength of natural immunity

Recent CDC data found that 74% of those who tested positive for Covid-19 in a Massachusetts analysis had been fully-vaccinated. Equally as troubling for those advocating vaccination-for-all: four out of five people hospitalized with Covid were fully-vaccinated. And CDC said “viral load” — indicating how able the human host is to spread Covid-19 — is about the same among the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Contrary to the infamous misinformation by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky last May, vaccinated people can— and are— spreading Covid. (CDC officials later corrected Walensky’s false claim.)

Below: CDC’s data with light blue showing fully vaccinated. Dark blue is unvaccinated (but may include some fully vaccinated.)

CDC’s newest findings on so-called “breakthrough” infections in vaccinated people are mirrored by other data releases.

Illinois health officials recently announced more than 160 fully-vaccinated people have died of Covid-19, and at least 644 been hospitalized; ten deaths and 51 hospitalizations counted in the prior week. Israel’s Health Ministry recently said effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has fallen to 40 percent. Last month, 100 vaccinated British sailors isolated on a ship at sea reportedly came down with Covid seven weeks into their deployment. In July, New Jersey reported 49 fully vaccinated residents had died of Covid; 27 in Louisiana; 80 in Massachusetts. In Iceland there is a spike in cases, mostly among the vaccinated, among a highly-vaccinated population that had previously claimed to have defeated Covid-19. Of 116 cases diagnosed in one day, 73 were among the vaccinated; 43 were unvaccinated.

Nationally, as of July 12, CDC said it was aware of more than 4,400 people who got Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated and had to be hospitalized; and 1,063 fully vaccinated people who died of Covid. But health officials still argue that vaccinated people make up only a small fraction of the seriously ill. Critics counter that CDC’s recent Massachusetts data calls that into question. 

Update Jan. 14, 2022: Data published in Australia shows the number of fully vaccinated Australians In the hospital with Covid-19 surpassed the number of hospitalized who are unvaccinated. “The number of double-dose vaccinated patients in intensive care units (ICUs) also surpassed those of the unvaccinated, with 50.3% of the vaccinated presenting to ICU with COVID-19, more than the 49.1% who are unvaccinated.”

Update Dec. 16, 2021: As Omicron hits U.S., most initial cases are reported among vaccinated. “Officials disclosed the vaccination status of 66 of the infected individuals. Of those, the vast majority, or 52, were fully vaccinated. Some had even gotten booster shots.”

Update Dec. 12, 2021: Israel study Covid-19 infections and severe disease were higher among the vaccinated than those who recovered from the illness. The naturally immune had a 10.5 per 100,000 infection rate 4-6 mos. following recovery, vs a 69.2 per 100,000 rate among vaccinated. The number of severe cases was also higher among the vaccinated: 0.9 percent of all cases among that group were severe, compared with 0.5 percent of cases among the recovered.Researchers found that protection against infection dropped over time among both the recovered and vaccinated, but the drop was more pronounced among the vaccinated.

Update Dec. 12, 2021: A study finds those who previously had Covid and then get vaccinated may be at higher risk of adverse events from vaccine.

Update Dec. 5, 2021: Danish data indicates previously-infected are two times less likely to be identified as Covid-positive than fully-vaccinated.

Update Dec. 1, 2021: A study from Qatar finds death from reinfection after people have had one case of Covid is unheard of. “None led to hospitalization in an ICU, and none ended in death. Reinfections were rare and were generally mild, perhaps because of the primed immune system after primary infection.”

Update Sept. 7, 2021: CDC said it was aware of 2,675 fully vaccinated people who got Covid and died, and 11,440 more who were hospitalized with Covid for a total of 14,115, a small fraction of the seriously ill.

Update August 6, 2021: CDC has released a small analysis in Kentucky and indicated that it’s proof that vaccines are more effective than natural immunity. Read the analysis here. According to CDC, among the reinfected sample, 20% had been fully vaccinated. Among those who had Covid and were not later reinfected, 66% were unvaccinated. “Kentucky residents who were not vaccinated had 2.34 times the odds of reinfection compared with those who were fully vaccinated.”

Update August 6, 2021: In Israel, more than 7,700 new cases of the virus have been detected during the most recent wave starting in May, but just 72 of the confirmed cases were reported in people who were known to have been infected previously – that is, less than 1% of the new cases. Roughly 40% of new cases – or more than 3,000 patients – involved people who had been infected despite being vaccinated. By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499, or 0.0578%, of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave.

Update August 27, 2021: A large study in Israel finds natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization for the Delta variant of Coronavirus compared to two-doses of Pfizer vaccine.

According to the study, after three months, risk of infection was 13.06 times higher among vaccinated patients and they were 27 times more likely to experience symptoms than unvaccinated people who’d had Covid previously.

Participants who were double jabbed were 5.96 times more likely to be infected and 7.13 times more likely to experience symptoms including cough, fever and shortness of breath.

Read the study here

Update Oct. 29, 2021: Israeli researchers find “Immunity against the Delta variant from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine waned after a few months across age groups.”

Update Oct. 30, 2021: A UK study finds “fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings,” “peak viral load did not differ by vaccination status or variant type” and “Household Secondary Attack Rate for delta infection, regardless of vaccination status, was 26%.”

Update Nov. 7, 2021: A U.S. study finds after 6 mos. Moderna vaccine effectiveness drops to 60%. Pfizer drops to 49%. J&J drops to 13%. Last yr, FDA’s Dr. Hahn said FDA wouldn’t authorize vaccines that weren’t at least 50% effective.

The bright side of recovering from Covid-19

But there’s promising news to be found within natural and acquired immunity statistics, according to virologists. As of May 29, CDC estimated more than 120 million Americans— more than one in three— had already battled Covid. While an estimated six-tenths of one-percent died, the other 99.4% of those infected survived with a presumed immune status that appears to be superior to that which comes with vaccination.

If doctors could routinely test to confirm who has fought off and become immune to Covid-19, it would eliminate the practical need or rationale for those protected millions to get vaccinated. It would also allow them to avoid even the slight risk of serious vaccine side effects.

Read more about Israel cases here

Unfortunately, virologists say no commonly-used test can detect with certainty whether a person is immune. A common misconception is that antibody tests can make that determination. But experts say immunity after infection or exposure often comes without a person producing or maintaining measurable antibodies.

Because of that reality, people who have had asymptomatic infections — infections where they suffered no symptoms — have no easy way to know that they’re immune. However, a growing body of evidence indicates that the millions who know they got Covid can be assured they’re unlikely to suffer reinfection, for at least as long of a time period that scientists have been able to measure. Possibly far beyond.

Update Aug. 24, 2021: With evidence of seriously-waning immunity at the five- to six-month mark, CDC is now recommending a third “booster” shot. In highly-vaccinated Israel, recognition that vaccination likely does not confer protection beyond a few months, the country has reimagined its vaccine passports. They will only apply to people who have had three shots, and only be good for a six month period of time. So far, the U.S. government has only adopted the third booster recommendation for certain individuals.

Update Sept. 8, 2021: Due to the waning immunity of Covid-19 vaccines, scientists are considering spacing out the two shots longer. They theorize that giving them as close together as they did was a mistake because the two shot regimen “acted as one shot” in terms of immunity. Other countries have already added additional weeks of spacing between the two Pfizer and Moderna shots.

Update Sept. 8, 2021: A study in Science Transitional Medicine finds natural infection may provide more powerful protection than double dose Covid-19 vaccination.

Update Sept. 12, 2021: A CDC-funded study finds the U.S. population reached a combined 83% natural infection and vaccine-induced immunity in May, 2021. That would mean the percentage is substantially higher today and beyond what many scientists said was necessary to achieve “herd immunity.”

Update Oct. 3, 2021: A Finnish study of Covid-19 recovered patients that looked as far as 13 months after infection finds “protection against re-infection is long-lived, although antibody-mediated immunity may not persist equally well among elderly subjects.” Federal scientists have previously found that flu shots are ineffective in the elderly due to immune issues. As more of the elderly got flu shots over the years, more of them died rather than the other way around, according to the definitive government study.

Updated Oct. 13, 2021: Data from the UK finds vaccines are “highly effective,” but effectiveness wanes after as little as 3-4 months.

The immunity-after-Covid-infection studies

The following are some of the data and studies relevant to immunity acquired after Covid infection.

Long-Term Persistence of IgG Antibodies in recovered COVID-19 individuals at 18 months and the impact of two-dose BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) mRNA vaccination on the antibody response, March 11, 2022

This is the longest observational study yet, finding persistent immunity among naturally infected 18-months later, outperforming two-dose vaccine immunity.

141 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted

Epidemologist Dr. Paul Alexander has compiled this list.

Protection and waning of natural and hybrid COVID-19 immunity

This study from Israel shows vaccinated people were twice as likely as unvaccinated, previously-infected to get a serious Covid case and were six times more likely to get Covid.

Severity of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfections as Compared with Primary Infections, Nov. 24, 2021

This study finds death among those reinfected with Covid is unheard of. “None led to hospitalization in an ICU, and none ended in death. Reinfections were rare and were generally mild, perhaps because of the primed immune system after primary infection.”

Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS Co-V2 B.1.617.2 variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study, Oct. 28, 2021

This study finds “Household Secondary Attack Rate for delta infection, regardless of vaccination status, was 26%” and “peak viral load did not differ by vaccination status.”

Waning Immunity after the BNT162b2 Vaccine in Israel, Oct. 27, 2021

Unlike natural immunity, Israeli data confirms that the Pfizer vaccine wore off in just a few months in all age groups.

Persistence of neutralizing antibodies a year after SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans, Sept. 24, 2021

This Finnish study of Covid-recovered patients finds “protection against re-infection is long-lived, although antibody-mediated immunity may not persist equally well among elderly subjects.”

Analysis of the Effects of COVID-19 Mask Mandates on Hospital Resource Consumption and Mortality at the County Level, Sept. 3, 2021

This study by government scientists finds “There was no reduction in per-population daily mortality, hospital bed, ICU bed, or ventilator occupancy of COVID-19-positive patients attributable to the implementation of a mask-wearing mandate.”

Estimated US Infection- and Vaccine-Induced SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence Based on Blood Donations, July 2020-May 2021, Sept. 2, 2021

This CDC-funded study finds the U.S. population reached a combined 83% natural infection and vaccine-induced immunity in May, 2021. That would mean the percentage is substantially higher today and beyond what many scientists said was necessary to achieve “herd immunity.”

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections, Aug. 24, 2021

This large study in Israel shows “natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

Longitudinal analysis shows durable and broad immune memory after SARS-CoV-2 infection with persisting antibody responses and memory B and T cells, July 20, 2021

This study followed 254 Covid-19 patients for up to 8 months and concluded they had “durable broad-based immune responses.” In fact, even very mild Covid-19 infection also protected the patients from an earlier version of “SARS” coronavirus that first emerged around 2003, and against Covid-19 variants. “Taken together, these results suggest that broad and effective immunity may persist long-term in recovered COVID-19 patients,” concludes the study scientists.

Associations of Vaccination and of Prior Infection With Positive PCR Test Results for SARS-CoV-2 in Airline Passengers Arriving in Qatar, June 9, 2021 

This study of airline passengers in Qatar found that both vaccination and prior infection were “imperfect” when it comes to preventing positive Covid-19 test results, but that the incidence of reinfection is similarly low in both groups.

Antibodies elicited by mRNA-1273 vaccination bind more broadly to the receptor binding domain than do those from SARS-CoV-2 infection, June 8, 2021

This study used “deep mutational scanning” and found natural infection may provide more powerful protection than double-dose Covid-19 vaccination: “This greater binding breadth means that single RBD mutations have less impact on neutralization by vaccine sera compared to convalescent sera.”

Necessity of COVID-19 vaccination in previously infected individuals, June 1, 2021

This study followed 52,238 employees of the Cleveland Clinic Health System in Ohio. 

For previously-infected people, the cumulative incidence of re-infection “remained almost zero.” According to the study, “Not one of the 1,359 previously infected subjects who remained unvaccinated had a [Covid-19] infection over the duration of the study” and vaccination did not reduce the risk. “Individuals who have had [Covid-19] infection are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination,” concludes the study scientists.

SARS-CoV-2 specific memory B-cells from individuals with diverse disease severities recognize SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern, May 29, 2021

This study found strong immune signs in people who had previously been infected with Covid-19, including “those [who] experienced asymptomatic or mild disease.” The study concludes there is “reason for optimism” regarding the capacity of prior infection “to limit disease severity and transmission of variants of concern as they continue to arise and circulate.”

A population-based analysis of the longevity of SARS-CoV-2 antibody seropositivity in the United States, May 24, 2021

This study of real world data extended the timeframe of available data indicating that patients have strong immune indicators for “almost a year post-natural infection of COVID-19.” The study concludes the immune response after natural infection “may persist for longer than previously thought, thereby providing evidence of sustainability that may influence post-pandemic planning.”

SARS-CoV-2 infection induces long-lived bone marrow plasma cells in humans, May 24, 2021

This study examined bone marrow of previously-infected patients and found that even mild infection with Covid-19 “induces robust antigen-specific, long-lived humoral immune memory in humans.” The study indicates “People who have had mild illness develop antibody-producing cells that can last lifetime.”

People who have had mild illness develop antibody-producing cells that can last lifetime.

World Health Organization (WHO) scientific brief, May 10, 2021

This scientific brief issued by WHO states that after natural infection with Covid-19, “available scientific data suggests that in most people immune responses remain robust and protective against reinfection for at least 6-8 months.”

Detection of SARS-CoV-2-Specific Humoral and Cellular Immunity in COVID-19 Convalescent Individuals, May 3, 2020

This study found humoral and cellular immunity in recovered Covid patients. “Production of S-RBD-specific antibodies were readily detected in recovered patients. Moreover, we observed virus-neutralization activities in these recovered patients,” wrote the study authors.

The adaptive immune system consists of three major lymphocyte types: B cells (antibody producing cells), CD4+ T cells (helper T cells), and CD8+ T cells (cytotoxic, or killer, T cells

From: Antigen-Specific Adaptive Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 in Acute COVID-19 and Associations with Age and Disease Severity

Protection of previous SARS-CoV-2 infection is similar to that of BNT162b2 vaccine protection: A three-month nationwide experience from Israel, April 24, 2021

This study from Israel found a slight advantage to natural infection over vaccination when it comes to preventing a reinfection and severe illness from Covid-19.

The study authors concluded, “Our results question the need to vaccinate previously-infected individuals.”

A 1 to 1000 SARS-CoV-2 reinfection proportion in members of a large healthcare provider in Israel: a preliminary report, March 6, 2021

This study found a rare Covid-19 positive test “reinfection” rate of 1 per 1,000 recoveries.

Previous COVID-19 infection but not Long-COVID is associated with increased adverse events following BNT162b2/Pfizer vaccination April 2021

This study finds people who had Covid and then got vaccinated with Pfizer, anyway, may be at higher risk of adverse events from vaccination.

Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19, Jan. 26, 2021

Research funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in Science early in the Covid-19 vaccine effort found the “immune systems of more than 95% of people who recovered from COVID-19 had durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection,” and hoped the vaccines would produce similar immunity. (However, experts say they do not appear to be doing so.)

SARS-CoV-2 reinfection in a cohort of 43,000 antibody-positive individuals followed for up to 35 weeks, Jan. 15, 2021

This study found Covid-19 natural infection “appears to elicit strong protection against reinfection” for at least seven months. “Reinfection is “rare,” concludes the scientists.

Immunological memory to SARS-CoV-2 assessed for up to eight months after infection, Nov. 1, 2020

This study confirmed and examined “immune memory” in previously-infected Covid-19 patients.

Negligible impact of SARS-CoV-2 variants on CD4+ and CD8+ T cell reactivity in COVID-19 exposed donors and vaccinees, Nov. 1, 2020

This study concluded “T cell” immune response in former Covid-19 patients likely continues to protect amid Covid-19 variants.

Orthogonal SARS-CoV-2 Serological Assays Enable Surveillance of Low-Prevalence Communities and Reveal Durable Humoral Immunity, Oct. 13, 2020

This study found that “neutralizing antibodies are stably produced for at least 5–7 months” after a patient is infected with Covid-19.

SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in cases of COVID-19 and SARS, and uninfected controls, July 25, 2020

This study found that all patients who recently recovered from Covid-19 produced immunity-strong T cells that recognize multiple parts of Covid-19.

They also looked at blood samples from 23 people who’d survived a 2003 outbreak of a coronavirus: SARS (Cov-1). These people still had lasting memory T cells 17 years after the outbreak. Those memory T cells, acquired in response to SARS-CoV-1, also recognized parts of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Much of the study on the immune response to SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, has focused on the production of antibodies. But, in fact, immune cells known as memory T cells also play an important role in the ability of our immune systems to protect us against many viral infections, including—it now appears—COVID-19.

“Immune T Cells May Offer Lasting Protection Against COVID-19”

Read: scientific commentary by Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta, and Martin Kulldorff.

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  1. Great article, nice to see some actual research and citing of verifiable info included.

    Thanks making the effort to educate those that need it most.

    1. Jay, I’m not specifically replying to you – can’t figure out where to comment otherwise. Neither Pfizer nor Moderna ever guaranteed 100% effectiveness – ever. That’s my only gripe with the article.

      1. The article did not say Pfizer and/or Moderna “guaranteed” 100% effectiveness. It accurately stated that Pfizer and Moderna had claimed their vaccines were “100% effective” at preventing serious illness and then it linked to the claims so you can see for yourself.

          1. Mike- The reason they cannot read & comprehend is due to federal interference in our education system, PUSH 4SCHOOL CHOICE! Get federal govt out of Education, instead of expanding it! END UNION CONTROL! NO person who receives a paycheck TIED to taxpayers should be allowed to strike or have so much control over children of those who pay their salaries! ie. Look up “Regan & FAA controllers”. TIME 2 get r heads OUT OF SAND & take control!

        1. I so appreciate this article. I am simple thinking kind of person. As I read your article I wonder: Would scientists and Doctors be able to take a sample of these “Memory T cells” from a person that has already been infected and now has these natural immunities & then to somehow multiply them in the lab. After that multiplication process, could these Memory T cells be injected into the bloodstream of an uninflected person (having the same blood type)? Would this natural process with these T cells then cause a natural immunity to multiply in that uninfected person? It’s just a simple thought.

          1. On paper, it sounds good. Because our immune system functions to recognize self from non-self such as bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, your T cells placed into my body would attack my body cells and also be attacked by my immune system. There are so many separate parts to how the immune system works with B, T cells, macrophages and complement. Monoclonal antibody therapy is a very promising treatment that has shown good success which is along the same lines of what you were thinking with T cells which gets infused.

          2. I beat the C-19 virus by drinking lots of Schweppes tonic water, which contains Quinine, along wit a vitamin regimen.

          3. Sorry, your Memory T-cells are unique to your own immune system. If you inject them into another person, their immune system will treat them like invaders.

          4. They are already doing that in cancer patients, and now in 2022, it is showing promise with COVID in mice. So, yes it can be done, and is being done.

        2. Sharyl, are you advocating that we should just all GET covid, so that we have natural immunity? I’m not sure what your point is in this article..

          1. You can draw your own conclusion, I’m simply providing study information and data that some are censoring or seem unwilling to acknowledge.

          2. The point Beatrice is that myself, and over 100 million Americans have had COVID, and this article shows evidence that we have better and longer lasting protection than a vax shot. It’s important to me because I don’t want a vax, and I think many agree. Considering the current news flow of mandated vaccination in workplaces across America, this article makes a great point….why are the feds, cdc, and Dr F not talking about natural immunity?

          3. Beatrice, please read it. The individuals who contracted COVID 19 and recovered seem to have better immunity than those receiving the vaccine only. For those recovered folks, it may make little sense for them to even take the vaccine.

            It further points out that vaccine only folks are not 100 percent protected against serious illness as originally claimed, as many of the vaccine only folks are also going to the hospital. The bottom line to me if you have not recovered from COVID 19, then get the vaccine and the booster. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and stay away from large indoor crowds until this has run its course.

            It would help if Joe Biden would stop allowing COVID positive illegals into the country by securing the Southern border.

          4. That is a great idea If you think about it! Or did you like the thought of living in fear for the rest of your life?

          5. Are you unable to extrapolate the data?? The author made it very clear through very well documented data. If you can’t see the point of the article there is little hope for you.

          6. What is wrong with the article just showing the facts (which it does) and questioning the dogma from the goverment/scientific/tech monoplies (which it does) and asking why they hide and deny the truth (which it does) and not advocating anything except telling the public the truth (which it does). Hope that helps. Fantastic job Sharyl.

          7. It wasn’t that long ago when parents would have “measles parties”, whenever one of their kids would get one of the childhood ailments. They would let the kids play together, util they all got sick. They would all have natural immunity from then on.

          8. I personally think the answer is yes. If you are healthy otherwise and younger – getting the virus will get us to herd immunity far quicker. I am no expert by any means, but based on all I gather it sounds the most logical when stacked against the results of lockdowns and forced shots. Suicide deaths, drug use and abuse is way up. I think this trade off (getting sick and recovering) is far better.

          9. Beatrice, I can’t speak for Sharyl but I will say this is a highly encouraging compilation of studies for those that have had and survived COVID. It in no way suggests you should run out and have a COVID party to catch it and build immunity. I This article just gives a lot of weight to the argument that persons who have prior infection do not need to get the “vaccine” shot, they are already afforded better natural protection from reinvention.

          10. IF a new more infectious variant has a much lower fatality rate and recovery produces natural immunity against the ‘killer’ strains, then it would only make sense to encourage that less destructive variant to run rampant and take over in the same way the Delta variant has now displaced the earlier and more deadly strains. The best way to accomplish this is to remove all restrictions, masks, etc — and just get on with our lives!

          11. The immunity that the body offers doesn’t last very long against COVID, but the vaccinations do, especially if you continue to get the boosters. If we just keep getting the virus over and over, that leads to variants. It’s just a matter of time before someone contracts COVID and a variant appears that will wipe us all out. Granted, I don’t care, but it can happen if we keep thinking with this kind of science. One can’t take one study and draw too much conclusion; you have to see the long run with more studies. That’s just the way it is.

        3. Dear Ms. Attkisson,

          I would like to thank you, personally, for writing such detailed, facts-oriented article. As a Covid-19 (UK variant), recovered (April 2021), for the first time I could breathe easily and feel more confident. I have read many articles regarding the superiority of the immune system and why it is not favourable for people who recovered from the virus and developed natural immunity to get vaccinated. Your article is armed with lots of research which can be easily accessed and verified. After all, our immune system evolves faster than any vaccine out there. People should really start doing their due-diligence research before they attack us, the Covid-19 survivors. Frankly, I am getting tired of this attitude. THANK YOU FOR OUR EFFORTS AND TIME!!!

        4. I’m sorry. I can’t find where to comment. How do we push the acknowledgement of this data? Now they’ve rushed FDA approval and the mandates are flying. Social distancing, hand hygiene, and masks are more affective than the symptomology reduction shot, which is no vaccine.

        5. Sharyl please look into this and see if stats are real. Inmate turns doctor in for giving him Ivermectin thinking he got cattle medicine. But the doctor recorded the interview with the media and released his full interview, you should listen to the stats

          Original news cast

          1. Wow. It is amazing to see the original interview in full, and then what the news station, the Justice of the Peace, and the ACLU did with it!! Journalistic malpractice at best.

          2. Thanks! I def will … WHAT DRUG that we give humans do we not also give ANIMALS !?? Hmm..?? HOW STUPID are these people !? I WANT IT! IVM … the FDA has been subject to REGULATORY CAPTURE of the stupid PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY!

            Attkisson, MacDonald, thank GOODNESS for the HEROES we have in society who’re willing to stand up to the MOBS THREATS, coercion, and increasingly, authoritarianism.

            I HOPE you guys have all seen Ms. Attkisson’s talk at Hillsdale
            Re: FAKE NEWS!!!


        6. Thank you for putting this article out there. Sometimes I feel like people don’t understand how natural immunity works and they just won’t listen.

        7. For some people, anyone with existing health problems, the risk of vaccine complications may be far out weighted by the risk of contracting covid-19. These people should with their doctor’s advice get the covid-19 vaccine.

          But why would the Biden administration, the medical establishment, the mainstream media and the vaccine companies push for vaccinating the world, including people that have natural immunity and people that have a 99.8% chance of surviving?

          The Biden administration is just incompetent, corrupt and being led by their big donors.

          The medical establishment is complicit in the deaths of thousands of people by preventing doctors from prescribing treatments that would have lessened the effects of covid-19 and would have kept serious complications from developing, and it will do anything to keep the public’s mind off its failure.

          The mainstream media is the lap dog of the powerful.

          The vaccine companies will make 100’s of billions of dollars selling ineffective vaccines. But if you hide the ineffectiveness by vaccinating people with natural immunity and vaccinating people that would never develop serious medical problems anyway and then claim these people were protected by the vaccine, who could prove you wrong. Brilliant!!!

          1. So true. It goes much deeper than that though. It is all tied in to the great reset Brought to you by Klaus Schwab head of the Davos Group, through the World Economic Forum. Please everyone research! Come to your own conclusion and just say No.
            i will not comply

        8. Sharyl Attkisson, out of this entire article, and all the data and studies shown, you jump right to defending pfizer and moderna? Not that you’re troubled and or concerned about the unAmerican way this entire thing has been handled? Nothing on the fact you never hear any of the tyrants pushing these jabs mention natural immunity? No issue with the fact several drugs already exist that have had success in treating this, but if you dare mention them, you’re canceled? Interesting..

        9. First of all, it is NOT a vaccine………The “virus” has never been isolated. So you can not make a vaccine for IT. The “test” does not work.
          So everything else is IRRELEVANT..

        10. If we should draw our own conclusion, why do you make anti-vaccine statements in the comments? I also question why do you omit so much pertinent information? For example that COVID reinfection rates as a percentage in MA fail to note that 74% of MA residents are vaccinated, yet 75% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. That translates to 25% of the population making up 75% of the hospitalizations, a clear case for the vaccine. Lying by omission is misleading your readers, and you won’t be winning any awards for that..

          Israel: While true natural immunity from a COVID infection is better than if you only had the vaccine, it’s not true if your COVID case was mild or asymptomatic, as little to know natural immunity develops if you never had to fight off a serious illness. What is also true, is that having the combination of natural immunity and acquired immunity from the vaccine, is much more effective than either alone. It is also important to note that in Israel, almost all are now vaccinated, and the average age of those hospitalized from COVID in this study were over the age 70, and most had pre-existing conditions. This age/risk group was the first vaccinated, and also the first to reach the end of their protection. The Israel study concludes the vaccine is effective for about 6 months, and regular boosters will be required. That’s science, It changes its conclusions as more data is gathered,. Because it changed, it doesn’t make the previous conclusion based on. the best data at the time, misleading or a lie.

          The Israel study makes the case for getting vaccines and boosters (maybe every 6 months), not that it’s ineffective which is how you manipulated the study conclusions.. Judging from the comments you are both giving and getting, you give rise to more anti-vax justification using this false “definitive” narrative, to those who don’t want the vaccine, This is pretty sloppy “journalism” that is going to kill people. They won’t die with a bang, but a gasping whimper, face down in a DOVID ICU bed.

          1. Bill,
            your first paragraph needs a link to the data. I have information that says the opposite, so if you could, put a link in a reply and we can talk. What you stated flies in the face of what know to be true, so that’s why I need a link. I’m sure you’re not just making things up.

            This statement is insane, and dangerous: “What is also true, is that having the combination of natural immunity and acquired immunity from the vaccine, is much more effective than either alone.” Getting an mRNA shot or the AD26 cold virus viral J&J shot if you’ve already had the ‘Rona has significant risks, and is unnecessary. Sickness confers immunity, just like if you’ve had the flu or the measles.
            Again, if you could provide information to substantiate your comment, I’m all eyes.
            It’s almost crazy to say the Israel study makes the case for taking the shots–the conclusion is precisely the opposite.

            What will kill people is garbage information like you’re putting out, that says the shots should be given even if you’ve had it. And you make your statements about Sharyl’s journalism, which is foolish. She’s one of the best journalists out there, fair, thorough, and honest.

            What she wrote and linked to here is gold, well worth our time and effort.

          2. Thanks for this post. As you accurately point out, if all you did is read this newsletter, you’d be forgiven if you believed that the vaccines are pretty dangerous and that they aren’t worth the trouble since natural immunity seems to work so much better. But nowhere in this newsletter have I ever seen simple data which shows the death rate and hospitalization rate for the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations (the percentage of deaths spilt between the two groups is an interesting number but you really do need to take into account the total population of both groups to get the true story – hence the need to cite the rates, not the percentages).
            From what I can tell, the numbers are considerably worse for the unvaccinated than for the vaccinated. But for some reason, we haven’t seen any hard data like that in this newsletter.
            But the “lying by omission” is hardly limited to COVID. Stories about voter fraud, the January 6th insurrection, and media mistakes, for example, all contain significant omissions (and, yes, I have specific examples to back up my claim). If you only read stories about those topics from this newsletter, I don’t think that you’d have a very good grasp on the real situation.
            One omission in this article is the CDC study released at the end of October comparing natural immunity to the vaccine. And, indeed, that study backed up your claim that having both natural immunity and the vaccine protects you better than either one alone.
            See my post toward the end for some further thoughts.

        11. Donna Mastrantonio

          Agree Sharyl, people need lessons in reading comprehension. And they did claim that if vaccinated you will NOT becoming seriously ill or hospitalized. For sure 100% they said that. There are still commercials on TV saying that.

      2. Both Pfizer and Moderna claimed near 100% prevention against severe disease and death early in the vaccination process. Later claims brought that down to 96% and claims have been reduced to between 60 and 80% against Delta variant but recent explosion of positives in the vaccinated indicate lower effectiveness. On the plus side those who become infected will achieve a broad based natural immunity against future infections including the inevitable future variants. Now can we be free again please?

        1. Israel is a very highly vaccinated nation (85% of adults over age 30)..

          Israel is reporting 39% effectiveness with Delta variant.

          On July 4, Israel had been reporting a huge success with the vaccines.
          Fewer than 1 older vaccinated person in 100,000 became seriously ill. Today the rate is 10 in 100,000. The Israeli government is now predicting a quadrupling of new, serious cases of the Wuhan Flu by the end of August.
          — The most likely cause: Israel is reporting a huge decline of vaccine effectiveness after six months, and has already recommended a booster shot for all senior citizens

          Short term adverse side effects are unprecedented (bad) for a US vaccine.

          Long term adverse side effects remain unknown, It could take years to find out. That’s why vaccines usually take 5 to 15 years to market. It would be wishful thinking to assume long term adverse side effects will be minor after the short term adverse side effects were huge.

          We have been provided with misinformation, exaggerations, wild speculation, lies, and censorship, about the disease and the vaccine — only a fool would continue to trust the CDC.

          I have followed this subject closely from the beginning, yet just today I found out important information about the Pfizer trials that had been deliberately obscured.

          The general public was told no one died during the ultra-short two month trials for Moderna and Pfizer. The obvious conclusion was that we couldn’t be sure the vaccines would prevent death from COVID, since no one died.

          Today I found out more than one dozen Pfizer vaccinated trial participants, and more than one dozen Pfizer placebo injection trial participants, had died. Not zero. But It was reported to the public as no deaths.

          That was misinformation, as the leftists like to say. The truth is that Pfizer itself determined that none of the deaths of vaccinated people were caused by COVID, or by the Pfizer vaccine. Pfizer made the cause of death decisions, knowing billions of profits were going to be coming from the vaccines in the near future. That is a conflict of interest, and a deception by withholding or obscuring that information.

          More details here:

          1. “Today I found out more than one dozen Pfizer vaccinated trial participants, and more than one dozen Pfizer placebo injection trial participants, had died. Not zero. But It was reported to the public as no deaths.”

            Wow! That must have been some nasty placebo!

        2. No we can’t be free until we stand up and make it painful for them to continue on the path if mandates, and shutdowns. We have to hurt their bottom line by refusing to go along. Until that happens, take your yellow star and shut up!

        3. KatherinKatherine Ann Green

          If we ask for our freedoms from this group of sociopaths currently making all the deadly decisions of the past year and one half, we will never know freedom again, in my view. We must know we are free, and then act on that freedom. It is the only path forward.

        4. In the rare case of reinfection in previously infected people no data is given on how serious is the disease upon reinfection yet the profit shot companies claim the shot prevent serious illness and deaths.

      3. Same here! I’m 67, been taking ivermectin as a prophylaxis for several months, and am recovering from a difficult case of covid. My doctor increased the ivermectin and when I continued to decline, prescribed steroids. That helped some, but the big difference came with monoclonal antibodies. I never had breathing problems (thanks to ivermectin, zinc, etc?) But I had debilitating nausea for 7 days. Anyway, it’s important to have a good doctor! I really don’t think I would have made it just with the ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, C, D, alone (and I’m typically very healthy, no problems).

        1. Thanks for that info! I believe it’s important to hit covid with everything available. And I think this demonstrates how we are all so different in how our bodies may respond to medications. I had two friends, husband and wife, who were extremely sick for a month. They went to a clinic which gave them the ivermectin cocktail and the very next day they both felt better. two days later much much better. Maybe a few weeks until full recovery because they were sick for so long. Doctors are saying with this new viriant it is very important to attack it right away. Maybe the hospitalizations are partly the ones who think it won’t be that bad and wait to treat it?

        2. breathing the proper way helps as well, don’t breath through your mouth instead do it through your nose and hum at that same time. breathing through your nose produces nitric oxide, nitric oxide kills viruses by humming one produces 16 times the amount of nitric oxide so when your around someone who is sick breath through your nose as you should all the time and hum to produce more nitric oxide to help the immune system kill the viruses before they reach the lungs. There are some studies that is using pumping nitric oxide into the lungs to help kill the covid 19.

      4. Well they said 95%. Close enough for me. Point is most of what is said in medical journals are pro covid pro vaccine. Most is false info. I am a retired MD with majors in chem and biologu. In UK 60% of hospital admits have been fully vaccinated. In the Mass. study 75@. With no surprise BigPharma rec boosters. Have you done research what the jab really is. One component is not rec. for human or vet. use. A protein spike is toxic. There have been numerous deaths. I am unable to give you the #. My niece died 3 days after 2nd shot. An autopsy was not authorized. I spoke with coroner. There is so much people dont know. I would advise vuew Kevin Shipp video on youtube. Listen carefully. It is in the video. Shadow gov >gov agency 391. Hope you figure code out. I am like you i could not find out how to reply to author. Facebook twitter goggle or owned by gov agency 391 and we are expected to use them. In our contact. Ship has a 1.05 minute video on shadow gov and those who fall under its large umbrella. Medical complex and Bidpharma are 2.

        1. A spike protein is toxic. Really. Then shouldn’t all people who get Covid die? After all, it has a spike protein. Your hyperbole is just over the top and your argument lack logic.

          1. He’s saying that the protein spike caused by the vaccine which is forcing a sudden production of spike protein, is toxic. That is true. Our immune systems don’t create the viral spike proteins like the vaccines do, a d the virus itself does t create free floating spike proteins either.

          2. Toxic is the correct word. spike protiens are poisonous if you prefer that term. But then many toxic things are aren’t fatal in low doses. I won’t comment on remainder of the somewhat incoherrent and conspiratorial. The goal of the mRNA vaccine is for injection site cells to respond to the messanger RNA and produce the spike protiens that comprise the surface of the Corona Visrus and give it ti’s “crown” formation. These vaccines are the first ever “approved” mRNA vaccines. The technology is either frightening or amazing. Folks worried about GMO food ought to really hate these vaccines.

      5. I am a 64-year-old American man. I am unaware whether I have ever contracted Covid-19. (Since the “outbreak” commenced in January 2019, I have experienced no symptoms).

        If the so-called Covid “vaccines” were actually effective like the polio and small pox vaccines have been, I would take the shot. (Remember, the polio vaccine essentially eradicated polio in those societies which became predominantly polio vaccinated. So, too, with the small pox vaccine. As my good friend Kyle says, after taking the small pox vaccine, you can swim in a vat of small pox and never become infected with small pox).

        That clearly is not the case with any of the so-called Covid “vaccines.” As Ms. Attkisson’s well-researched article demonstrates, the evidence is clear and mounting that the so-called Covid “vaccines” do not prevent new cases of Covid infection in “vaccinated” persons. (In other words, the so-called Covid “vaccines” are NOT EFFECTIVE.)

        As an aside (yet, a very much related) subject, the evidence likewise is clear and mounting that the so-called Covid “vaccines,” themselves, are creating sicknesses and outright death in disturbingly large numbers of people. (In other words, the so-called Covid “vaccines” are NOT SAFE, either.)

        American society should turn this Covid “vaccine” ship around (180 degrees) immediately. The Covid “vaccine” injections should forthwith be halted. The problem is that our impotent and feckless leaders on this subject — Fauci, Biden, CDC Director Walensky, and Secretary of Defense Austin — continue to cause our American society to unnecessarily squander precious time and lives.

        If I knew where I could go to get the actual Covid-19 virus (I’m not here talking about any of the so-called Covid “vaccines”) injected into me — along with actual treatment regimens (for example, Ivermectin) provided for me, I would willingly and enthusiastically do it. If enough of the under-70 crowd would do the same, we would truly achieve actual herd immunity in America. We would set the right example for the rest of the world.

        1. Since the Vaccine was released many sites that discussed Herd Immunity have removed the term Natural Immunity completely. and only mention vaccinated.

          It’s also the same for the Natural Immunity when the vaccine was released. Nearly every site I went to stated that it doesn’t’ provide the antibody levels as the vaccine and they should get vaccinated.

          It’s things like this that makes me question nearly everything I hear about Covid. So many other things that have been edited, archived, censored and discarded even though they were widely accepted for decades in the scientific community pre-Covid.

          I have Natural Immunity and don’t want to get the vaccine, so that groups me in with the unvaccinated group, which shows me that non of this has to do with science and safety, merely compliance and money.

      6. Pfizer is 39% effective after 8 months according to a new Israeli study. 39% would not have gotten it approved at all. Look at the current wave of infection and understand that this is largely due to the vaccines losing effectiveness over time. Stop pushing vaccines on those of us who have had it.

      7. If you go the the FDA website it specifically says that Comirnaty prevents COVID-19.

        FDA approves Comirnaty (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA), which was previously known as Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older.

      8. No, but they promised a LOT more than is being delivered. Ditto for the politician’s promises of what they would do if all the sheep got the jab.

      9. This very good work and is consistent with your previous output!
        The question is why there’s been so much reluctance to even want too look at scientific research that doesn’t reflect the promotional information given by governments and big pharmaceutical companies! The insane amount of mind bending propaganda that was fired at the general public may have something to do with it!
        Remember it was 24-7 and every were!!!
        As for the motivation this had a lot to do with it

    2. See the experience of Cleaveland Clinic with 54,000 patients. They have an argument that natural immunity is more powerful than vaccine. Walensky told Paul and Maddie the CDC would amend the recs but hasn’t and without science. What’s their angle? It ain’t science.

      1. I feel it all comes down to money. Pfizer and BigPharma seem to be driving Covid policy over science!

        Over 40 million have recovered from Covid and have natural immunity. In any other time period prior to Covid, those people would most likely not need a vaccine. Not today, the entire standard on natural immunity has been rewritten, ignored and even falsely claimed to be non effective. Big Pharma is gifted with 40 million Americans to jab even though they don’t need it.

      2. Their angle is that this vaccine is a bioweapon that’ll end up killing tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people. The covid shots will never end either. The booster shots will be given at a minimum of twice per year and new vaccine passports will be electronic to ensure you’re up to date on your shots. The more shots you take the greater chance you have of dying, which will be blamed on new variants. New lockdowns will be issued by the end of the year and the unvaccinated will be blamed for it. They are trying to get as many people jabbed as they can before the long term side effects, and a lot of death, begin to happen.

    3. Since this is the phase 3 stage of drug development of these experimental mRNA jabs, which have always been halted as animals experienced antibody-dependent enhancement, resulting in organ failure, neurological disorders and death, could we not surmise with very little difficulty that the tremendous amount of death and complications in the jabbed is also a result of ADE?

    4. Dr Robert Malone inventor of the MRNA method has a great interview with Jimmy dore show”the truth about vaccines” quote , we can’t. Vaccinate our way out of a pandemic” only the elderly & those people who have comorbidities need the vaccines, over vaccination will produce. More deadly mutant escape varients,less than 400 documented deaths in children under 18 years old world wide. If u r healthy under 50 year’s old chance of dying from COVID-19 roughly 0.000001 great interview 1 hour 20 minutes , awesome govt official s either incompetent or it’s regulatory capture by big Pharma ,ECT…. Lil he goes on… Crazy.

    5. The FDA is not recommending covud vax boosters and says that the pharmaceutical companies could be liable for injuries related to boosters. Sheryl i read this on the FDA website yesterday but I did not copy which page/site it was from. Something else that I have not been reading is that under FDA rules any medication or vax that is under EUA the person giving the vax must give the patient the information about the risks AND tell them the patient they have a CHOICE to take it or REFUSE it. According to that FDA rule the guvment CAN’T force anyone to take a vaccine which means they can’t mandate it to keep employment. Can you do an article on that Sheryl?

  2. Great post. Am angry at leadership in this country for not discussing Natural immunity. Had covid in Dec., was pushed by my employer to vax in March. Wish I hadn’t. Took 1 shot, bad reaction and said No way on #2. Biden is botching this whole thing

    1. ‘Botching’ is typically used when someone does something stupid or wrong by accident. Applying this term to Biden, the CDC, NIH, Fauci (its a LONG list) infers ALL of these highly skilled professionals just, opps, missed the whole natural immunity part of the science, and THAT is simply NOT a possibility. There is something Evil and sinister about this my fellow freedom lovers. Pay close attention to the hand behind the back, not the one handing out money.
      Sharyl, you are an absolute Rock Star! Love You!!

      1. It’s all about government control and profits for Big Pharma. And a chunk of those profits will “circle back” to certain political allies.

        1. If you where the money and tech for these immune therapy shots come from, I would say it’s also about population control as well as making money!
          Please! Can we stop calling these therapeutic drugs (vaccines)! Vaccines they are NOT!

          1. You are exactly right Eric about it being population control. .Bill Gates and Fauci are eugenicists and so is George Soros and some Big Phama CEO;s.Gates has said they want to reduce the population to 500 million to save the planet by 2030 and usher in their New World Order. Gates has said the only way to do it i s through vaccines. Hes killed thousands in Asia and Africa with is vaccines so he’s off to a good start.

        2. What makes me suspicious is that Bill Gates funds so much of this, and he is a proponent of “culling the herd,” so to speak, as well as finding a way of “tracking” the population. I think eventually we will discover a very sinister operation is going on. Also, America’s Frontline Doctors is a group of doctors which have shown that they had treated COVID patients, without any vaccines, and not lost one patient, via the use of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and zinc in which a two week treatment costs little more than $20.00. I think the overriding reason behind most of this is, as you say, control and profit.

      2. absolutely correct as well Fauci ignored the suicides, drug overdoses , child abuse , mental health issues , all to try to make us do something over a disease that has less than a one percent chance of killing an average and sometimes not even healthy person

        1. Actually its Joe Biden and the Cabal that pulls his strings whom we should investigate. Biden opened the border when the Pandemic was raging and Americans were on lockdown. Over one million “Migrants” have entered the country this year, few i9f any are vaccinated and many have Covid.. Biden has committed a blatant High Crime and Misdemeanor as sure as we are sitting here. He failed to protect American citizens.

        2. Oh they have tried and tried. Fake Russia collusion hoax, ironic impeachment attempts, all while China Joe and Hunter are the ones that should be investigated.
          Fauci did fund the Wuhan lab and gain of function research, he is a liar.

          1. Probably when he was saying what these studies indicate early on before the vaccines emerged, then his messaging changed. Just go back and watch his interviews with Trevor Noah and young Dr. Mike of YouTube fame. He was accurate in his projections early on though you wouldn’t know that by listening to him since then. Now he just seems to parrot the Dr. Osterholm views and recommendations, Early on Dr, Fauci said that he expected a robust immune response to any re-exposure to the virus after recovering from a past infection. He even went so far as to use phrases like “if this virus behaves as every other virus we’ve ever known” and even went on to say that he “would bet anything on it” regarding natural immunity after infection, That’s why Rand Paul was pressing him on the matter because he (Rand) knew that the science didn’t change but the newer version of Fauci was acting like it had. It was clear from the outset that there were no outbreaks of confirmed re-infections. Nobody presses him on that point in the carefully selected venues he appears on. He is either not in charge of what he can say publicly or he just chooses what to say that he thinks will result in the actions that he prefers for the public to do. Sort of like when he dismissed the benefit of mask wearing early on and he later said it was beneficial and that he was not truthful initially because he didn’t want the public to buy up all the mask supply leaving healthcare workers short of those masks as necessary PPE. That was a dark day in his career and though his concerns were valid his method was wrong as he is the most listened to public official on infectious diseases in America.

        3. Guessing you didn’t read the article above, filled with citations of scientific investigations. Natural immunity is robust and durable, the SCIENCE says so. Your “experts” know it, they just choose to ignore it, for reasons that seem more and more difficult to categorize as “innocent” as opposed to “nefarious” day by day.

        4. Trump I’m starting to believe is all part of it. Lulls us to sleep with his BS Rallys. He says the same thing at each one. Just look at the private Island He and other Elites have. Fully sustainable.

        5. Fauci is correct??
          Let’s review- Masks + vaccines = upper respritory outbreak in summer time producing largest cases counts ever.

          1. Could Fauci’s massive policy flip that aligns with the vax narrative be the result of Blackmail – exposing him for Gain of Function funding? It was started during the Obama presidency and Biden was handling China and Fauci could have never funded Gain of Function without high level approval on not just the US side, but China.

            Just a theory! His actions and total shift last year seemed really odd and now he basically pushes what the White House narrative is instead of what actual science does.

        6. “The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline,
          which (accidentally) owns Pfizer!” (the one who makes the vaccine against
          the virus which was (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and
          which was (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci, who (accidentally) promotes
          the vaccine!
          “GlaxoSmithKline is (accidentally) managed by the finance division of Black
          Rock, which (accidentally) manages the finances of the Open Foundation
          Company (Soros Foundation), which (accidentally) manages the French AXA!
          “Soros (accidentally) owns the German company Winterthur, which
          (accidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the
          German Allianz, which (coincidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder, who
          (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Black Rock,” which (coincidentally)
          controls central banks and manages about a third of global investment
          “Black Rock” is also (coincidentally) a major shareholder of MICROSOFT,
          owned by Bill Gates, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Pfizer (which
          – remember? Sells a miracle vaccine) and (coincidentally) is now the first
          sponsor of the ‘WHO!
          Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China has infected
          the WHOLE PLANET! “”
          Share quickly

      3. Excellent article. I’m surprised it got past the censors. Someone needs to read it to Dementia Joe, but I’m afraid it exceeds his attention span. There definitely is something evil behind this. This is way more than just money for pharma. The pressure is over the top.

        1. I agree with pressure over the top it is to obvious to ignore it isn`t natural I`ve herd they are offering all kind of incentives and $`s to take the jabs , there is much money being made here but I feel as you there is more to it than meets the eye .

      4. It people would look at the big picture of this they might realize there are very different motives afoot — as you say.

    2. cynthia c tillett

      Mark..I had covid in February 2020..As a crew member for a major airline ..I thought it was the yearly upper respitory most crew get.. I have tested for 18 months now..every three months..still postivive for the antibodies..They say I still have to have the jab or face firing..Not happening here..

      1. I sense a fast rise in numbers, of those who become self employed, …. doing things they Actually enjoy for a change.

        If the vaccine is as deadly as they say, a lot of large corporations will go bankrupt FAST anyway, as soon as the side effects catch up with all their remaining employees. The corps will be forced to drop their requirements or go out of business. At that point Everyone should boycott working for them, no matter how much they offer.
        “When a man has nothing left to lose, He is free to do whatever he likes”. -Conan (the Barbarian)

        After those 4 pilots in the UK keeled over after their second jab, I don’t know why anyone would want to fly, … WITH vaccinated pilots anyway. Besides, the airlines can’t seem to make up their minds. First they said you had to be vaccinated in order to fly, …. then they said that if you ARE vaccinated you cannot fly, because of blood clots and their LIABILITY !! Who would want to make a potentially permanent and life altering choice to get vaccinated in order to work for them, … if they might just change their mind next month ??.

    3. They knew that vaccines caused 40% more side effects when given to Covid survivors. They also know that Novavax has significantly fewer side effects using a more traditional vaccine. In spite of this they are slow walking Novavax approval

  3. If there are published studies, a formal bibliography should be included, citing them within the body of the article. Without which could be concluded as fake. Just an observation!

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      with respect; news articles do not publish in the format you suggest. However, even better, all the referred citations are linked to directly within the article and the studies listed and linked to directly at the end where a bibliography would be.

      1. This is, I believe, much better than a standard bibliography with no links. It makes information more rather than less accessible.

      2. Sharyl: I hope your next investigative report will be on why the medical establishment has refused to release a protocol for those infected other than “quarantine at home and call me if it gets worse” The silence is deafening, and those of us who went thru it were on our own, finding only vitamin protocols (C, D, zinc, etc) and HCQ. Has to be some whistleblowers somewhere!

        1. The doctors at FLCCC.NET is doing their best to do just what you’ve asked. Lots of good data and information there.

          1. Correct. I had Covid last Dec and had to insist on an rx for ivermectin. I told my doc (a good friend) I’d consider the IV infusion of monoclonal antibody if I did not improve rapidly. The result was great. (N=1, I know)

            If I were not an MD I don’t think he’d have listened to me.

            The truth about these cheap and effective (in the early phase) legacy medications has been criminally obscured by the politicians abetted by medical academia/institutions and pharma. Investigation-worthy.

        2. I agree, went thru Covid in Nov 2020, almost no guidance provided, had to improvise on our own in our household.

          In addition, getting some indication the ICU reports we are hearing about may be fictitious. Investigation needs to be focused here as well. Sadly, can’t trust anything in the ‘big world’ anymore.

          1. We went through it also. No help what so ever from medical people. Mostly, “hope you don’t get too bad.” And now after recovering they want us to get the experimental jab. I had a friend whose Dr. did prescribe them HCQ, but their 80 year old aunt and uncle were told to just go home. They were not given any help whatsoever. This is beyond medical malpractice in my humble opinion. Especially since Fauci knew in 2005 HCq was effective with SARS-COV-1 and with 70-80% in common with COV-2 had a good chance of being effective. I’m beyond mad!

          2. We also went through it in November but being a nurse I was a bit more informed. We had started a protocol of vitamin D, zinc, quercitin, Vitamin C and NAC in January 2020, If I knew that protocol would be helpful why didn’t the CDC? Why weren’t NH patients supplemented with at least D that was likely in the toilet from years of being inside and on multiple meds that deplete essential vitamin and mineral stores? Why would the CDC block access to hydroxychloroquine early on which could have helped so many if given early in disease process? Why were people told to stay home and quarantine until their lips turned blue on they couldn’t breathe?
            So many whys all probably with the same answer

        3. Hit nail on head! Doctors that were willing to give advice regarding Vit ,C,D, B complex, zinc and antivirals and yes antibiotics when a secondary infection became present..Doctors were in many instances silenced by government .
          Talk to long term Lyme patient and they will share information about what works when they were infected with COVID .

          1. Good afternoon, I am a chronic Lyme person. I was real diligent when my family had cvd. I took vit c,.d, oil of oregano, melatonin and used hydrogen peroxide in my nebulizer. This and lots of fasting (not intentional, just not hungry) helped immensely with my cvd symptoms but more importantly almost all of my Lyme pains were gone. Please share any help with Lyme

        4. Exactly, this lack of treatment regime after 20 months is frightening. You would think by now hospitals and doctors would want to treat it so that their not overrun.

        5. Yes please, I’m wondering same.

          Why not educate the public on prevention protocols and early intervention/treatments.

        6. Jim Lambert, you raise a question I have asked in personal conversations with family and friends. Where is the medical establishment when it comes to treating covid-19 positive patients? There ARE treatments that turn it around if used early. I know someone who was Dx with covid-19 in Oct. 2020 and sent home without any Tx whatsoever. Her condition deteriorated and she ended up in hospital ICU. Fortunately, she made a full recovery. When she did she started researching and was understandably angry to learn that there were medications she could have been given early on. It could have prevented serious illness, hospitalization and all its costs. It is a disgrace and worse that medical providers are failing to prescribe easily accessible, less costly medications for this virus. Our own PCP declined to discuss any Tx other than the monoclonal antibodies infusion when I questioned him about Tx for the infection.

          1. All it really is, … is a window with a far better view of how the medical field has been conducting itself, for the most part, for the last 100 years. It isn’t NEW, as there has never been much interest in curing anyone or finding and eradicating the root cause of disease, but rather medicating the symptoms instead. Cure = Less Business, … while merely putting band-aids on symptoms = Life Long Customers, with life long sickness.

    2. How is providing the link to each study considered “fake”. Why is citing them at the end any more “real” than citing them in the body? They are the equivalent of footnotes, every bit as “real” as a bibliography.

    3. It’s not a peer review paper or a college thesis that requires or follows APA or MLA formatting; it is an article that includes links and citations. By stating this you are asserting that ALL news paper and magazine articles, blogs etc. that do not follow APA/MLA citation practices “could be concluded as fake.” While I wholeheartedly agree that anything printed in the media these days, and anything not including links to cited material should at least be read with a “grain of salt” Mr. Attkisson is well known, and has an impeccable reputation for, in depth research in her reporting. One of the last true journalists in a field of hacks.

    4. SO you really think Sharyl is going to post fake shit when she provides links to the studies in question? So then by that measure everything on the activist channels, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. etc. could very well be fake as well.

      Me thinks you don’t know Sharyl’s work very well.

      1. When “news” wades into science, as COVID reporting clearly does, what is printed for public consumption should be (is IMHO) held to a higher standard. Links to other blogs and other “news” reports fails a medical standard. Links should be to PRIMARY sources. Clean it up or leave ut to the experts. IMHO

        1. Sharyl Attkisson

          All the studies link to primary sources in the post. Other points of interest may link to other sources.

          1. You are 95 % correct. I am md. With major chem and biology. You quoted the Israeli reports where 100 % of hospital admits had the jab. I call it that because it is not a vacciinne nor was it tested like vaccinne. They were no controls based on science. Did you mention the absebce of flu this year? Seems they have been doing this on other vaccines over the years. I am limited as to what i can say. They play with my cell. Cancel videos and alter pics that have been saved. Do you know who they are? I did a previoys reply and mebtioned shadow gov and gov agency 391. Kevin shipp ex 391 agent has excellent videos on utube. Look for most recent with ref to shadow gov > gov agency 391.
            You are on right track but you have only touvhed tip of iceberg. Did you know hospitals get extra money for covid dx. Dx =29k 39kvent 139k with death. It was on local news that memphis hospitals got 963 mil from stimulus package. Doctors also got grants ( free money) would they bite the hand that feeds them ? I think you get drift. You left out chloroquine i believe? Cheap and effective with many studies not published. Any criticium of narrative will not be published by MSM( akafake news) or any medical journal. I tested JAMA and MedScape and was advised to unsubscribe. A true journalist gets into less just say sensitive issues that likes of cdc NIIH WHO Fauci and others do not like. There has no one come up with but one truth on the issue. He said in 2017 would have a pandemic. You can still see on Tucker Carlson. One of Gates rec on his population control was mass vaccinations. He is saying the jabs kill. It is still broadcast. Another site i would strongly rec is He covers climate control ansvearths short lifevexpectacy. Shipp and eng Wigginton will tell you who shadow gov is and who they control. . . I should say both. Keep up thegood work but i cannot offer more. comments.
            Watch the videos on 911. A new pearl harbor and Follow the Money. A false flag is not a hoax. The narrative does not fit facts. With a false flag such as ??????

          2. Isn’t it ironic that doctors are just as likely to be ignorant about the medical facts surrounding covid as anyone?

            It’s not suprising–medical knowledge about covid encompasses a wide range of disciplines and doctors typically are ignorant about medicine outside their specialty beyond what they studied in med school.

            I ask doctors where are the autopsies linked to the VAERS data and their response is that VAERS data is noisy, which my question assumes. Of course, these people are operating off of talking points, not critical thinking.

        2. Did you not read the whole article nor click on the plethora of direct links to the studies/science brief at the end? If you are an “expert” then IMHO you should read an article completely before adding your critique. That’s sloppy. Clean it up or leave it to those who read to the end and check the sources.

    5. On August 10, 2021 Governor Beshear et al presented data that would suggest some numbers related to break thru infections. I will try to include the link but some of the stats are for Fully Vaccinated: 7.9% cases (5,529 people), Hospitalized 8.6% (303 people) and Deaths 11.3% (52 people). For Partial or unvaccinated: cases 92.1% (64,886 people), Hospitalized 91.4% (3,203 people) and deaths 88.7% (408 people). These numbers are from March 1 – August 5, 2021. The link to the full presentation is

      1. i am wondering why beshear forbid the pharmacies from prescribing HCQ or ivermectin…my dr prescribed HCQ for me and pharmacy refused to fill Rx…then prescribed ivermectin…pharmacy refused to fill Rx….pharmacy stated it was governor’s order to not prescribe these meds…i finally contacted americas front line dr’s….they sent me ivermectin….along with azithromycin and an inhaler because it had severly inflamed my lungs….after three days i was not having anymore sings or symptoms….i suffered with this for 2 weeks before getting the meds that actually did wonders for me……

  4. Thank you!
    When can the millions of people with natural immunity be able to receive a vaccine waiver? This issue needs to be pushed at the highest level.

    1. I agree. I had Covid in early March, but I decided to vaccinate in April because some activities required vaccination. I was very hesitant about the vaccine because I did not think that it would increase my immunity and had concerns about side effects. The current surge is actually good news especially if the surge is focused on non vaccinated individuals. Getting Covid is without any doubt the best protection against future infection.

      1. I’ve seen studies that showed that natural immunity was more durable against variants whereas the shot is only covering the original strain similar to how the flu shot works.

          1. Natural immunity is by far the best protection. Always has been for almost every virus known to man. Take the politics out of covid 19 and we have stopped talking about it 15 months ago.

          2. Daryl. I guarantee you do not know how the jab works. I am unable to tell you. I am md with major chem and biology It prob does cause the toxic protein spike. Have you considered how a pritein spike would effect patients with Lupus Psoriasis R Arthritis ? These people make antibodies against their own tissue. Effects as planned would be bad. . Watch Kevin Shipp on youtube. Shadow gov >gov agency 391 watch The engineer covers shadow gov and climate engineering. Look at sky. Have you heard of app 14 HAARP facilities around planet. Ours in Alaska. If they are doing experiments on atmosphere why do we need so many

      2. I guess natural immunity would be the best, if it lasts, and if one does not die of Covid while ill with it.

        1. It’s possible, but unlikely, people to die after being reinfected with covid for the same reasons that vaccinated people can die after being infected with covid.

          If you contract cancer or have an organ transplant or your calcifediol levels tank, you are seriously at risk from all infectious respiratory diseases.

      3. Watching and waiting to see who will be laughing in the fall and winter when Florida has natural herd immunity

    2. Why should anyone need a waiver? Is there a waiver for STDs or HIV or any other contagious diseases.?
      How about these people in the government are criminals, liars and thieves. They are not finished with us yet. If we do not stop these crazy satanic rulers, we will be in bigger trouble than we have been since two weeks to flatten the curve, 18 months later.!

      1. You are correct! I am very suspicious with a government that will not allow the public to be informed that if you are given hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and zink you can be cured and not die. Because Trump said hydroxy was safe and effective, they said the reverse. The government and media would rather see people die that agree that Trump was correct. No wonder people don’t trust our institutions.

        1. agree I had covid in Jan, asked for hydroxychloroquine and was told no, it hasn’t been proven, (Texas), when at the same time in Louisiana a friend had covid got the meds and was only sick a few days/mild, I however was so sick I got Pneumonia the second week and ended up on oxygen for another week making 3 weeks total sick! This is crap, not acceptable and people need to speak up.

          1. I’ve just been thru a similar experience. I came down with COVID on 7/28. My (now former) Doctor wouldn’t prescribe me HQC or Ivermectin. I still had a mild case for 5 more days before catching Pneumonia (totally avoidable). Went to the ER when my o2 dropped below 90%, where an ER Doctor explained the “Game”. They only want to treat you if your really sick (to keep up the scare). In any event he was clearly frustrated that he couldn’t do all he could for me, but he did prescribe $6 worth of steroids, sent me home, and by the next day I was again feeling better. Today (8/15) I’m about done with the Pneumonia I never should have contracted.

    3. Thank you for bringing this up! It’s ridiculous to demand that we who have natural immunity be treated as second class citizens. It’s time to quit catering to the pharmas and doctors who are in it for the money and let the truth be told. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    4. Agree +2 of us here in SoCal. No one can say it is science to leave those with natural or acquired (thru past oinfection even if mild or symptomless) out of the equation.
      I would rather take my chances exposing myself to the virus than to these untested treatments they are calling vaccines. Although I’ve heard its unpleasant like the worst flu it still will leave me immune to future versions and I deserve to count as vaccinated.
      Does anyone know how you could get exposed to actual covid 19 viruses? Not the spike protein the vaccinated are allegedly shedding, but the original covid 19 virus?
      That so many I trusted to be neutral on health like fda, OSHA etc have all bent the knee is so disgusting. Like they are in on it or under the globalists thumbs. Thank you Sheryl for this article and for being a truth seeker. For as liebniz said “what greater gift than truth has any man to give to man?”

    5. I couldn’t agree more! We who have survived Covid are being discriminated against by insistence that we get a shot anyway. That is not science. I am thankful for this report which gives me confirmation on my stance not to get a shot. However, will we be able to attend public places, airflights, etc. because we don’t join the herd of the vaccinated? Wondering……Madelyn

    6. I wish they would get a test, that could tell the difference between the vaccinated, the unvaccinated and those who have already had covid and are immune.

  5. As always, thorough and enlightening. With what the hard data clearly shows, now it’s time to dive into why the CDC is really pushing the jab. Sure makes me wonder .

    1. Disaster capitalism. No different to anything that’s come in the past. How the rich find ways to extract wealth from us evolves, the underlying mechanism does not. Only thing that’s different now is need to cull the population (in the view of some with too much money and time on their hands) and so this round of ‘reset’ needs to be about numbers of people as well as (connected) financial economics.

      1. Free Enterprise is you and I trading each other for something we value to satisfy our self interest.

        Capitalism is the accounting system that tracks the value of the trade if money is involved. Capitalism tracks money, not free enterprise.

        Money is the durable representation of money. Currency, aka bank notes such the Federal Reserve Notes, is a convenient representation of money when money represents value. When currency becomes money we have fiat currency, the illusion of value. Capitalism is the messenger not the message.

        1. If you are not a teacher or professor of economics you should be. That is the most succinct and clear explanation of Free Enterprise, Capitalism and Money I have come across thus far.

          1. You mean the statement, “Money is the durable representation of money?!” Yeah! Only an academic professor could pull out a statement as absurd as that! When Jim says disaster capitalism, he does not talk about an economic system in theory. He simply points to a corrupt economic ideology in practice.

      2. 100%. The redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the 1% has been immeasurable during this plandemic. The American Dream is damn near done and we will all be begging our corporate kings for bread and circuses

      3. Except liberal media is usually all over stories to make corporations and businesses look bad. Instead they are in lockstep regurgitating the Big Pharma/CDC line all day every day. And big tech not only repeats it all, but actively silences and punishes anyone offering alternative views or even questioning the Narrative. It’s very different that just enterprising companies hustling to fill a sudden need. It’s a very different version of “disaster capitalism” when all the libs think it’s wonderful…

  6. Thank you, Sharyl, for addressing this issue. This, of course, leads directly to the next question. Will previously-infected individuals be subjected to discriminatory treatment in the workplace and public sphere because we are unvaccinated, even though we are less dangerous to those around us than are unreceovered/vaccinated individuals? Probably so. Which leads to the next question: Why?

    1. Yes, it’s happening now. My son is going to be fired from a university for choosing not to vaccinate after recovery from the infection. Why won’t doctors step up and champion natural immunity which has always been superior than vaccination.

      1. Have your son go to to consider getting the T-cell test to PROVE he has long lasting immunity. The test is EUA approved. Then at least he has scientific proof to indicate he is genuinely recovered and his body has the tools to protect him into the distant future.
        (Note: I have no financial interest in the company doing the test. I received it myself a month ago to prove I was a recovered individual with long term immunity.)

    2. J.T Ramirez, ,,MD

      The ‘vaccine” has never been approved. It is not a vaccine in the usual sense, but]
      a few amino acids from the virus, with messanger RNA which attaches to the
      chromosome as would a new gene. Vaccinated people will forever carry this
      genetic marker in their genome. The presumption is that this viral sample will
      produce antibodies:. It doesn’t seem to be doing it.

      1. Dr. MA Brooks MPhD

        Exactly!! Dr. Ramirez is correct & very brave. The Vacc is NOT a vaccine at all, it is a Covid19 Chimera, just like all the variants are manufactured. Lab-made concoctions. Wonder why Pfizer will not release their “formula”? There is a solid correlation between “vaccination” , “breakthrough” infections & rise in new variants. All 3 genetic sequences could mirror each other. Check patent data on Odysee, interview of Dr. David Martin by ReiterFuellmich. Can’t patent nature, but tweek it & you can.

        Try contacting Atty James Bopp in Indiana. He + FLCCC have filed suit against university. He may also have referrals.
        I’ve posting LinkedIn, state anti-mandate info & congressional HR702 prohibits mandate for EUA drugs (FDA – Emerg Use Authoriz – Unlicensed RX)

      2. Thank you for your honesty doctor. So many have been deceived all in the name of enriching big tech and big pharma. The price to be paid as we all become pawns in their digital prison will far outweigh the lives lost to Covid

  7. Great article. What were the dates for the Illinois deaths?
    It would be interesting to see the percentage of deaths of vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

    1. I’m afraid that will prove that there’s a significantly higher percentage of deaths and hospitalizations among the unvaccinated. Interesting that Sharyl didn’t directly reference those statistics which are all over the internet.

      1. While you may be right, the whole upshot of the concerning CDC data was that in a hard data study in Mass, the vast majority of the infected and dead had been fully vaccinated.

          1. Unfortunately this test is only available for those 18 or older. Does anyone have a source for testing someone who had suspected Covid at age 14? Thank you so much for any information!

        1. Sheryl, Could you investigate adverse reactions to vaccine. There is a “Twitter feed” Entitled “1,000 “ stories of horrific adverse reactions to vaccines. It seems legitimate. If so why are these stories “squelched” ?Shouldn’t we be able to decide if we wish to subject ourselves to this, even if the possibility is small?

          1. Sharyl Attkisson

            Check under the “health” tab on the home page and you will see some analysis I’ve done about adverse events after Covid-19 vaccination. Thanks

          2. You can read the VAERS adverse reaction reports that were submitted at the website below — every one is available — they are not happy reading. Remember that at least 90% of adverse reactions never get reported, based on the most favorable study of the VAERS database — 99% not reported, per the least favoable study. Knowing how often adverse reactions are NOT reported, the numbers reported are HUGE and unprecedented:


      2. I have read several articles (particularly with respect to Israel) that indicate vaccinated people who become infected have a greater risk of dying compared to unvaccinated people who become infected. Moreover, adverse reactions have been shown to be more severe in cases where the vaccinated had previously been infected as compared to the unvaccinated, the result of an enhanced immune response. The “fact checkers” do agree with you, however.

    2. I agree. Even the number of cases? Where is the study on this? I personally know of 4 individuals that were vaxxed then got COVID. I do not know anyone who had COVID previously and has been re-infected.

    3. You’d have to go state to state researching it. The CDC stopped reporting those stats since the end of April I believe.

      If you look up every other countries breakthroughs, they’re so much higher then ours. We’re the only one with it barely a blip on the stats, which is what makes me believe this data is being hidden or manipulated to conceal the numbers.

      Aside from breakthrough deaths, they no longer report as symptomatic breakthroughs, but always report as symptomatic unvaccinated cases.

  8. Sharyl, didn’t Lindsay Graham have Covid before? I seem to remember that he had it around the time Trump had it and several others had it. If I am correct how could he have had Covid twice since natural antibodies should have kicked in.

      1. With PCR cycle tests so high there is huge concern of false positives. It would not be surprising that people with cold/flu type symptoms when PCR tested showed positive but in fact were not. CDC data shows very low influenza cases over the past year. Was that because of NPIs or misdiagnosis? Likely never know for sure.

        1. The CDC recently decreedthat PCR test inadequate. The test cannot distinguish between the COVID or flu; and will longer use the EUA test at the end of the year. The cases are inflated as are the COVID deaths.

          1. Wow, that would explain Lindsey Graham if we confirm he had Covid naturally while Pres. Trump was in office. Then he may have gotten the vax for show and that messed up his natural immunity he should have had allowing him to be reinfected!

      2. It doesn’t appear he ever had a confirmed and reported case of covid. Back last fall he was exposed to people who then tested positive but it seems he never got it.

      3. My question is this: With so many people testing positive for CV19, and not knowing they had it while showing no symptoms and never getting sick, how could Graham “know” it would have been worse without the shot?

    1. There are multiple cases of people getting Covid more than once. This, however, does not disprove the hypothesis that natural immunity is present and robust. The question becomes ‘how many’ people, out of the millions who have had it, have gotten it more than once.
      Unfortunately none of these perfectly reasonable questions are being asked or answered. Even asking them brands you a rabid anti-vaxer or worse.

      1. peaceandquietplease

        Your question is premised upon the fact that the PCR testing was designed to jack up the positive diagnosis rate – ergo your question needs to be qualified.

        How many who tested positive did not in fact ever have the covid 19 virus?

    2. My 17 yo healthy, athletic daughter had COVID (verified by rapid and PCR) in February, she was vaccinated in May (mandated by university protocols), and is now extremely sick with COVID again (verified by rapid and PCR). It is really hard to believe and I am very worried about her. I feel lied to by so many in government , the medical field, and the media. Never stop seeking the truth! Thank you for you courage.

      1. TJ, please ask your doctor to prescribe ivermectin for your daughter, and have a look at the numerous trials worldwide showing that ivermectin is practically the cure for covid.
        Information on the numerous drug trials and the frontline doctors who are trying to tell the world about ivermectin can be found at:
        Research the incidences of covid in Mexico City and in two provinces in India after government leaders there ordered the inexpensive drug ivermectin be given to anyone who wanted to take it.
        In many countries around the world, ivermectin is sold over the counter, just like aspirin, butiIt requires a prescription in the U.S. Many doctors refuse to prescribe the drug — even to dying patients. My doctor denied me in April.
        Note that none of the covid “vaccines” could have received the FDA’s dubious Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) if any other effective treatment were available to treat covid.
        Ivermectin costs pennies per tablet; the unproven “vaccines” have cost the American taxpayers untold millions and the lives of too many family and friends.
        The U.S. government secrecy over the unprofitable drugs ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine is literally murder.
        Thank you, Sharyl;
        I wish you would research ivermectin. I think the resulting article would deserve a Pulitzer prize and could end the covid madness.
        I pray that one governor in the U.S. will order ivermectin for every state resident who wants it: zero deaths and zero new cases would be the result.

      2. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I appreciate your concern and frustration with ALL the players in this world-wide ‘narrative’. ☼ I also second the suggestion to seek a doctor that will prescribe Ivermectin so that you can use one of the FLCCC protocols.

        Wishing your daughter a complete recovery .

    1. He tested positive twice for Covid; however, given accuracy of tests who knows if he actually had it both times.

    2. His first case was week 12, which was around December 2nd, which actually puts it right in line with what the article says about natural immunity lasting around 8 months

      1. The duration of the study and the patient selection criteria determines how long they can PROVE immunity lasts. You cant find a study proving it lasts 2 years because it has not been long enough to demonstrate that.

        For example, the Cleveland Clinic study only included people that had covid at least 5 months prior. The study lasted for 5 months. They concluded that natural immunity lasts at least 10 months because that was what they demonstrated. The study authors think it might last for years, perhaps even a decade.

        1. SARS CoV1 is 80-90% antigenically similar to SARS CoV2 (the current one. It has been proven that recovered patients from the original outbreak are still immune to challenge 18 years later. It is beyond reasonable to extrapolate that the duration of immunity will be similar.

          The extreme infrequency of genuine DOCUMENTED reinfections also supports that theory. Discussions among medical experts not tainted by govt. involvement theorize that a significant number of reported “reinfecteds” are misdiagnosed or misreported. One of the problems with the PCR test is that the more “passages” that are done, the greater the likelihood of a false positive. Test developers, WHO, and many other countries recommended no more than 24 passages to avoid this. Here in the US, some labs were running as many as 40 passages, resulting in a ridiculously high “positive” test rate. That’s just one way some individuals may have been misinformed about their infection status.

          Remember also, the same time C19 was “surging”, the seasonal flu was conspicuously absent in the medical stats. No doubt, many of the genuine flu cases were misdiagnoses as C19, especially in the first several months of the outbreak.

    3. I think the CDC is changing the current tests to be able to better differentiate between the regular flu and COVID-19 indicating the tests probably are not that reliable. Kind of makes one wonder why there was no flu last year. I think there were a whole lot of false positive tests I just don’t know if it was intentional or not.

      1. The reason the flu numbers were down is because most people were masks against COVID which in turn would keep most any air born diseases at bay.

        That’s not a hard one to figure out!

        1. Social distancing and hand sanitizer use probably added to the low numbers. Question: any studies of the rate of colds

        2. You need to another reason, Shawn

          Ordinary masks do not block almost 100% of virus particles in either direction.

          Even the N95 masks, rarely worn by the general public, are only 95% effective, and that’s with PERFECT fitting, which is rare.

        3. Nope. The reason there was no flu as predicted by Rush Limbaugh was covid19 paid more $ per case, per hospitalization etc…

        4. Hogwash. Mouth diapers are actually bacteria factories and caused more deaths in 1918 “pandemic” than the spanish flu. Same thing today.
          The flu shots weren’t selling anymore so they just remarketed them, and the flu, as covid.
          Ya’ll are way too gullible.

        5. Ilene Castaldo, NP-C

          Actually, the flu was testing as covid in the PCR tests along with the common cold corona virus. The CDC admitted that and are re-making a test that differentiates the flu, common cold and COVID from each other. I don’t have the document available, but just look it up on the CDC site or just duck duck go it. Sooo… That means the whole pandemic is a fraud! Numbers totally off.

  9. Thank you for this article. I’ve been wondering if my natural antibodies would be doing the job as well or better than the vaccine over 8 months on after infection. Still testing positive for antibodies about once a month. It made sense to me that naturally produced antibodies would actually be superior to man made antibodies but the “authorities” don’t address that. They just keep telling us to take the shot.

    1. Keep in mind, the lack of antibodies doesn’t mean you do not have immunity. Your T cells remember the virus and respond.

    2. How are you getting tested for antibodies? I gave blood around March and the antibodies showed up. As far as I knew I had not been sick!!!

      I was sick about four weeks ago and I wonder if it was the delta variant. I thought at the time it was a sinus affection. I would like to be tested for antibodies but don’t know who I shroud ask.

      1. When I donated blood at OneBlood, they automatically tested my blood for antibodies and sent a report to me.

  10. Just learned this am of a friend’s husband (USA) passed away from COVID. Sad and doubly so considering negligence of Fauci and ensemble on early treatments.

    It’s such common knowledge to treat viral infections early (all infections actually) – there’s a huge cold medicine industry that pushes it who always say early treatment works best. And WHO and CDC say stay home until your lips turn blue. They are guilty of crimes against humanity!

    1. I agree. I feel deserted by doctors who said the same thing. No help unless you’re dying and even then it probably won’t help. Thankfully we survived a bad delta infection and I’m hopeful our natural immunity will be strong.

  11. Dear Sharyl,
    This is by far the best article on the situation I have seen so far. Hopefully, other writers will contribute, but there are few that appear interested. The main thing I would like other scientists to do is to properly separate the groupings into these four types.
    1. No prior disease/No vaccination
    2. Prior disease/No vaccination
    3. No prior disease/With vaccination
    4. Prior disease/With vaccination
    To many this may seem an overcomplication, but speaking as a scientist with coronavirus work now going on 4 years, I would predict the possibility of 4 very different outcomes, especially after infection by the delta variant.

    1. There is no Delta variant. They have never even identified the original infection. Just another way to keep the sheep chasing the latest fear story. People with access to an electron microscope claim what the observed was Influenza A and B. This is all about money and control with perhaps some genocide added. Watch the David Martin hour long video and get educated.

      1. If you don’t trust scientists and doctors. And are convinced that politicians and reporters are fooling the sheep while big pharma picks their pockets, why do you still have trust at all? And why put it in someone named David Martin?

    2. Agree completely. Also would like to see differentiation between original Covid and Delta variant. And side-by-side percentages of morbidity and mortality from original and variants., and vaccines. Posting raw numbers without the denominators for one form doesn’t compare with percentages for another form.

    3. I have been frustrated by the lack of information regarding if those unvaccinated that are hospitalized with delta have had a previous infection. I I have spent all weekend looking for information and came across this youtube video that I felt was somewhat informative that does categorize this way.

  12. This is on the NIH website, titled “Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease” –

    “Conclusions drawn from the study and clinical implications: The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension for informed consent”.

    Everyone who received the vaccine was made aware of the significant risk of ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) – weren’t they?

    Every prior attempt to create a vaccine for a corona virus has resulted in ADE.

    1. “Everyone who received the vaccine was made aware of the significant risk of ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) – weren’t they?”

      No. They weren’t. In my state, they give you a 2-page “Informed Consent” form. It asks you a ton of questions about your own health status. Then it sends you to a couple of websites to read very general information about the vaccine and adverse events. And I mean VERY general. This is NOT informed consent. While you wait for your jab, you’re supposed to visit these websites on your little phone and read pages and pages and make decisions. Everything is hurry-hurry, so people just sign everything and get their shots. I’m in a very rural state. Some people are without smart phones, laptops, or Internet or too elderly to deal with it all. It’s criminal.

    2. Dr. Robert Malone has been emphatic concerning ADE. Thank you for producing a 3rd party document with the same concern.

  13. Even as flooding the zone with overused antibiotics kills weak bacteria and leaves the field open to antibiotic resistant with no competition, doesn’t flooding the zone with “leaky” vaccines promote the creation of vaccine-resistant viruses?

  14. I have a lot of health issues.been so worried for months .fear if I don’t I’ll die if do will .two grand kids got to go to school live with me .I’m weak in bed most of time .has flu of some kind in 2020 March .that’s what er said .got apt for first moderne shot tomorrow.don’t want to I fear it will kill me.just don’t know what to do .have bad panic anxiety .nerve damage can’t walk .stomach stimulator.screws in ankle .heart beats fast all the time .no rite answer.after January life is not same seems for the world .no good health care .if shot is dangerous.why can’t I get meds to help with covid ?no safe place for me .

    1. nancy/michael oleary

      dont fear. Please just take care of yourself. take vitamins D C Zinc Eldeberry. Exercise your lungs. Walk swim This IS NOT a vaccine!!! It’s a bioweapon meant to kill you. Wake up. Grandbabies need you. Im raising 2 grandbabies too. Their mom is vaccine injured and disabled from it. do your research. Dont do it!!

    2. Monoclonal antibodies and others.

      Instead of Google, use DuckDuckGo and search for America’s front line doctors. They list meds such as Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine w/zinc, Monoclonal antibodies and others.

    3. Go to FLCCC website and read about I-Mask prophylactic protocol. Find a Dr. on the website that will write an Rx for Ivermectin and take along with recommended supplements.

    4. You should test for antibodies before getting the shot. You may have had Covid I January 2020. It was in the states but wasn’t recognized as Covid yet.

      1. But please note that scientists say antibodies are often not present in people who are nonetheless immune after infection. See the linked studies.

        1. I had Covid in December 2020 and I took a test recently and my antibodies are through the roof!!! No vaccine for me no way! Not needed !

        2. The T and B cells are the long lasting important ones. These so called vaccines are a deadly hoax. Where is Trump warning people not to take it? He better start speaking up or the disaster that is unfolding will be all laid on him. I doubt if this mess is what he had in mind when he pushed the vaccine which by the way was already when this started. Watch Dr.David Martins video. It will explain all that has gone on.

  15. For the 120 million of is who have had Covid-19 there is a test to prove it. T-Detect. com. Check it out! Say no to the jab

    1. I was going to ask about this as well. Dr Kelly Victory (where I found the link to this article) says it’s legit. I’m having blood drawn tomorrow to find out. (Had a negative PCR test in Nov even though I had mild symptoms, but had something covid like in Jan 2020 and was neg for flu A and B then, long before there was c19 testing)

  16. Thank you so much for this article. I literally have been writing my elected officials this week about this very topic.

  17. The title “Definitive Summary” is misleading.
    It is soon contradicted with the words “appears to be”, which is far from “definitive.

    Natural antibodies after surviving COVID19 were expected to be long lasting, although we don’t know how long lasting they will be.

    Since viruses mutate, it’s possible (likely?) the COVID19 natural antibodies will not work so well against COVID variants.

    The evidence so far is that natural antibodies WILL last longer than longer than antibodies created by the vaccines.

    I would not use the word “immunity” because the vaccines do not prevent a person from getting a COVID infection — they lessen the symptoms, and hopefully prevent hospitalization.

    I would not trust any PCR test results when there are no respiratory symptoms.
    Let’s just assume a person with no symptoms is not “sick”, no matter what the PCR test says.

    The first big issue with the vaccines is they do not appear to offer long lasting protection from serious symptoms. Israel studies are suggesting a rapid reduction in protection after six months and authorities there are already recommending six month booster shots for the elderly.

    More information here:

    The biggest risk with the mRNA experimental medicines is no one knows the long term effects.

    It could take several years to collect data, assuming anyone is collecting data.

    In three years a patient could have taken six shots (two per year), or possibly even 12 shots (two every six months) before the long term adverse effects of the COVID vaccines are known.

    I’m not willing to take two shots, with no knowledge of adverse long term effects..
    Especially after observing the unprecedented (bad) short term adverse effects.

    If there are long term adverse side effects from the vaccines, then I will assume taking several shots every year will cause more problems than just taking 2 shots in 2021, and that’s it.

    If the antibodies developed following the vaccine are losing effectiveness after 6 months, I believe that’s a big problem..

    Information from Israel is also suggesting the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines are less than 40% effective on the Delta variant, which spreads easily, but fortunately is not very deadly — it seems no worse than a typical influenza strain.

    The latest VAERS data are at the link below, in an easy to read chart:

  18. As a Covid recovered person I am also, deeply troubled by what I hear (studies anyone?) that the vaccine actually destroys/replaces the natural immunity with the vax immunity. If true, there is not only no demonstrated benefit of the vax, but potentially serious downside if we are actually trading years-long/better immunity for more temporary/weaker immunity. This, apart from the incidence of other vaccine side effects (micro clots).

    Throw into the mix the potential for auto immune disorder if we dont know what other protein spikes may be in the body (now or in future) that will be attacked by the RNA modified cells, versus natural immunity that would ony attack Covid.

    1. Just applying common sense, as you did:

      Do I want my body creating spike proteins for an unknown period of time, hoping that will create long term antibodies for COVID19, with no adverse long term side effects?
      Answer: No, there is already evidence the antibodies are not long term, and not very effective against the Delta variant.

      Do I want to reduce my probability of catching any respiratory disease by taking
      Vitamin D supplements:
      Answer: Yes, I’ve been taking 15,000 IU a day vitamin D3 since March 2020

      Should I assume no adverse long term effects from COVID vaccines, after observing the worst short term side effects of any vaccine in US history?
      Answer: No, that would be wishful thinking.

      Should I trust what my government tells me about COVID?
      Answer: You must be kidding !

      1. Everyone needs to know there is such a thing as too much vitamin D becoming built up in your body. No one should start taking more than 1,000 or 2,000 IUs per day with a doctor’s supervision and testing your D level annually. I used to take 2,000 IU per day and my level was near 70. 80 becomes too much. I had to back down to 1,000 per day.

        1. Vitamin D supplement overdose is EXTREMELY rare.

          There is no evidence of any danger for 10,000 IU a day or less.

          The amount of Vitamin D supplements should depend on the amount of sunlight on bare skin per week and age.

          Problems (excess calcium in blood) have been noticed with 40,000 IU a day and higher..

          A study found just 30 minutes of midday summer sun exposure in Oslo, Norway was equivalent to consuming 10,000–20,000 IU of vitamin D a day.

          If vitamin D overdose was a problem, a lot of “sun worshipers” would be in the hospital with kidney diseases from too much calcium in the bloodstream. And they are not.

          1. Natural vitamin D from the sun, and supplemented vitamin D are used differently by the body, from my research.

            With sunshine, your body can regulate D3 levels to make sure you are not “overdosing” with D3. With supplemental form of D3, that is not the case.

            Personally I consume 4000-5000 IU of D3 daily, and I had a recent test showing my level at 50.

            I definitely would not recommend anyone taking up to 10,000 IU or more daily for long term use, especially if not combined with K2.

            At the end of the day though, as long as you keep on track of where your levels are in regards to calcium and d3, you should be able to adjust based on your results.

        2. I have been taking 5000 IU of vitamin D for a couple years now. My vitamin D lab test just last week showed a level of 65. Toxicity is 100 or above.

  19. Thank you for this article. Pretty timely, since I’m getting constant pressure from family to get the vaccine and I’m as yet undecided.

    1. Don’t cave to the pressure! If you are healthy and take care of yourself, there is no need to put a poison into your body. Covid has a 99%+recovery rate. Why would I put a poison into my body that does NOTHING to keep me from getting the virus?

  20. I had COVID last year. Very mild symptoms & I did not take a test. I did donate blood after I recovered & tested positive for the antibodies. I have since donated again & now I’m negative for the antibodies. My brother tested positive last week & I drove him to get an infusion while he had symptoms. So far, I haven’t felt bad & am hoping I don’t get it again. I have not, nor do I plan on getting jabbed. My husband never had a symptom before, during or after I had mild symptoms. He donated blood as well & tested positive for the antibodies. He does not plan on getting jabbed. We are both in our late 50’s with no underlining health issues other than my husband taking blood pressure meds. We just don’t see a need for a jab.

  21. Sharyl, thanks for what you do. So many of us appreciate the truth. I have trouble with the email part and i think it’s on my end because i wont agree to certain terms.

    1. I know it’s not confirmed because the first time I suspect having it was January of 2020 obviously without a test because it was still unknown. But I had all the “common symptoms “ lack of taste, slight fever, then the respiratory issues for about 3 weeks. Dry hacking cough and the breathing issues. Not unbearable, worked throughout. Then I got it a year later, almost to the day. Second time was pcr confirmed with minor cold like symptoms and the lack of taste. Resolved in less than a week. If not for protocol, I never would have missed 14 minutes of work never mind 14 days .

    2. The recent Massachusetts outbreak data showed that 1% of the infected had covid previously and that 40% had been vaccinated previously. Adjusted for group size, natural immunity was 6.7X better than the vax.

      The Cleveland Clinic study mentioned above tracked over 2,000 people who had recovered from covid and zero became re-infected within the 10 month tracking period.

    3. I didn’t write (ask) that but, yeah, who else? I’ve had it twice (Dec19 & Jun21) and do not plan to get the jab.

    4. My sister did .she is 57. Has Brest cancer .has surgery.treatments done all before covid .within months .first time positive not bad .second time after treatment of cancer .said it was worse .said she felt weak.had shakes for day .no bad fever .breathing was hard for couple days ..She just got the j&j shot ..I warned her of it .told her was not good and that one really bad .the nurse gave her aspirin fir blood thinner said could cause blood clods .I’m worried about her .got it yesterday .she don’t feel good she said made her sick .

  22. Concerned Citizen

    Thank you Sheryl. All great information, some known, some unknown. And real reporting from a real reporter! Fake news media – please take note.

  23. I was looking for info on people with natural immunity not having had covid and not having had vaccines. Just healthy immune system Natural supplements taken daily and a record of healthy immune system should deflect infection. Following protocols and masking as needed has been successful.

    1. I’m one…. I had a borderline moderate to severe case that lasted 2 weeks in August 2020. I had all the symptoms except sore throat. Severe GI symptoms, severe fatigue, unrelenting fevers, headache, total loss of sense of smell. 2 weeks in, it started entering the shortness of breath phase, and started getting numbness in my shoulders. The next day the fever broke and the symptoms abruptly stopped, leaving me with an odd tickle pain when breathing deep, that subsided in about 4 days. I have had no long term issues.

      The funny thing, I have not been sick with anything at all for a year now. About 2 weeks ago I thought the streak was over, really bad sinuses and that welling up feeling in the throat, all the signs of a cold or flu. Next day, gone,

      I will not be taking any vaccine.

  24. Thank You for a well written and well researched article.
    I had Covid in December of 2019, it lasted approx 7 days. I took no meds other than marijuana and chicken soup, slept a lot with the heat cranked wrapped up like burrito sweating it out. One night it was really nasty, but it started clearing up quickly after that.
    Since that time I have felt what I believe to be reinfections a few times, but it’s never kicked in and disappears completely after one good long sweaty sleep.
    Natural Immunity seems to be working awesomely for me.

    1. Marijuana and chicken soup?
      December 2019?
      Are you sure you didn’t have ordinary influenza?

      The PCR test for COVID is very unreliable.
      Example: A friend who had a positive PCR test in 2020, and was,
      diagnosed as a COVID case … followed by a negative PCR test,
      after I suggested the test was not very accurate … then she was
      diagnosed as having bronchitis

      One issue that gets too little attention is details
      on COVID symptoms, by people who had the disease.

      Of 10 friends from age 50 to 75,
      who had COVID, with symptoms,
      (excluding their children, whose COVID symptoms
      were too mild to be worth mentioning)

      None of the ten were hospitalized
      None of the ten died
      Two of the ten had serious flu symptoms for about two weeks
      Seven had ordinary flu symptoms
      One only lost his sense of smell (70+ years old)

      Concerning vaccine side effects.
      The wife (age 72) and I (age 67)
      have not taken the vaccine, and won’t be.
      We do take Vitamin D supplements.
      Both of us haven’t had a cold in years.
      I’ve never had a flu vaccine, and never had the flu.

      If I did have the flu, I wouldn’t call everyone I know
      and describe my symptoms.

      Similarly, no one we know discussed side effects of their COVID vaccines until after we specifically asked them, months later, and then pressed them for an answer.

      One relative about age 50 was so sick she could not work for the next three days.
      Another relative about age 70 did not have any energy for about three days and slept a lot. A lot of sore arms for the others, and not feeling well for one day — typical of vaccines of all types.

      Of course the two more serious vaccine side effects were never reported to VAERS

      It seems to me that if a person tested positive for COVID, and died in the next two months, of any cause, that was counted as a COVID death.

      But if a person had a COVID vaccine, and died more than 20 minutes later, that death was not from the vaccine !

      It’s a shame that I trust commenters here a lot more
      than the CDC and grouchy old Fauci.

  25. I had tested positive for Covid in October of last year. I had a low grade fever, some chills and bad fatigue for 2 weeks. I’ve never been sick that long! In January of this year I had my 6 month visit with my oncologist for my CLL (leukemia) . He had the lab do an antibody test and when he got the results he said I had plenty of antibodies. He was surprised as was I. He did not push me to get vaccinated. Just last month I went in for my visit and was told I’d be seeing a different doctor, the one I have been seeing for 10 years was no longer there. This new doctor immediately began harping for me to get the Covid vaccine. When I asked about testing for antibodies he told me that I could ask my primary physician to do that. You’d think an oncologist would want to know if his cancer patient had antibodies to such a “killer” disease. I will be finding a new oncologist.

    1. And remember, read the studies here, the antibodies are not the only measure of immunity. You may have immunity without antibodies showing.

      1. Exactly. The T & B cell memory that quietly lingers in our body is the real story. T cells will go after the pathogen while B cells start secreting antibodies to fight off the familiar invader.

        Also Sheryl that KY study was ONLY of those with prior infection. Some vaxxed some unvaxxed. Tho Dr Collins at NIH totally misrepresented the results. Fishing for anything to support his shaky narrative. It was also only 246 peeps over two months and is loaded down with caveats from its authors. Who nonetheless admit that either way natural immunity is both broad & durable.

        As for breakthrough reporting, Walensky in her infinite wisdom back in May decided CDC would only count those that resulted in death or hospitalization. So as usual they have now been catching up.

  26. Most people –including scientists, doctors, and other formally educated folks– are rather profoundly perplexed and befuddled by the various absurdities of the Covid crisis (e.g., the back-and-forth shifting of scientific decrees, the censorship of valid data, etc.). They cannot really make sense out of it all.  At best, they can DESCRIBE the absurdities but they cannot explain why it is happening.

    Why is that? It is because they lack pieces of vital knowledge, whose lack hinders and disables accurate coherent full understanding (therefore, it impairs the proper decision-making process and the potential for profound constructive action).

    Those “missing” pieces of knowledge right in front of our noses are described in a comprehensive article  called “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The  Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at www dot  CovidTruthBeKnown  dot com or search for it by title and author.

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true problem, no real constructive change is possible.

    1. That article you mentioned is a data free waste of time.
      There are a large number of footnotes,
      but who has many hours to read the attached articles / studies?

      I am in favor of Vitamin C supplements for people who do not eat a lot of fresh fruit.
      I take 500mg Vitamin C every morning.
      It could be useful to prevent COVID along with the 10000 IU Vitamin D I take every day.

      If Vitamin C is useful against COVID,
      you, in your comment, and the article you mentioned,
      have both failed to present convincing data … or any data.
      Without data you are just another person with an opinion.
      We already have 1001 opinions on COVID.

  27. Sharyl,

    Excellent work. I would suggest a companion piece to go with this; the changes in testing recommendations by the CDC. I believe the guidance for test cycles has changed over the past year, which would normally invalidate statistical comparisons. Also, although there is guidance, there is no control; each lab operates independently, and cycle numbers are generally not included with the results. I also believe there have already been reports of significant false positive results with cycles above 28, which has been until recently the guidance (35-40).
    Further, the CDC has not extended the emergency use authorization for the PCR test, identifying its inability to detect differences between SARS-CoV-2 & influenza. PCR testing is set to expire end of December this year.
    Finally, once the mRNA therapy shots were rolled out to the public, the CDC changed testing guidance for those receiving the jab. Why? They specifically rejected positive results based on the higher cycle thresholds. They also discouraged testing for those given the jab. Why?

    I believe a timeline of CDC testing guidance will expose clear issues and acts of omission with the testing comparisons which are used every day. Adding that to the natural immunity population, and most likely there is no longer a pandemic or significant transmission risk in the US.

    1. Yesssss!! Thank you for expressing these concerns better than I could. I’ve been saying this for almost a year, and suddenly the CDC decided to change the CT criteria?!?! Please, please do this follow up article!!

  28. Wow. Great article. So nice to actually get some journalism and information! All we see is same old narrative…feels like we are in the middle of a dystopian novel. Thank you

  29. I work for NYC and i have had Covid, My employer is mandating that all employers get vaccinated.
    i am going to refuse the jab, can they do anything to me?

    i am at retiring age, but dont want to retire. I love my job (IT) and still have many years left , i’m just 70!

    Thank you !


    1. peaceandquietplease

      Frontline Doctors’ website has a legal page which includes a document with questions for employers who are “mandating” the injection. Lot’s of excellent questions as to the legal ramifications for those companies who are making such demands.

      Most importantly informed consent can no be given with an experimental injection – no mandate should require an experimental treatment without informed consent ergo these employers are likely in violation of the law mandating injections which are not licensed.

      Here is the link to the legal form suggested to be sent to employers – questions are very important to have answered:

      1. I have not see the legal form yet, but the FDA has just fully approved the Pfizer jab; it is no longer experimental. My 40-something son and his family have just recovered from covid, and he is well aware of the dangers of the jab, especially for recovered covid ‘survivors’. Yet though his profession in healthcare (dentistry) hasn’t been specifically noted in the California vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers, his professional organization has stated that they require it. What to do?

    2. Yes, they can fire you as New York is an at-will employment state. They must, however, provide you with the opportunity to request a medical or religious exemption. Maybe find a remote IT job with an employer that doesn’t mandate vaccination?

    3. With all the horrible side effects that are being reported as a result of these vaccines maybe a long retirement is something you will not have to worry about. retire and find a hobby. I would not risk it, some of the side effects are pretty horrific.

    4. This is from a good lawyer on the internet that knows his stuff and is a champion of the little guy:

      Robert Barnes:
      Jul 28, 2021 at 2:22pm
      Article of the Day: Look For Small Print in Vaccine Mandates
      A common pattern I am seeing is employers, educators, and governments making broad, big, boastful claims of “Everyone Must Get the Vaccination”, but then, buried in the small print, is a big, fat loophole. Usually, this entails alternative mitigation measurements (Covid test, masks, remote work options), a right to request an exception (usually includes both religious and medical exemption requests), and a limitation on actual punishment (e.g., referral to human resources rather than actual termination or suspension, etc). As just one example, as multiple board members noticed yesterday, the much ballyhooed DOJ opinion letter green lighting vaccines (a letter without any legally binding effect, by the way) actually had a huge loophole mentioned in a footnote: basically making clear that the ADA may prohibit such a compelled vaccine for anyone other than the federal government. Here is just one such recent example identified by RFK’s Children Health Defense site, which is a great site to stay updated on these issues. A university letter “deliberately omits any reference to a student’s right to submit medical and religious exemption requests, thereby giving the false impression that such requests are no longer valid or able to be considered” when compared to the actual university policy.

    5. Here is another option to opt out of the vaccine:

      Robert Barnes@RobertBarnes

      Why Some Assert Religious Exemption to Vaccine

      A letter that also came to me via a route like a letter in a bottle.

      “Each of the Covid vaccines currently available include forms of testing and development with fetal cell lines, which originated from aborted fetuses. For example, each of the currently available Covid vaccines derived from protein testing using the abortion-derived cell line HEK-293. Partaking in a vaccine made from aborted fetuses makes me complicit in an action that offends my religious faith. As such, I cannot, in good conscience and in accord with my religious faith, take any such Covid vaccine at this time. Please provide a reasonable accommodation to my belief, as I wish to continue to be a good employee, helpful to the team.

      Employee of the Year,

      Thomas Paine”

  30. Having had covid in December, I’m worried that this “showing your vaccine papers” will cause backlash against covid survivors. ( I luckily had a fairly mild case). I did however almost die from h1n1 four years ago. I definitely get my regular flu shot now, every October. There is no way to prove I had covid to these crazy authorities who want papers. Sadly, I’m still suffering from loss of taste and smell. Hopefully I’m not stupid yet, I see that one making the rounds, if you had it, you are now less intelligent. God help us all!!!

    1. Show your COVID positive test result and also go get an antibody lab test. U will be positive for antibodies that will show u have acquired immunity. Not that that will be enough for the vaccine “evangelicals”. But that’s how u can prove your status.

  31. Sharyl…you are one of the most honest, dependable and intelligent true-life journalists of our time. I have viewed many of your real news stories and learned so much.
    Your non-biased reporting and professional approach is so needed today. Thank you for being a source that is not bought or swayed by public opinion but by honest research.
    I am a fan and may God bless you and your family.

  32. I had covid19 in winter of 2020 I was down for 3 weeks but recovered. My son caught covid19 in late April early May 2021. He was hospitalized with covid19 and pneumonia. I tested positive again 11 days later. I was hit with no taste and allergy like symptoms for 3 days. When my wife and I tested positive in May we went to a local blood bank and paid for anti-body tests. They came back 220 and 225 au/ml. Which means our bodies knew what was attacking us and were creating the anti-bodies to do so. We have not and will not be getting vaccinated.

  33. James J. Troxler

    A well researched and written article that strengthens my already absolute certainty that the “pandemic is a hoax used to steal the election and scare people into taking a chemical soup that is killing those who take it.
    The evil ones pushing this slow eradication of people born to freedom is intended to make world domination easier for them to achieve. Taking their deadly injection is making their plan for domination of the world come quicker.

  34. Excellent fact based article on natural immunity for COVID recovered patients. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks!

  35. Excellent article. Thank you so much. You mention in the article that there is not a ‘commonly used’ test to detect whether or not someone is immune to COVID-19 because the presence or lack of antibodies is not an indicator.

    Is there an uncommon test or some medically accepted test?

    My husband and I took the J&J vaccine but do not want to vaccinate our 15 YO son. Would love to be able to show that he has natural immunity and does not need to be vaccinated.

    Is this possible?

    1. I believe there is a test called T-detect which tests for T-cell immunity . It has an FDA approval (emergency). This test is much better than any antibody test since antibodies wane. There was a paper published in the Journal Nature in late May 2021 done at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis where they took bone marrow from people who had mild cases of COVID and found they were producing T-cells with the genetic ability to produce covid antibodies.

  36. The T and B cells are the long lasting important ones. These so called vaccines are a deadly hoax. Where is Trump warning people not to take it? He better start speaking up or the disaster that is unfolding will be all laid on him. I doubt if this mess is what he had in mind when he pushed the vaccine which by the way was already when this started. Watch Dr.David Martins video. It will explain all that has gone on.

  37. Erik Alfred Knight

    Donate blood to the Red Cross. They test for COVID antibodies and list you as Positive or Negative at your personal login.

  38. Might be an argument for avoiding a vaccine after you’ve had Covid but absolute nonsense for avoiding the vaccine if you haven’t had covid. Want to go the natural immunity-after-infection route?
    Good luck with that. You could say that over a half million Americans have died trying.

    1. Did you fail to read the article, any of the documents it links to or even a small portion of these comments? Maybe comprehension is your problem.. The “vaccine” does not provide any benefit that makes it worth the risk of getting any of the reported adverse side effects they cause or ruining your bodies natural immune system for an unknown length of time.
      Besides, if you are not an over weight or unhealthy person to begin with than your chances of surviving this china virus is >99.94%.
      But go ahead take your jabs, you can have mine while your at it.

  39. It’s not a vaccine – it’s gene therapy – MRNA

    How can there be a vaccine with antibodies since it’s not been isolated.
    Meaning COVID doesn’t exist.
    How can there be an honest test when it hasn’t been identified.
    People create the flu when their body is toxic.

    Canadian court case – for the win.
    Cannot fine people for not recognizing a fake health order,
    when the order is based zero evidence.

    Stew Peters Show –

    Patrick King, Canadian win, is a win for the world.
    Court lacked evidence = no proof of COVID

    “Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY!
    Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta! (Updated With Legal Documents)”

    Thank you for the opportunity~@

  40. it occurred to me that mRNA transfection into a human cell might create a ‘unique’ spike protein tailored to the DNA of the individual from the mRNA ‘instruction set.

    While the body develops antibodies against that spike’s unique protein that can be detected, other similar ‘alien’ proteins may cause the body to react differently….from mild to severe. So essentially, exposure to a variant of the spike protein say from another person, or in the wild if they’ve not had COVID before may cause varying degrees of immune response depending upon the similarity of the protein.

    In other words, the Experimental ‘Vaccine’ is creating variants of the spike protein within each individual..


  41. Liz S.