Illegal immigrant murders 4 in jurisdiction where sheriff got sued for reporting alien criminals to feds

Just months after Sacramento, California Sheriff Scott Jones was sued for reporting illegal immigrant criminals to federal authorities, an illegal immigrant criminal shot and killed his own wife and three daughters, before shooting himself in Sacramento.

Officials say 39-year-old David Mora-Rojas, a Mexican man, had just been released from jail five days before he committed the brutal murders of his family at a Sacramento church.

California’s sanctuary laws, known as the TRUTH Act and the California Values Act, essentially protect illegal immigrant offenders from being turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation.

According to a Judicial Watch report, the Golden State’s sanctuary laws protected Mora-Rojas from deportation after at least two encounters with the law:

  • In April 2021, the mother of his three children obtained a restraining order against him after a domestic violence incident, according to the Sacremento County Sheriff’s Office, which confirms that the order specifically states Mora-Rojas cannot own or possess firearms or ammunition.
  • On February 23, 2022, Mora-Rojas was arrested Merced County about 115 miles south of Sacramento for driving under the influence, assaulting a police officer, and assaulting medical staff. ICE served a detainer on the jail, but state sanctuary laws prohibited Merced officials from holding Mora-Rojas or communicating with ICE about his release, so the illegal immigrant walked out of jail on a $15,000 bond.

Just months prior to the murders, Sacramento County Sheriff Jones was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for transferring illegal immigrants convicted of state crimes to federal authorities.

The ACLU accused Jones and his agency of violating California sanctuary laws by reporting illegal immigrants jailed for committing local crimes to ICE upon completion of their sentence. The ACLU accused Jones of making the situation worse, by augmenting the existent racial disparities in the policing, immigration, and criminal justice systems, in which black and Latinx communities are disproportionately targeted for arrest, detention, and deportation.

The offenders are eligible to return to their home and communities in the U.S. but instead are enduring a ‘cruel double punishment.’ The Sacramento County Sheriff’s ‘anti-immigrant agenda’ harms communities.

ACLU lawyer

The ACLU has not commented on the Mora-Rojas murders.

Meanwhile, Jones, a 33-year law enforcement veteran who now serving his third term in office, is publicly expressing outrage about the situation.

In the coming days and weeks, liberals and activists will try and spin the narrative, dredge up sympathy for the monster that killed them, and talk about how this could have been prevented. They will talk about the horrors of ghost guns, as if no other weapon or gun was available to him, and legislators will clamor for more restrictive gun laws to make themselves feel better. They’ll call me racist and evil. But let me be perfectly clear, there is only ONE thing that allowed this horrific tragedy to occur with certainty: the deplorable state of our national immigration policies, and California’s Sanctuary State Laws.

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones, March 5, Social Media

Read Judicial Watch article here

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9 thoughts on “Illegal immigrant murders 4 in jurisdiction where sheriff got sued for reporting alien criminals to feds”

  1. California is a write off. Mass formation psychosis is not a joke. If there was ever an argument for the military to step in it is at the border, in California , Chicago and New York. Yes this is the number 1 issue threatening the The United States of America.
    Ukraine is where two hundred hackers came from that moved to Toronto. They worked for Dominion and after the election quickly went back home. The UN special security council meeting on Friday gave evidence that Fauci’s influence extends all over the world . Thirty bio-labs monetized by the US DOD were doing gain of function research to wipe out Russia. Now the same people who have given us all our problems are using tik-tok to spread propaganda. The Ukraine is a money laundering meca.. The WEF is trying their hardest to get us to but into an electric cars. Cars that when on fire burn hotter than anything. In the winter your battery will not hold up! Think about it.

  2. The borderbeing overrun, the scamdemic, the 2020 stolen election, the shots for kids, pedo books in schools, the crashing exit frim Afghanistan, the current propaganda over the Swamps Euro ATM, aka Ukranain, are all part of the great reset, Now with food and fuel about to sky rocket Americans will hopefully lift the vail and open their damned eyes to the truth

  3. An illegal alien criminal kills his family which are all illegal aliens and then kills himself. We still have 20 million more.

  4. timothy mccarthy

    The Left is always saying how the people coming into this country illegally are good hard working people. Many of them are, but what about all the bad people coming here? The same people who are against the death penalty because one innocent person might be executed, don’t give a flip about the innocent people who are killed if even one criminal illegal alien comes into this country illegally. The numbers of victims killed by illegal alien criminals are suppressed, and the murders are called “local man” in the news stories.

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