List of Ukraine biolab documents reportedly removed by US Embassy

The following is from information being circulated by journalists and advocates online and is published as received for general information purposes.

List of Ukraine Biolabs documents removed by US Embassy

Up until recently, the existence and details of these bioweapons labs were public knowledge. The US embassy had previously disclosed the locations and details of these laboratories in a series of PDF files online. On February 26, 2022, the official embassy website shut down the links to all 15 bioweapon laboratories.

All the documents associated with these labs have been removed from the internet. If you click on any of the links, the PDF files are no longer available. Thankfully, these files have been archived and can still be accessed. 

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69 thoughts on “List of Ukraine biolab documents reportedly removed by US Embassy”

  1. Those documents merely document a US interest in laboratories in Ukraine. The documents being removed were not really a big deal until the “fact checkers” denied that the labs existed at all. Big mistake. Now you have the State Department claiming that they are worried about Russia gaining access to the materials. Another big mistake. What are they afraid of? Then you get the MSM saying that these were all left over labs from the Soviet Union. Well, look at the construction contract dates for these labs and we see that is a lie. Another big mistake. Now we have this narrative of “Russians blame others for things they do” popping out of thin air. Sounds like a little projection! I stand by my original declaration that the documents being deleted is no big deal but combined with later events it now becomes apparent that the US had been engaged in something they should not have and failed to clean up the mess before the Russians found it.

    1. Two things about our government. One, they love paperwork. Mor the better. Second, if the truth is the best way to proceed, then a lie will be better.

      1. That was the University of North Carolina. Obama had Fauci build a class 5 lab in Wuhan then they moved it there so as to kinda conform to Chemical/Biological treaties with Russia.

    2. The idiots could have not said anything before hand and then just blamed it all on “Russia, Russia, Russia”.

    3. The labs are veterinary and medical labs. They have nothing to do with CBWs. They’re deliberately sowing confusion in conflating the Soviet era CBW sites with new labs for routine medical and veterinary work. Not in these documents, but we provided technical assistance to Ukraine in cleaning up old Soviet era CBW sites.

      That anybody believes this garbage propaganda is amazing. The US does not have a clandestine CBW program. If we did, it would not be located in a politically unstable developing country under threat by one of our principle adversaries. We would not partner with a country we didn’t have an alliance with. We also wouldn’t have 30 sites, we’d have one, maybe two. This is complete looney tunes tinfoil hat garbage.

      The US has spent 50 years and billions of dollars developing precision weapons systems to minimize collateral damage – that is our war fighting doctrine. Why would we invest in a terror weapon with little practical battlefield application?

      The US is notoriously bad at keeping secrets, but we kept this one 11 years across multiple administrations, until after the Russian attack was failing?

      This doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

      1. The US fighting doctrine is destroying other nations to the ground, and then when the dust settles, sending in the troops. It is a tactic of total destruction, mayhem and terror. A coward’s tactic.

        You are probably not aware of the 15-year bombing of Iraq, and MASSIVE civilian casualties. The mainstream US media did not show you this. They sold you the lie of ‘chemical weapons in Iraq’, and ‘spreading democracy.’
        Madeleine Albright admitted on TV that the US had killed HALF A MILLION Iraqi children, but that it ‘was worth it.’

        So drop the ‘precision weapons to minimize civilian casualties stories.’ There was no reason for the US to attack these countries in the first place.

        Followed by Iraq, Syria (ISIS supported by the US); Lybia, Afghanistan, not to mention Viet Nam, Laos, Korea and so many others.

        This cannot be used against Russia because they’re not as weak as the above mentioned countries, so the US/NATO alliance is afraid to strike.

        1. Ugh, this archives made by those who saw them listed on govt official whuch then deleted means no longer on their website within 24hrs. I saw and read them on US Embassy in Ukraine website, shocked n next day they re all gone. Thank God for some archived n saved them i didn’t as common layman people.

      2. Our Department Of Defense was involved with these labs, but I’m sure it was only because of their passion for veterinary research.

      3. First of all, I would like to agree with the points that Brian has made. I don’t know that they are true – but they are certainly logical. And infinitely more logical than the other side. The only points that I would add are: (1) if the U.S. wanted to have a clandestine bioweapons lab, why would they publicize it to the degree that they apparently have, given the plethora of links provided, and (2) don’t forget that it wasn’t that long ago (2010 – 2014) that Ukraine’s President (Yanukovich) was basically a Russian stooge. It’s hard to see how he would have allowed these putative “bioweapons labs” (whose output would have been targeted at his buddies in Moscow) to continue to operate.
        There are two things in this article and the responses that are really bothersome to me. The first is, as Brian points out, how so many people will believe this stuff. There are all kinds of reasons why this story doesn’t ring true, yet none of that seems to make a dent. There’s a serious lack of critical thinking going on here.
        The second thing is that SA would publish an article such as this with such big deficiencies. The first deficiency is in the statement “the existence and details of these bioweapons labs were public knowledge”. Not according to anything that I could find. There were medical and veterinary labs to be sure but nothing that I could find that would fairly describe them as “bioweapons labs”. Here is a summary from Politifact : “The U.S. Defense Department and the Ukraine Ministry of Health have had a partnership since 2005 (part of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program) to improve public health laboratories and prevent the threat of outbreaks of infectious diseases.” And lest anyone think that Politifact is an outlier, I found similar information from at least 6 other sources, both foreign and domestic. And these sources had backup information to buttress their arguments. Apparently, SA doesn’t feel the need to provide any context whatsoever. Just say they are “bioweapons labs” and move on. One thing is for sure – she knows her audience.
        And this total lack of context is the second big deficiency. Ask yourself this: what is actually being claimed by SA in this article? The fact that some articles were removed from the web isn’t that newsworthy per se and certainly not worthy of an article telling us all about it. So apparently we are supposed to read something nefarious into this. What exactly is that? Is there some conspiracy being hatched to hide something from the American people and the world? Do these articles somehow prove that we were running a “bioweapons lab” in Ukraine (as mentioned earlier, documenting some secret program by posting articles on the web about it doesn’t seem like a winning strategy)? Why am I supposed to care that these articles were taken down? I wasn’t planning on reading them.
        As I always say, please tell me clearly. Don’t make me guess.
        These two bothersome aspects operate in a kind of positive feedback loop. SA will publish some context-free article (“mysterious van delivers ballots in the middle of the night”) and many of her readers will completely forget about the clearly missing information (“the van was delivering the final mail-in ballots received that day just as had been done in past elections”) and all of the other mundane, logical, and innocent explanations and immediately jump to the conclusion that this proves that there was voter fraud. It’s such an obvious ploy that it’s hard to imagine that wasn’t SA’s intent all along.

        1. The first thing the Pentagon threw out was that the US was helping Ukraine
          clean up a bio weapons site. This evidently started in 2005. My question is why has it taken in excess of 17 years to clean this up? Now that we know that Wuhan was funded by our tax dollars, I do not believe anything our institutions now say. Sorry, but you’ve all been proven to be serial liars.

      4. you’re full of half truths and i hope you know it, or you’re more dangerous than you look.
        you apply logic where it rarely exists. “The us is notoriously bad at keeping secrets”
        but you can’t tell me if aliens exist. The govt can’t keep a secret and we’ve never seen one so clearly aliens don’t exist.
        you also seem to trust anything. If an authority said it, you trust it 100%. You take everything at face value.
        there’s no way i’m wrong about this cuz no one would be so stupid to say what you did, without knowingly lying, but there i go, applying logic where it probably never was in the first place.

    4. From Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Feb 22:

      Robert Pope, the director of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, a 30-year-old Defense Department program that has helped secure the former Soviet Union’s weapons of mass destruction and redirect former bioweapons facilities and scientists toward peaceful endeavors.

      Some [Ukrainian] labs, he said, may hold pathogen strains left over from the Soviet bioweapons program, preserved in freezers for research purposes.

      “Scientists being scientists, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of these strain collections in some of these laboratories still have pathogen strains that go all the way back to the origins of that program.”

      1. The problem with your assessment is that the USA denied they existed initially and then said these labs were being used for standard medical research, non pathogens. These labs were more than just being managed given the expenditures of $2m each for construction and lab equipment during the 2017 timeframe. It’s a little late from the 2005 timeline to believe it took 12 years to figure out what to do with them. Plus a pathogen permit for the as acquired in 2017 for many.

    5. It does matter because Hunter Bidens corporation Seneca is involved in funding a company Running these facilities. Also in Kyrgyzstan , Hunter was involved with the ex- head of Intel, Massimov ?, and a $300 million business deal. I wonder if Hunter was funding the bio weapons lab in ? Kyrgyzstan? We know he was vice president of burisma gas co. This is a war for gas, it is classic American mafia. Cheryl should write a schematic article documenting out on a map all of these bio will labs , gas companies, etc that are in the Biden family mafioso corporation

    6. These are all reports on the construction of these labs. Black & Veatch is the integrating contractor on all of them. Maybe they have e-mails also that could be read with FOIA.

  2. Two of the links are identical. Maybe two others got missed. dtro-zakarpatska-fact-sheet-eng and dtro-dnipropetrovsk-eng. Anyway thanks for all you and your team do!!

    1. Mango Thonotasossa

      A veterinary clinic… yeah, that’s it! Yeah!
      They’re not biolabs! They’re veterinary clinics!

    2. perhaps the Dnipropetrovsk State Regional Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory was connected to bio-warfare animal testing? global billionaire Kolomoiski (who funds the infamous neo-nazi thugs of the Azov battallion) used to be governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

  3. Sharyl, I have respected you since the days you co-hosted with Lew Waters. I looked forward to your time on the air in CNN’s better days of reporting actual, factual news. (Have to admit I loved Flip Spiceland as CNN’s weather guy.)

    I am familiar with your story and fight with corrupt government. Been through some of that myself, losing everything.

    You are an honest journalist soul.

    I pray for you in that fight.

    Shalom, be blessed and never give up!

  4. The Gateway Pundit showed a connection to some of the labs to Rosemont Seneca Technology run by ,Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz and Devon Archer. Heinz is John Kerry’s stepson. Archer was convicted and sent to prison for bond fraud. Hunter needs no introduction.

  5. The Marxist new go to accusation has shifted from “Trump said pussy” to “Putin did it!” It works every time.

  6. Putin has warned the US to get these labs off his border, or he would. Conveniently, Fauci seems to have taken a vacation in an undisclosed location.

  7. JoAnn Leichliter

    I don’t think there was ever any real doubt that these labs existed, since we have on record that then-Senator Barack Obama and Senator Richard Lugar were strong proponents (around 2005), and Sen. Lugar announced their startup in 2010. Not all biolabs are intended to create biological weapons. They may do research into disease pathogens, how they may develop or be altered, in order to know how to combat them . Whatever the case may be, materials in these labs can be extremely dangerous and should have been incinerated–alongbwithvresearch documents–as soon as the war broke out.

  8. You cannot really remove anything any more, that should be the realization of these dinosaur politicians. Ask your kids first.

    All you can really do anymore is create a controversy, rouse suspicion and rightly be doubted.

  9. The Biden administration is attempting to walk back their bioweapon acknowledgement by stating the labs were about Coronaviruses and other platonic benign ‘experiments’. However, their public admission that they don’t want these labs to fall into Russian hands undermines their bold-faced lie.

  10. Copy these into your browser (only one at a time) and wait—-the documents should come up.

  11. So far, aside from the presence of Ecohealth Alliance and bat coronavirus collections, there’s a whole lotta of wannabe smoke but no real fire.

    All these documents show is that there are labs.

    Which was already known.

    The mere existence of the labs does not prove evil intent. The mere existence of the labs doesn’t prove anything.

    Yes, it raises questions. It does not provide answers.

  12. Several points:

    1. “They are just veterinary labs.” Reminder that the horrific human pathogen experimentation labs from Japan in WW II was officially called the “Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army.” Aka, Unit 731.

    2. Ukraine is among the poorest nations in Europe. These were not university related research facilities.. The deleted documents show they were all funded by the DoD, to the tune of roughly $1.3million per lab.

    3. Zoonotic diseases are often studied by veterinary personnel, since it is the study of the transmission of diseases from animals to humans. Pfizer’s CEO, Anton Bourla, has a PhD. in Veterinary Medicine.

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