Mind Games; Alberta Oil; and Going Postal

An Alzheimer’s drug brought to market in one of the most controversial FDA approval processes ever– is the subject of my cover story this week on Full Measure.

Aducanumab, now sold as Aduhelm, was introduced last June at a cost of $50,000 a year per patient.

The FDA approved it even though not one of its advisers said it was ready for market.

Since then, the controversies and investigations have continued. Critics say there is no hard evidence that Aduhelm works, and there is a high chance of serious– even deadly– side effects.

Dr. Caleb Alexander of Johns Hopkins medical school is an FDA Adviser and speaks to “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson”

But drugmaker Biogen is still holding out hope it will take hold and provide help to the millions of people who have Alzheimer’s. The FDA is standing by its official assessment that the drug is safe and effective.

Find out the latest in my report, “Mind Game.”

We’ll also head to Canada where they’re asking why the US is begging Venezuela, which has a regime that’s widely considered authoritarian, to pump more oil, overlooking the US homeland and our friendly neighbors to the north. Lisa Fletcher joins us with that report.

Extracting oil from sand in Alberta, Canada

And Congress just passed a Postal Reform law to try to end the fiscal madness at the agency. But wait until you hear about a controversial pilot program the post office is trying out now. Rep. James Comer will explain.

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    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      This particular post is promoting my upcoming show on Full Measure. What videos are you referring to? All Full Measure stories are posted on https://fullmeasure.news and do have transcripts. I hope this answers your question.

  1. Your Article here on oil ?. The greatest Climate change on this planet happened many times in this planet History before !. Example; Planet eruptions that bloomed the atmosphere. As well as Asteroids that took out prehistoric life.. The point is New Climate changes are a Fact of a World who”s thriving molten core is subject to live changes no matter what you do I ? Other example facts ? Study the constant planetary relativity changes of other planets atmospheres ? There are no Humans there ? This planet needs to do away with speculative events driving up your own oil prices and stocks, instead of have been issued a drilling license. Why would they want to Drill when they can make more money using World events to drive up prices ?? Smart stocks tactics ( Speed Bump ! )

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