Pentagon audit: Afghan refugees not fully vetted; ‘security issues’

Dozens of Afghan refugees released in the US have Pentagon records that “indicate potentially significant security concerns,” according to a new probe conducted by the Department of Defense (DOD) Inspector General (IG).

The Afghans are being brought into the US after the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan last August, and the country’s subsequent fall to the Islamic extremist Taliban, whom the US had been fighting.

Under the Biden administration’s Operation Allies Welcome (OAW), approximately 80,000 “displaced persons from Afghanistan” have been admitted to the US under a special immigrant visa (SIV) or humanitarian parole.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was placed in charge of resettling the Afghans, and the Biden administration assured Americans the refugees would be thoroughly screened.

However, for the past few months media reports have exposed crimes, including child molestation, assault and domestic violence, committed by Afghans housed at military bases throughout the US.

The new IG report confirms even more troubling details that investigators at National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), the agency responsible for clearing the Afghans, is not properly using all available intel from the DOD and its federal agencies, including DHS, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to adequately vet candidates, prior to their arrival in the US.

According to the audit, in addition to the NCTC missing significant DOD security concerns of at least 50 refugees, the nation’s lead counterterrorism intelligence entity has also failed to stop at least four dozen Afghans with “derogatory information” in their record.

The report defines “derogatory information” as potentially justifying an unfavorable fitness or access determination, requiring further investigation.

The audit also discloses that 1,236 Afghan parolees left U.S. military bases, also known as “safe havens,” without completing full processing protocols. Parolees are expected to get required vaccinations and tuberculosis testing before leaving the base.

The DOD watchdog warns:

“As a result of the NCTC not vetting Afghan evacuees against all available data, the United States faces potential security risks if individuals with derogatory information are allowed to stay in the country. In addition, the U.S. Government could mistakenly grant SIV or parolee status to ineligible Afghan evacuees with derogatory information gathered from the DoD ABIS database.”

DOD IG Report

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5 thoughts on “Pentagon audit: Afghan refugees not fully vetted; ‘security issues’”

  1. I once heard on the John Bachelor program that the US military didn’t vet their sources for honesty etc… when they decided to empower them in Afghanistan. So it shouldn’t be surprising that not everyone that worked with the US government forces in Afghanistan is a candidate for sainthood.

    Matter of fact, liberal ideals go out the door when it comes to combat. Now the US and European governments seem in favor of using humans as human shields (done in Ukraine) by preventing at least males from leaving. Prisons can be emptied and weapons can be given them (as done in Ukraine) and storming of government buildings can be done and top US officials might be handing out donuts (Maiden revolution). So much for gun control ideas, and background checks and fear of right wing militias. Now US policy is to give weapons to criminals. Now, I wonder if the leader of Ukraine (leaked audio) who was merely an actor on a TV show, but according to a leaked phone call between Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador to Ukraine was chosen to be the next leader by Victoria Nuland “F… the EU she said” … Did the Ukrainian leader (actor) suddenly develop great governing skills, or rather is the CIA and US government still guiding him in all his heroics?

    So now we can conclude that liberals in congress are now in favor of incorporating all kinds of militias into the armed services, even when they can’t be controlled. Background checks can be dispensed with per US policy and likely CIA support and all kinds of RPG systems and anti-aircraft devices can be given to the general public.

    Oh, and perhaps the US also supports Syrian terrorists fighting against Russia. Then perhaps these same people can wander around Europe with all the weapons that was shipped to Europe. Russia could also cut a deal with the bad guys and let them fight the Europeans. Oh, but that would be bad if Russia sent portable weapons systems throughout Europe and the US. But we can expect the Russians to do nothing when these weapons are sent throughout Ukraine.

    Let us pray for these guys at the CIA. It won’t be the first time an operation was botched. Now they have their own country to run (Ukraine) and the people there are not the ones benefiting from their great diplomatic skills. And there are some indications the CIA has great influence on the US media too. We might not be far behind Ukraine. CIA should also brush up on what Russia can do to the US in terms of cyber attacks— LIGHTS OUT by Ted Koppel, or any number of the books that deal with EMP.
    Oh, yeah, a full fledged nuclear war too. CIA diplomatic skills no doubt will be on display in preventing this.
    I know this is an incoherent rant, but it is more coherent than the liberal ideas that we are supposedly advocating for Ukraine. Sigh… Ukraine has been relegated to be a poison pill for Russia. But if the CIA can’t be reformed from its poisonous ways it will also gain control of US society or use its skills in the interests of the highest bidder or biggest source of power. Stream-of-consciousness writing here.

    Perhaps the CIA needs to be given an “off-ramp” to de-escalate from their apparent plans… well not so apparent (media covers up for them). No one (few or none that I’m aware of) in the US government or media has the guts to question the CIA or intelligence services. Skilled at mischief making, they also need to be restrained for their own good, before their great ideas at troublemaking are flipped back on the USA. CIA people will also die if they can’t control their operations with wisdom and can’t stop poking sleeping bears. Warning nuclear war ahead says Putin. And we pause and then restart troublemaking seeing how far we can go before he pushes a button. We flood Ukraine with weapons all the while saying we are staying out of a military conflict. If I was in a life or death fight with someone and a bystander started handing weapons to the person I was fighting… I’m not sure who I would be more mad at. The person handing out the weapons or the person who I got in a fight with. Russia is being very gentle with Ukraine. Their real intention is fighting in Ukraine to keep US and NATO away. We think Russia is fighting Ukraine. No they are fighting the dishonest folks in the CIA and Soros type people and those who are delighting in new sales for weapons systems throughout Europe. The weapons manufactures have had their victory. If they don’t back down their will be no country left with the resources to pay for their weapons. THERE WILL BE NO MORE USA in terms of modern society. Stone age. Weapons manufacturers have little now to gain and everything to lose. They need to tell their lobbyists and congress to back down before they destroy the world.

    The intermittent way the comment section on this website works Sharyl is why I’m leaving this crap comment the way it is. Only a 4% chance this will be posted and so I won’t work on it too much. But I’d rather look like an idiot if it might help avert more disaster on everyone in the USA.

    1. You are mistaken. Victoria Nuland bragged about spending $5 billion U.S. tax dollars to help foment the revolution that ousted Russian leaning Viktor Yanukovych from the presidency, and eventually electing Petro Poroshenko. Poroshenko was “their guy,” because he vowed to be more Western leaning in his governance. All one h as to do to realize that is the case is listen to the taped phone calls between then VP Biden and Poroshenko, of which there were many–very evident from their “buddy-buddy” conversations.
      The big problem with that is Poroshenko, despite his Western loyalties, was just as corrupt, if not more so, than Yanukovych. And all the while we and the EU were telling Ukraine we would allow them into NATO if and when they cleaned up the corruption in their state, while at the same time, taking advantage financially of said corruption (see Hunter Biden and Burisma, et al.).
      It was because of that rampant corruption that the people elected Zelenskyy, much to the chagrin of the EU and D.C. establishment swamp:
      “Identifying as a populist, he has positioned himself as an anti-establishment, anti-corruption figure. ” (from his WIKI bio)

      Neither the CIA nor any other U.S. agency had anything to do with his election. To the contrary, they may have been aiding Porochenko’s campaign, for all we know abut whom they supported previously, but certainly not Zelenskyy’s.

      1. I’m not looking at this from a partisan angle Joe F. And I’m not trying to “name names” to pin blame on any particular person, nor do I particularly believe Victoria Nuland is anything more than a “cog in the machine.”

        I’m appreciative for your input about my error… though I’m not even interested enough to verify immediately what you said. The problem though of stoking hatred toward Russia has been bipartisan and ultimately potentially ruinous for everyone on the planet.

        The total lack of awareness of what Putin has wanted over the past decades and America’s now likely FATAL problem of ignoring the farewell speech that General/President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave about the “Military Industrial Complex” and the greater role the CIA now has in shaping foreign policy narratives, and I could go on… but I have only limited time and limited memory and limited intelligence.

        Russia is a relatively “poor” country. And like it says in the book of Proverbs “even the poor man’s friends flee from him.” It is also a corrupt country in the day to day working of its institutions.

        But, its people are tough. They went through WWII with losses that we in the United States can not imagine. They have also prepped. Everyone in Moscow (at least theoretically) has a spot to go to in a nuclear emergency. Americans have little in the way of recourse if a nuclear war breaks out.

        Gorbachev, once said “A nuclear war is unwinnable.” But someone asked him about that statement in light of the emphasis they had on preparedness. He replied something along the lines of it at least being partially survivable.

        So in the US we and our institutions that think we can benefit from brinkmanship with Russia, do so because we believe nuclear war to be “unthinkable.” However, the long-standing Soviet approach and now the approach of the country of Russia is to not only THINK about it, but they have prepared for it.

        Maybe the military-industrial complex in this country thinks we can play a game of “chicken” with Russia. We might think that this all a game. We drive fast down a one lane road and that the Russians will be the ones to “blink” and that they will be the ones to get off the road. But it terms of preparedness, they are the ones driving a heavy, solid vehicle that though will likely be damaged, it won’t damage them as much as it will damage us. Russia, because they suffered so much from the German invasion in WWII invested an equal amount in bomb shelters and preparedness training during the Cold War as they did on offensive weapons. And over the decades that Putin has been power he has made orders that all Soviet Union era bomb shelters be put into working operation. All their subway systems go deep underground and have blast doors that can close. (I haven’t been to Russia, this is just what I’ve heard and read.) All their apartment buildings in Moscow have shelters. To what extent this is all widely shared with western media and western visitors — I don’t know.

        Joe you have to think about how to de-escalate the situation rather than just score a political point on Biden. You will need Biden’s help to avoid a nuclear war. Biden may have good advisors. The troublemakers in congress may though just have the input of defense industry insiders who are scheming how to score another arms sale. Sending shoulder launched missiles (I don’t know exactly what is being sent, nor how many, nor how effective they are) into Ukraine and hoping they 1 stay there and don’t float all around the world taking out airplanes and trains and ships or whatever and 2 hoping that Russia won’t retaliate against the US for doing this is insanity. The people of Switzerland have lots of shelters to ride out a nuclear war.

        Joe, I’m scared that you are missing the overall point and the overall danger. But thanks for the help in clarifying some details.

  2. Bill Wolford, Jr.

    If our “leaders” would bother to READ the koran (as I have( they would know that no muslim can take the oath of citizenship OR the oath of office and not be lying.

    Please read the koran, know this cult for what it is.

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