(POLL) Almost nobody says US should help defend Ukraine border; Most say US should help defend Southern border

Ninety-percent (90%) say the U.S. should help defend the U.S. Southern border, but fewer than 1% say the U.S should help to defend the Ukraine border.

That’s according to the latest poll of 2,010 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Eight percent (8%) of respondents said the U.S. should help defend “both” the U.S. Southern border and the Ukraine border, while two percent (2%) said the U.S. should defend “neither” of the borders.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Poll Question: The U.S. should help defend: __________.

<1% Ukraine border

90% U.S. Southern border

8% Both

2% Neither

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6 thoughts on “(POLL) Almost nobody says US should help defend Ukraine border; Most say US should help defend Southern border”

  1. Why is Comrade Dear leader Bidenov dispatching US Border Patrol Agents to defend one corrupt nation against invasion by another corrupt nation?

    We have been invaded by >2M illegals under Bidenov’s corrupt rule – and USBP’s hands have been shackled.

    1. In 1965, Immigration was weaponized and it was aimed at the heart of America with our destruction as the goal. There were other weapons put to work to hasten our demise. I believe we are behind schedule on turning out the lights on America.
      President Johnson issued an Executive Order that perverted the 14th Amendment and essentially created birthright citizenship for all. This EO, went through a civil rights regulation where I believe it still exists to continue its destruction of America. Justice Brennan was to put an ink smear footnote, called it dictum on an unrelated Supreme Court ruling. I believe it still exists in regulation form, it has not been placed in the US Code or ruled on by a Federal Court.
      Part of the 14th Amendment granted citizenship to former slaves and their children. Since they were born in America, they are Citizens. Laws are written to achieve and end and should not be applied differently to achieve a new end. That sentence applies doubly to a Constitutional Amendment. From 1868 to 1965, the 14th Amendment applied only to Former Slaves and their Children and by then, it has no purpose since, the people it was written for were not having children or had died.
      In 1965, the 14th Amendment was changed by LBJ so it could be applied to everyone else in the world. A pregnant women enters the US, drops a kid and when it hits ground and he, she,or it is an American citizens and entitled to whatever freebees the govt can provide. Since you cannot kick an American Citizen out of the country and cannot remove the family, they all get to stay about 99% of the time.

      This hairball idea came in as an Executive Order and can be removed the same way ans President Trump wanted to do.
      My point, this perversion of the 14th Amendment can be returned to its original intent tomorrow. Guarding the border and deporting an estimated 40 million Illegal Aliens will take longer, but it can be done.
      A 2d point, Citizenship is the main draw to America, Govt Freebees are a close 2d, Shut them down and end the reason to come to America.

  2. I have to say I think all of us should quickly and swiftly help Ukraine and then go to our border and fix our immigration laws to allow good people the ability to live here as citizens in 3 years not 15+ years. No one wants war. I hope this ends soon in favor of Ukraine. God help us.

  3. So you say. On Russia’s border is the Ukraine. So Obama – Hillary and Joe put in their officials. Along with 15 bio-labs to do research we can’t do in the US. We weaponized this country to protect where the NWO launders their money. Human traffic proliferates along with corruption we need a septic truck to approach. MSM won’t cover the Hunter story which is what this is about. Even though his partner was just sentenced. Justice for thee but Hunter skates. We need to tell the truth..
    Out of the box. In case someone reads this. Go to the CDC website for covid 19 update. Look at the map of fatalities in the US. Notice the dark red circles are. These are the states where hospitals are addicted to pharmacies incentives. So much for a positive. So much for hospitalization. So much for remdesivir.. So much to incubate.. So much for cause of death. The dark red are the biggest liars.

  4. I read the narrative and then 3 comments.
    Comment One seeks to preserve America.
    Comments Two & Three do not see anything in America worth preserving., unless it would be a better world since there is no America.

    1. You’re right on the immigration. You need to widen your scope. Immigration has been weaponized to bring down sovereignties. Via Soros. The constitution,1776 version, under God and indivisible. The unincorporated USA. That’s what I am talking about. When you wake up you have to clean your eyes just like regaining your night vision.

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