(POLL) Americans view Ukraine-Russia conflict as critical threat

The following is an excerpt from Gallup News.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, amid rising tensions between Russia and the West, 52% of Americans saw the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as a critical threat to U.S. vital interests.

That’s a change from 2015, after Russia annexed the Crimea peninsula of Ukraine, when less than half of U.S. adults, 44%, said Russia posed that serious of a threat.

Republicans and Democrats are united in their negative views of Russia with 88% of both groups holding an unfavorable view of the country, compared to 82% of independents.

In 2021, Republicans and independents were equally likely to view the country negatively, with 74% of each group expressing unfavorable views, and 84% of Democrats holding a negative view.

Overall, as President Joe Biden works with NATO allies to address the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Americans are split on how well the mutual defense pact is doing its job. Forty-eight percent (48%) say it is doing a good job, while 45% say it is doing a poor job.

Prior to the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine situation this past week, Americans were not convinced that Biden was in command of the situation with just 36% approving of how he is handling relations with Russia. That’s even lower than Biden’s overall job approval of 41% in the same poll, and reflects fewer than two-thirds of Biden’s fellow Democrats approving (64%), along with a third of independents (35%) and 11% of Republicans.

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5 thoughts on “(POLL) Americans view Ukraine-Russia conflict as critical threat”

  1. Let us not be fooled again.
    There is no reason to hate our fellow men in Russia or any other country.
    People enamored with wealth, fame, power become puppets of evil and push us all into these situations for their own gain.
    Let us awaken to the games of the politicians, bankers, social climbers, control freaks and psychopaths.
    God bless us in our awakening.

  2. I feel like we’re watching a cattle-drive of national opinion. I don’t trust the people driving the herd.

  3. I am more alarmed by how susceptible the US public is to propaganda than I am by propaganda its self. We’re essentially surrounded by a mob that can be activated to love or hate someone or something using the most puerile methods. I encourage everyone I know to NOT watch any live “news” or TV. I haven’t in about 18 mounts. I follow people like Sharyl Attkisson and many others online to attempt to get the most accurate picture. Watching the “news” invert reality that happened yesterday has caused me to question or at least verify most historical accounts.

  4. I think we’re gravely mistaken to give the Russian people a pass on “Putin’s war,” e.g., OnlyFans blocking then reinstating the accounts of Russian people. Putin is not in a vacuum pushing random buttons to fire this or that missile or bombard one or another residential buildings in Ukraine. We should keep in mind that it’s the Russian people who keep Putin in office, it’s Russian people who fire missiles and bombard civilians, and a Russian soldier who ran over a civilian car with their tank. And based on their history, it will only be a matter of time before we hear of Russian troops gang raping Ukrainian women and girls. Barbarians are as barbarians do. The Russian people don’t get a pass on Ukraine.

  5. To help make up for fuel shortage like in the 80’s when almost every Gas station offered Corn based Fuels Gasahol and or you could refine Soy oil breaking it’s long carbon chain and adding a % of Alcohol into a New Fuels also…Soyahol ???

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