(POLL) Most say Lia Thomas, a man, should not be allowed to compete in women’s competitions

“A strong no!” is how 98% of those polled, answered the question, “Should Lia Thomas, a man, be allowed to compete in women’s competitions?”

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 2,802 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

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Less than one percent (1%) said Lia Thomas should be able to compete as a woman “if he feels like a woman.”

Lia Thomas was on the University of Pennsylvania men’s swim team for three years before switching to the women’s team this season as a transgender athlete.

After completing hormone therapy and a year off from school in 2020-21, he was found eligible, under the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, to swim in women’s collegiate events.

In the women’s competitions, Thomas has set Penn records for the 200-meter freestyle, 500-meter freestyle and 1650-meter freestyle.

There has been much public debate as to whether men or women should be able to compete alongside athletes of the opposite sex.

Thomas has said he belongs on the women’s team. There are many advocates fighting for what they say is the right of transgender athletes to choose which team they compete on.

Some feminists, such as Martina Navratilova, who is gay; and trans-rights advocates, such as Olympic decathlete star Bruce Jenner, who became Caitlyn Jenner after a sex change operation; have sided with conservative advocates in saying that allowing men to compete as if they are women infringes upon the hard-fought rights of female athletes, and takes away from women’s opportunities.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Poll Question: Should Lia Thomas, a man, be allowed to compete in women’s competitions?

<1% Yes, if he feels like a woman

<1% Possibly

2% I don’t think so

98% That’s a strong no!

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10 thoughts on “(POLL) Most say Lia Thomas, a man, should not be allowed to compete in women’s competitions”

  1. “Olympic swimming star Bruce Jenner”? Did Jenner ever compete in any swimming events? I thought they were all track and field events.

    1. What’s your point? Did Navratilova do anything but play tennis? People are entitled to their opinions. Jenner has insight being a Transgender woman. Martina faced a lot of controversy coming out as gay, before it was even acceptable. So they know what they’re talking about.

      1. Not trying to make a point–far from it. The original text of the post referred to Jenner as “Olympic SWIMMING star,” and I was questioning the accuracy of that, as I remember him in my youth as having competed only in track and field. I commented to tip Sharyl to a potential error. I see it now has been corrected to say “Olympic DECATHELETE star Bruce Jenner.” I’m a big fan of Sharyl and know her passion for accuracy, so I appreciate her making the correction when it was pointed out–especially since detractors are always eager to pounce on any missteps.

    1. It is not weakness. It is about normalizing perversion and degeneracy

      It is something out of Nietzsche, “Transvaluation of Values”.. What was once good and sought after is now shunned. What was once shunned is now the goal. It is about these aberrations in girls locker rooms, and bathrooms. The younger the girls (read: victims).

      Ruth Bader Ginzberg has advocated for the removal of the age of consent because every child has the right to the love of a caring adult. I wasn’t able to read the article, but Biden plans on appointing a genuine replacement. Biden’s appointee believes predators are unfairly targeted or something to that effect.

      As with other things in society, it is all about the destruction of America.

      1. Similar things were once said to keep people who didn’t own property from voting along with women and everyone who wasn’t white. It was also said about marriage between races and/or religions.

  2. I didn’t see the poll, nor vote in it. I’m going to be a voice of dissent here though, partly for devils advocacys’ sake.

    After decades of women forcing our way into male enclaves, often using the argument there is no difference between the sexes. “A woman can do any job a man can do” or “a woman should get paid the same as a man for doing the “same” work (as in holding the same job”. Even going so far as to force the Boy Scouts to accept girls using the argument that the Boy Scouts do things that Girl Scouts would like to do (though they won’t develop those programs).

    Listening to female soccer athletes argue that they should be paid the same as male soccer athletes, though they won’t compete against each other.

    Granted there are some (many?) jobs where sex isn’t much of an issue in large part, but still.

    Now women are arguing that there is a huge difference between the sexes and where separate but equal was taboo it should now hold prominence.

    If men have, as some claim, 30% greater muscle mass and endurance which gives them and advantage when it comes to men competing in womens sports, then it sets precedence, and eliminates history, when it comes to employment and other issues. We can’t pick and choose when and where we want sex differences to matter. Unless a valid biological reason can be shown, such as jobs where physical strength and/or endurance are primary factors in the job.

    Be forewarned, this is will happen with the Equal Rights Amendment too, should it ever be ratified. It’s envisioned as a panacea for sex discrimination, and it may be to an extent, but it will also become a weapon to be used against women to a much more dramatic and harmful affect.

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